14 Improvised Survival Uses For Your FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight

14 Improvised FireHawk Uses (c)

A real tactical flashlight should be able to survive the harshest of conditions. Heat, moisture, and high impacts should be a non-issue if it’s truly tactical.

And I’d also argue that it should have more uses than just illumination. If it’s going to truly live up to its tactical nameplate; it needs to be designed to help keep you alive. To help you survive.

So what could be more tactical than a flashlight that has 14 survival uses? So in this article, we’ll cover 14 improvised uses for the FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight. [Read more…]

How To Reload Ammo: A Skill Every Survivalist Should Master

How To Reload Ammo Setup

Why You Should Learn How To Reload Ammo

All fellow gun enthusiasts must plan for one major recurring expense. Like vehicles need fuel or survival bows need arrows, guns need ammo.

It’s a cold hard fact, for enthusiasts the initial purchase of your firearm will pale in comparison to your ammunition costs over its lifetime. Assuming, of course, that you actually fire the weapon.

Obviously, you could reduce this cost by just stashing and neglecting your firearms. But since I know you’re serious about your guns, your survival firearms should be fired; early and often.

The main reasons for owning a firearm are simple and few:

  1. Collect them as a hobby
  2. Use them for a utilitarian task (such as hunting)
  3. Use them for self-defense

Two of these three require continual, recurring practice to maintain your skills. And admiring an antique in your gun safe doesn’t require practice, but let’s face it, if you’re a firearm hobbyist you likely enjoy firing them.

This means ammunition purchases are a regular part of your shopping and budget.

Aside from proficiency training, personal recreation, and the hunting, there is one more reason for buying ammo; Preparing. [Read more…]

10 Best Survival Rifles To Protect and Defend Your Family

Best Survival Rifles - Double Barrel Shot Gun Pointed Straight Back At YouI decided to write an article identifying and singing the praises of the ten best survival rifles to own. And that’s what the title says at the top of this article.

That being said, listing the 10 “best survival rifles” requires real compromises. It’s a cold hard fact that a single perfect survival rifle doesn’t exist. There are too many unique survival scenarios to consider.

Plus, owning ten survival rifles won’t do you much good, unless you have a very large family or a caddy to carry all your guns. So I decided to fight conventional wisdom and focus primarily on the top five (or what I consider the best of each survival category) and then give you five runner-ups.

But again, let me be crystal clear. One weapon can’t do it all and ten options leave a lot of room for less than stellar performance in various roles. It’s sort of like expecting a dump truck to accelerate from zero to 60 MPH in 4 seconds. In the right application, a dump truck is extremely useful, just not when acceleration is the goal.

The bottom line is survival situations vary, as well as the tasks required of your survival firearms. So what are the roles we expect out survival rifles to play?

I like to break down the main survival tasks into 5 broad categories:

  1. Hunting Small game
  2. Hunting Large game
  3. Perimeter-defense beyond 200 yards
  4. Self-defense inside 200 yards
  5. Self-defense in close quarters

So let’s take a look at each task and the best survival rifles to accomplish them.

[Read more…]

Slingshot Hunting Secrets For Survival Success

SlingShot Hunting

Image Source

The good ol’ reliable slingshot has gone by many names in its day: “bean shooter”, “flip”, “kattie”, “ging” “wrist rocket” and “hand-catapult” to name a few.

In modern times, the handheld slingshot has become associated with mischief and youth vandalism. But this stealthy projectile-flinger has an extremely wide variety of useful survival applications.

This weapon depends upon strong elastic materials to operate and so it was invented around the same time as vulcanized rubber – which puts the sling in slingshot – and patented in 1844. That makes this tool about 172 years old, but the basic concepts behind the slingshot are actually thousands of years old.

The “Sling” was one of the most widely used projectile weapons used for both hunting and combat since the Stone Age. Slings were mentioned by homer in The Illiad and Troy, used by the Romans, and of course, was the weapon David used to defeat Goliath in the Valley of Elah.

A slingshot is virtually the same thing – just more accurate and simpler to use.

A slingshot makes for a perfect do-it-yourself survival tool, but there are also many advanced modern models available for purchase today.

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How To Make A Longbow – Tricks Of The Trade

How To Make A LongBowHow To Make A Longbow – Introduction

The hunting longbow was the most advanced and innovative invention of its day. Equally silent, stealthy, simple and utterly lethal. Whoever created the bow and arrow, surely had no idea how they were carving out the future of humanity.

This clever tool became the standard for long-range hunting and combat for thousands of years. And it is still to this day and is still widely used. So whether you plan to learn how to make longbow for survival purposes or just because it’s badass, it’s worth the time and effort to learn.

Just follow this detailed guide on how to make a longbow and soon you’ll be notching and drawing one made with your own hands. [Read more…]

Paracord Uses: How To Actually Use Your Survival Paracord

Paracord Uses

The Ultimate Guide to Paracord Uses For Survival

Name one survival item with more uses than some high-quality survival paracord.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Done? Well, I bet the first items that came to mind were a good survival knife, a survival hatchet, multi-tool or duct tape; and you’d be right. However, today I’m going to argue that paracord belongs in this “many uses” category as well.

When left intact, paracord has lots of important survival uses and if you unweave the threads of the cord, the number paracord uses grow. Honestly, the real number of paracord uses is only limited by our lack of imagination.

In this article, we are going to cover the 35 best survival paracord uses. [Read more…]

Cold Weather Survival: How To Keep Warm and Alive

Cold Weather Survival - Keep Warm and Stay AliveThe unprotected human body is ill-equipped for cold weather survival. The colder it is, and the more exposed we are to it, the deadlier the results.

Cold weather is often a deadly obstacle, especially for the unskilled and unprepared.

They didn’t ask for it, they didn’t expect it, it’s not fair, but Mother Nature doesn’t care. She’s cold and heartless when the seasons change. When the winds shift and she drags the frigid Canadian tundra down into the lower 50.

So you have a choice. You can either be a cold weather victim or a cold weather survivor. [Read more…]

Food Shelf Life: 19 Tips That Will Make You Rethink Your Stockpile

Food Shelf Life Tips (c)19 Ways To Improve Your Food Shelf Life

This article is a Guest Post Written by Dan Sullivan 

There’s no doubt that a long food shelf life stockpile is mandatory for any TEOTWAWKI scenario. So when prioritizing your long shelf life foods, we recommended emergency food storage staples such as dry beans, spam, and hardtack. That’s only half the story.

The other half is that your food shelf life is influenced by how it’s stored.

If we don’t get this right, we’ll dramatically decrease our food stockpile’s shelf life (i.e. by months or years). Air, light, oxygen, moisture, and vermin are the biggest challenges to our food stockpiles. So if you want to extend your food shelf life by several months, you have to fight them all.

In today’s article, I’m going to give you some of my best tips for increasing all your stockpile shelf life. Not of just your survival food but also water and meds as well. [Read more…]

Canned Food Shelf Life: Read This Before You Throw It Out

Canned Food Shelf Life (c)Canned Food Shelf Life – Is It Really Safe One Day And Then Bad The Next?

Are you getting ready to throw out that can of green beans just because it’s a week past its “best by” date?

Maybe you should. Why chance eating something that could make you sick? If the label says it’s past its prime then IT’S EXPIRED. Right?

In normal times, that’s fine. I won’t challenge that logic. It’s hard to argue taking extra risks if the upside will only amount to a couple of dollars saved. I’m right there with ya.

But what about when times are not normal? Would you be so quick to toss your “expired” can of green beans if food was as scarce as water in a desert? [Read more…]

Valley Food Storage Review: Read This Before You Buy

Valley Food Storage Review (c)Skilled Survival’s Valley Food Storage Review

Stockpiling food? Isn’t that what our great grandparents did after the great depression? Yes, what they experienced changed them forever. One of which is realizing how valuable and vulnerable our food supply is.

At some point in every independent adult’s life, they realize that they are fully responsible. That they are no longer a child; they are the ones others look to for their next meal. [Read more…]