Bushcraft Gear – 7 Of The Best Bushcraft Tools For Survival

bushcraft gear - survival knife cutting

Bushcraft Gear For The Serious Survivalist

The ability to invent, create and use tools are one of the major ways humans differ from animals. Bushcraft gear is the group of tools we first invented as a species. The gear we first crafted from sticks, stones, and bones found in nature. In order to make knives, arrows, spears, fire, shelters, etc.

The best bushcraft gear is the tools that give the ability to make a large array of other tools. For example, having a bushcraft knife opens up a world of possibilities to build hundreds of other useful tools and items.

Before humans became advanced engineers and scientists, we played by the rules of nature. If you go back far enough in history, survival was an everyday endeavor; it was the only lifestyle we knew.

There was no comfortable couch waiting for us at home, or steamy hot shower either. There were no grocery stores and no prepackaged food to meet our hunger pains.

And worse yet, no indoor plumbing so when “nature called”, we were already there because the wild was our home.

Living in those circumstances required a very particular set of tools and skills. What we today call bushcraft. [Read more…]

34 Best Survival Hacks You Should Learn Right Now

survival hacksSurvival hacks are solutions that break the rules. The best survivalists don’t just blindly follow rulebooks, so we hack when necessary. Sure, there are hundreds of survival guides we learn from but you’re at a huge disadvantage when you rely too heavily on any one resource.

Real survival is a creative endeavor that requires fast thinking and an open mind. Sometimes you have to improvise, adapt, and make it up as you go along. You have to make split-second decisions. You have to work with what you have got.

You have to think like McGyver by survival hacking your way to safety. [Read more…]

How To Make Your Own Arrows – Tips, Techniques and Tricks

how to make your own arrowsThe art of how to make your own arrows is a survival skill worthy of our attention. Why? Because it’s major form of self-reliance. And as survivalists we love self-reliance.

Imagine pairing the power of learning – How To Make Your Own Arrows – with the skill of – How To Make A Longbow – and you’ll never be an unarmed and helpless sap again. No matter how bad our world becomes.

You’ll have the powerful ability, to take natural resources and mold them into a highly useful survival tool. And not only a useful tool but a deadly one.

Regardless of whether your motivation to make your own arrows is focused on self-reliance, as a fun hobby, or to just impress your friends, the following instructions will show you step by step how to do it right. [Read more…]

Eating Pine – How To Eat A Pine Tree To Survive

eating pine treesImagine it’s been days since you last saw a road.

A full week since your last human contact.

You’re stranded. Lost. Alone.

Without amenities, and worst of all, without food.

Only vast seemingly endless wilderness surrounds you. Birds, bees, animals, emptiness, and pine trees as far as you can see.

Your stomach rumbles, a growling reminder that your last meal was a very long time ago. And that meal was the last of your meager rations. There are no more potato chips, no more snickers bars, and no more trail mix.

Imagine that you don’t have any food acquisition survival gear. No fishing pole, no Yo Yo reels, nor any reliable means of trapping, snaring or killing wild game. In such a dire situation, what options remain?

Lucky for you, almost everything around you is edible because what so many people are unaware of is that the pine tree is an edible plant. [Read more…]

How To Build The Ultimate Winter Car Survival Kit From Scratch

winter car survival kit

If you’ve yet to build a winter car survival kit, now’s the time.

With fall currently in full swing, those of us who live, work, and play in the mountains are seeing the first signs that winter is near.

Soon, the mountain peaks will be capped white with snow and roadway conditions will change for the worst at the drop of a hat. Icy roads and deep snow are extremely dangerous for travel and a leading cause of stranded vehicles. [Read more…]

Underground Food Storage: Root Cellars and Food Caches

Underground Food StorageUnderground food storage is not a new trick. In fact, it’s one of the oldest survival tricks in the book.

But is utilizing the earth for food refrigeration still necessary? In America, who needs to store their food underground when we have highly modernized food storage devices?

Shouldn’t our $3,000+ stainless refrigerators and enormous chest freezers take care of all our food preservation needs? So who cares about this ancient food storage technology?

I do, and you should too. [Read more…]

Why Mylar Bags Are Your Food Storage’s Secret Weapon

Mylar BagsMylar bags are the gold standard for DIY food storage. They turn the chore of “food storage” into a simple, easy, and dare I say fun, way to extend your food storage shelf life.

We’re talking about extending your food from years to decades. OK, maybe I’m weird, but that’s exciting to me!

So what makes Mylar bags so good? And why should you use them instead of just zip locks or food saver bags for your emergency food stock?

By the time you finish reading this article, we will answer those questions and more.

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[Read more…]

Ammo Storage: How To Avoid Common Amateur Mistakes

Ammo StorageAre you protecting your ammo storage? Are you treating it like the key survival investment it is? I sure hope so because…

If you can afford ammo, you owe it to yourself to store it properly.

You should treat your ammunition stockpile as you would a precious metal investment. An investment that requires good practices to maintain for the long haul.

If you don’t maintain your ammo, if you neglect it, your ammo’s useful shelf life is significantly reduced. Which is a travesty, because ammo will be the lifeblood when SHTF. Remember, in a prolonged survival scenario, he who has the most firepower; often wins.

Ammo is arguably the most important item you can stockpile. It provides the ability to hunt, barter, defense your home and family, intimidates others, etc. And these are all critical survival tactics.

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[Read more…]

Emergency Food Storage: How To Avoid The Beginner Mistakes

Emergency Food Storage

Emergency food storage is easy. Just get a large chest freezer and stuff it full of breads, meats, cheeses, veggies and you’re all set, right? Not so fast…

Today we will cover the following emergency food stockpile topics:

  • Why You Should Never Rely Soley On Your Freezer
  • Basic Emergency Food Storage Principles
  • Best Ways To  Start
  • “Do It Yourself”, “Done For You” Or Both?
  • Saving Money On Emergency Foods
  • What You Should  Buy
  • Maintaining Your Food Supply
  • Using Food As A Bargaining Tool

Why You Should Never Rely Soley On Your Freezer

Right now, I’ve got an extra large, full to the brim, chest freezer in my basement.

It stores heaps and heaps of delicious and nutritious foods that are all patiently waiting their turn at my dinner table; just thaw, cook and devour.

Large chest freezers are a modern convenience that you should absolutely consider for you and your family.

You can store extra meats, cheeses, bread, desserts when you find them on clearance.  You can be ready for large family visits and holiday dinners.

There are plenty of reasons for owning and utilizing a large freezer, but emergency food storage isn’t one of them.

[Read more…]