Survival Bow: 16 Rock Solid Reasons To Get One Today

Survival Bow

The mighty yet under appreciated survival bow.

While firearms rightfully get a ton of attention, the survival bow gets less than it should.

A mastered takedown bow can be a huge survival advantage. It should find a home in our bug out bags.

Survival bows break down into a compact assembly making them ideal for packing into a bug out bag or stashing in a bug out vehicle.

It’s such a valuable survival tool that I was able to come up with 16 reasons to own one and learn survival archery.

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Best Bug Out Bag To Protect All Your Survival Gear

Best Bug Out BagHow To Find The Best Bug Out Bag To Put All Your Gear In

So you want the “best”?

We’ll, I wish it was that easy…

The truth is, it’s not that simple, but stick with me and we’ll get pretty darn close.

I’m going to go over in detail all the things you need to choose your bug out bag. And then I’m going to share with you what I think is the best bug out bag on the market today (skip to the end of this article if you want to see a video review of my favorite bug out bag).

So let’s just jump right in…shall we?

Your best bug out bag is one that is:

1) Ridiculously durable

2) Intelligently designed 

3) Customized to your specific body dimensions

  • Durable because if straps tear, zippers break or cloth rips mid bug out, you’re gonna be sorry. Your bug out bag and you are about to become best friends and nobody wants a wimpy best friend.
  • Intelligently designed so that you can access your most critical survival gear fast.
  • Having the right bug out bag size so that it won’t slow you down or wear you out, due to body fatigue.

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Bug Out Bag Weight: It Can Add Up Fast

Light Bug Out Bag

Do you know your Bug Out Bag weight?

Is it 15 lbs? 20 lbs? 37 lbs? Not sure?

How far is your planned Bug Out?

5 miles? 11 miles? 23 miles? Just keep moving until you find somewhere safe…?

If your route takes you more than a couple miles then the weight of your Bug Out Bag matters…A Lot!

So let’s figure out the what your target Bug Out Bag weight should be.

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