How To Make A Homemade Battery From Scratch Right Now

How To Make A Homemade BatteryElectrical energy (and the storage of this energy with batteries) has fundamentally changed our society.

The electrical grid is one of modern societies most valuable (and vulnerable) resources.

So it’s no wonder why we so heavily rely on it. We use it for everything in modern life from warmth during cold months to cool during hot months. From entertainment when we’re bored to increase food preservation using refrigeration.

It even takes electrical power to operate fuel pumps. Fuel pumps that support our mass market food chain. The very supply chain that fills your local grocery store – daily.

So without grid power, you’re local grocer would quickly become bare.

In such an event (even for a few weeks) life would become a much more challenging endeavor. Millions of people would suffer and societies norms would crumble without the grid.

And that’s in just the first few weeks of widespread grid power loss. A longer disaster without power, the more widespread the suffering and death becomes.

And in the case of an EMP strike, nuclear attacks, or an extreme natural disaster, the grid could become wiped out indefinitely. [Read more…]

8 Affordable DIY Generators The Utility Companies Absolutely Hate

DIY GeneratorsIt would be impossible to list all the reasons why you might want to build a DIY generator.

  • Maybe you’re preparing for a long-term emergency and want to generate your own power if the grid gets wiped out.
  • Maybe you’re living in a cabin in the wilderness, sustained by the land, supported by Mother Nature.
  • Perhaps you dream of off-grid independence and self-reliance.
  • Maybe you’d like to knock a few dollars off your electric bill or even get rid of it completely.
  • Or maybe you want to do it for the pure joy of making functional science.

Regardless your reason, the goal is always the same; to produce and consume your own electricity.

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Kerosene vs Propane Heaters – The Best Solution For Survival

kerosene vs propane heatersToday let’s tackle that age old question of Kerosene vs Propane? Which is the better investment for heating? Which is best for long term survival? What are the pros and cons of each?

Right now, (the morning I’m writing this article) it’s currently a bitter 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside (with a low of 3 degrees Fahrenheit).


And it’s just the first frigid day of the upcoming winter season. So there will be more brutally cold days yet to come.

It was so cold this morning; my labrador retriever refused brave it. Deciding to take a pass and “hold it,” in hopes for a warm up. He’s going to be disappointed.

At this very moment, I’m comfortably typing away at my computer keys and sipping a warm coffee in my warm 71 degree home.

It’s times like these that I realize just how fortunate we are in modern society. Heating, indoor plumbing, motor vehicle transportation, refrigeration…it’s amazing. I try not to take it for granted… [Read more…]

Best Survival Watches When Every Second Counts

survival watch

What Is A Survival Watch?

A survival watch can come one of two basic forms:

  1. Watches that act like a mini survival tin on your wrist. All of these survival watches have similar features. They tell the time, have a fire starter, whistle, compass and use paracord as the band.
  2. Watches that act as a mini survival computer for your wrist. These watches include features such as a compass, GPS, barometer, thermometer, altimeter, and sunrise/sunset times.

In this article, I’m going focus on the survival watches that act as a computer on your wrist. So whenever I refer to “survival watch” I mean ones that are a mini computer unless stated otherwise. [Read more…]

How To Live Off The Grid For Complete Self Reliance

How To Live Off The GridHow To Live Off The Grid Introduction

Figuring out how to live off the grid takes serious long term planning. It also takes dedication and more importantly know-how.

And that’s why I guess you’re here; to begin your research on how to live off the grid. What it takes, where to start, which power setup is right for you.

So this article is going to help answer those questions and to introduce you the best off-grid solutions. The solutions that will allow you to start putting together your “living off the grid” strategic plan.

Specifically, will cover the following topics in detail:

  • Definition Of Living Off The Grid
  • Choosing An Off Grid Shelter (some popular options)
  • Getting Off The Power Grid
  • Heating Your Off Grid Home
  • Supplying Water Off The Grid
  • Storing and Pressurizing Your Off Grid Water System
  • Managing Waste Streams Off Grid
  • Off Grid Food Independence
  • 10 Thing We Wish We’d Known Before Going Off Grid

So let’s get started.

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Basic Survival Needs: The 5 Things You Need To Stay Alive

Basic Survival NeedsLet’s Do A Quick Basic Survival Needs Thought Experiment.

If we strip away all the BS…what does a human being really need to survive?

  • Not taking into account what makes us comfortable
  • Not discussing how to avoid injury or disease
  • Not figuring out what it takes to thrive

At the end of the day, what are the basic human needs for survival to avoid a premature death? [Read more…]