10 Best Gun Safes For Ultimate Access, Safety, and Protection

10 best gun safes

What’s the ultimate goal storing your firearms in a gun safe?

Why should you invest your hard earned money in a large metal lockbox?

To figure this out, let’s first take a look at the definition of the word “safe”:

Secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk”.

So a gun safe’s sole purpose is to keep your valuable firearms out of harm’s way.

To keep them safe from:

  • the elements (fire, water)
  • thieves
  • curious kids


While all gun safes have the same goal, not all firearms safes are created equal.

  • There are safes designed for specific types of guns (handguns or rifles).
  • Some safes are made for quick access, while other safes designed for fire or water protection.
  • There are mobile safes and permanently bolted down gun safes.
  • Wall mounted safes and hidden gun safes.
  • There are single gun safes and gun safes designed for an entire arsenal firearms.

So finding the “right” gun safe that serves you well depends on your own individual needs.

With that said, today we are going to cover 10 different types of gun safes. Discussing each safes specific characteristics and provide an example gun safe within each 10 categories that we recommend. [Read more…]

Survival Air Rifle – Our 5 Favorite Models For Survival

survival air rifleFrom A Kids Toy To A Survival Air Rifle

Oh, the classic BB gun.

Beloved by many, especially in our youth. The BB gun was a right of passage and it was the classic Red Ryder Carbin Action 2 On The Shot Range Model Air Rifle every kid wanted. Adios, Bart!

Needless to say, the bb gun is still a popular backyard weapon.

Many of us cut our teeth on a slingshot initially, but soon after upgraded to the real deal; a BB gun. And that glorious day your Dad handed you your very own BB gun was the same day no mouse, rat, bird, or squirrel was safe. [Read more…]

Ammo Storage: How To Avoid Common Amateur Mistakes

Ammo StorageAre you protecting your ammo storage? Are you treating it like the key survival investment it is? I sure hope so because…

If you can afford ammo, you owe it to yourself to store it properly.

You should treat your ammunition stockpile as you would a precious metal investment. An investment that requires good practices to maintain for the long haul.

If you don’t maintain your ammo, if you neglect it, your ammo’s useful shelf life is significantly reduced. Which is a travesty, because ammo will be the lifeblood when SHTF. Remember, in a prolonged survival scenario, he who has the most firepower; often wins.

Ammo is arguably the most important item you can stockpile. It provides the ability to hunt, barter, defense your home and family, intimidates others, etc. And these are all critical survival tactics.

As A Way To Introduce You To Skilled Survival, We’re Giving Away Our #104 Item Bug Out Bag Checklist. Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy.

[Read more…]

13 Homemade Survival Weapons: Prepare, Adapt, And Overcome

Homemade Survival Weapons - Prison ShivThe following 13 homemade survival weapons are an ideal way to help you prepare, adapt, and overcome.

We preach the art of preparation like it’s our business because it is.

We are here to instruct, inform and discuss how to prepare for all survival situations. And preparation is the key to survival. That’s why we build our bug out bags and assemble our survival medical kits. It’s why we stash weapons, bury survival caches, collect tools, stay in shape and stock up on food.

As A Way To Introduce You To Skilled Survival, We’re Giving Away Our #104 Item Bug Out Bag Checklist. Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy Of It.

[Read more…]

Urban Survival Skills: Thriving In A City Of Chaos

Urban Survival Skills

Urban survival scares the hell out of me. Too many people, living too close together.

But that’s why I’ve prepared for it. Don’t run away from what scares you, stare it down, and get prepared.

So let’s start by agreeing “What Urban Survival Is” and “What It’s Not”.

The definition of Urban Survival differs slightly depending on who you ask. Many take it to mean your “day-to-day city survival and safety measures” – a.k.a. “street smarts.”

But for us, I define it as follows:

The skills, tactics and ability to survive a widespread prolonged disaster while remaining in a densly populated urban environment (even if it’s just for a few days).

Urban survival is having the ability to tough it out in the belly of the beast. [Read more…]

Get The Best Tactical Pen And Learn How To Use It

Best Tactical PensA tactical pen is a deadly survival weapon in the right set of hands.

In the wrong set of hands, it’s a harmless writing utensil. The distinction is important, and that’s what today’s article is all about; The Tactical Pen.

Here’s an overview of what this article is going to cover:

  • Quick History Of The Tactical Pen  – Kubotan
  • What Is A Tactical Pen
  • Why Carry A Tactical Pen
  • Tactical Pen Uses
  • Tactical Pen Techniques
  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of Tactical Pens
  • More Tactical Pen Advice
  • Best Tactical Pen
  • Your Simple Tactical Pen Action Plan

[Read more…]

How To Survive A Riot When All Hell Breaks Loose

How To Survive A RiotRecent events prove that riots are real and dangerous.

In fact, it’s one of the more likely survival scenarios you may face in modern times. But do you know how to survive a riot?

What to do and more importantly what NOT to do?

A riot is an event in which a large group of people acts in a violent and uncontrolled way.

Riots stem from any number civil frustrations; racial tensions, religious fanaticism, class warfare or government controls. And each of these frustrations is growing in frequency and intensity. We are heading for a tipping point.

These frustrations are like a large pile of dry firewood waiting for a single spark to explode into a raging bonfire. [Read more…]

14 Improvised Survival Uses For Your FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight

14 Improvised FireHawk Uses (c)

A real tactical flashlight should be able to survive the harshest of conditions. Heat, moisture, and high impacts should be a non-issue if it’s truly tactical.

And I’d also argue that it should have more uses than just illumination. If it’s going to truly live up to its tactical nameplate; it needs to be designed to help keep you alive. To help you survive.

So what could be more tactical than a flashlight that has 14 survival uses? So in this article, we’ll cover 14 improvised uses for the FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight. [Read more…]

10 Best Survival Guns To Own When Civilization Collapses

Best Survival Guns - 44 Magnum Barrel Pointing Back At You

Image Source

Top Ten Best Survival Guns (Handguns)

So what are the best survival guns to own? Before we can even attempt to answer that question we need first to understand what the answer to that question is not:

It’s not a random laundry list of various makes and models.

Because not all survival situations are the same. For instance:

In my accompanying firearm article, Top Ten Survival Rifles, I defined five different roles a good survival rifle must fill. But to be brutally honest, there is only one role for a survival handgun: self-defense. [Read more…]

How To Reload Ammo: A Skill Every Survivalist Should Master

How To Reload Ammo Setup

Why You Should Learn How To Reload Ammo

All fellow gun enthusiasts must plan for one major recurring expense. Like vehicles need fuel or survival bows need arrows, guns need ammo.

It’s a cold hard fact, for enthusiasts the initial purchase of your firearm will pale in comparison to your ammunition costs over its lifetime. Assuming, of course, that you actually fire the weapon.

Obviously, you could reduce this cost by just stashing and neglecting your firearms. But since I know you’re serious about your guns, your survival firearms should be fired; early and often.

The main reasons for owning a firearm are simple and few:

  1. Collect them as a hobby
  2. Use them for a utilitarian task (such as hunting)
  3. Use them for self-defense

Two of these three require continual, recurring practice to maintain your skills. And admiring an antique in your gun safe doesn’t require practice, but let’s face it, if you’re a firearm hobbyist you likely enjoy firing them.

This means ammunition purchases are a regular part of your shopping and budget.

Aside from proficiency training, personal recreation, and the hunting, there is one more reason for buying ammo; Preparing. [Read more…]