Seed Saving and Seed Storage For Survival

Seed Saving and Seed StorageWhy Keep Seeds?

There’s a wide range of reasons that a person may want to start saving seeds.

That being said, there are also a ton of different methods for saving, drying, and storing seeds.

It is important that when using seed saving techniques, you first know a bit about why you may need to save seeds, how you can save them, and how to use them after they have been saved.

Knowing some possible uses for seeds that you have dried and stored can help make sense of the process and make it that much easier to get started and to carry through to the end. [Read more…]

11 Best Wild Edible Plants Found In The USA

best wild edible plants in USAWhen forced into wilderness survival mode…knowing a few common edible plants and flowers is extremely valuable knowledge.

Heck, most of these might even make it into your kitchen on a regular basis, but if fate hands you a raw deal, look for these best wild edible plants to help sustain…. [Read more…]