Food Shelf Life: 19 Tips That Will Make You Rethink Your Stockpile

Food Shelf Life Tips (c)19 Ways To Improve Your Food Shelf Life

This article is a Guest Post Written by Dan Sullivan

There’s no doubt that a long food shelf life stockpile is mandatory for any TEOTWAWKI scenario. So when prioritizing your long shelf life foods, we recommended emergency food storage staples such as dry beans, spam, and hardtack. That’s only half the story.

The other half is that your food shelf life is influenced by how it’s stored.

If we don’t get this right, we’ll dramatically decrease our food stockpile’s shelf life (i.e. by months or years). Air, light, oxygen, moisture, and vermin are the biggest challenges to our food stockpiles. So if you want to extend your food shelf life by several months, you have to fight them all.

In today’s article, I’m going to give you some of my best tips for increasing all your stockpile shelf life. Not of just your survival food but also water and meds as well. [Read more…]

Canned Food Shelf Life: Read This Before You Throw It Out

Canned Food Shelf Life (c)Canned Food Shelf Life – Is It Really Safe One Day And Then Bad The Next?

Are you getting ready to throw out that can of green beans just because it’s a week past its “best by” date?

Maybe you should. Why chance eating something that could make you sick? If the label says it’s past its prime then IT’S EXPIRED. Right?

In normal times, that’s fine. I won’t challenge that logic. It’s hard to argue taking extra risks if the upside will only amount to a couple of dollars saved. I’m right there with ya.

But what about when times are not normal? Would you be so quick to toss your “expired” can of green beans if food was as scarce as water in a desert? [Read more…]

Valley Food Storage Review: Read This Before You Buy

Valley Food Storage Review (c)Skilled Survival’s Valley Food Storage Review

Stockpiling food? Isn’t that what our great grandparents did after the great depression? Yes, what they experienced changed them forever. One of which is realizing how valuable and vulnerable our food supply is.

At some point in every independent adult’s life, they realize that they are fully responsible. That they are no longer a child; they are the ones others look to for their next meal. [Read more…]

Stockpiling Food Might Be Your Best Investment

Stockpiling Food (c)Is Stockpiling Food A Good Idea?

When I was a little boy, and we ran out of peanut butter, my mother would send me downstairs to get another jar off the shelf. Usually, there would be two more jars behind that one.

My mother, just like her mother before her, always had months of food on hand at any given moment. [Read more…]

Basic Survival Needs: The 5 Things You Need To Stay Alive

Basic Survival NeedsLet’s Do A Quick Basic Survival Needs Thought Experiment.

If we strip away all the BS…what does a human being really need to survive?

  • Not taking into account what makes us comfortable
  • Not discussing how to avoid injury or disease
  • Not figuring out what it takes to thrive

At the end of the day, what are the basic human needs for survival to avoid a premature death? [Read more…]

Survival Bow: 16 Rock Solid Reasons To Get One Today

Survival Bow

The mighty yet under appreciated survival bow.

While firearms rightfully get a ton of attention, the survival bow gets less than it should.

A mastered takedown bow can be a huge survival advantage. It should find a home in our bug out bags.

Survival bows break down into a compact assembly making them ideal for packing into a bug out bag or stashing in a bug out vehicle.

It’s such a valuable survival tool that I was able to come up with 16 reasons to own one and learn survival archery.

As A Way To Introduce You To Skilled Survival We’re Giving Away Our #104 Item Bug out Checklist. Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy Of It.

[Read more…]

How To Make Catfish Bait: My Grandfather’s Recipe

Homemade Catfish BaitI want to share with you what I consider the best homemade catfish bait recipe.

My father taught me this recipe, and I’ve been using it ever since to catch some of the best catfish in my area.

Firstly though, I want to tell everyone that the two recipes I’m going to fill you in on are stink bait recipes.

Catfish stink bait recipes are ideal because everyone’s favorite fish seems to be so attracted to them.

Making catfish bait typically involves the mixing of several unrelated products (at least the ones shown in this article are) so, yes, it is going to smell awful.
[Read more…]