How To Make Your Own Arrows – Tips, Techniques and Tricks

How To Make Your Own Arrows – Tips, Techniques and Tricks
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how to make your own arrowsThe art of how to make your own arrows is a survival skill worthy of our attention. Why? Because it’s major form of self-reliance. And as survivalists we love self-reliance.

Imagine pairing the power of learning – How To Make Your Own Arrows – with the skill of – How To Make A Longbow – and you’ll never be an unarmed and helpless sap again. No matter how bad our world becomes.

You’ll have the powerful ability, to take natural resources and mold them into a highly useful survival tool. And not only a useful tool but a deadly one.

Regardless of whether your motivation to make your own arrows is focused on self-reliance, as a fun hobby, or to just impress your friends, the following instructions will show you step by step how to do it right. [Read more…]

How To Build An INCH Bag “I’m Never Coming Home”

How To Build An INCH Bag “I’m Never Coming Home”
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Survivalist Hiker With An INCH BagAn I.N.C.H Bag stands for I‘m Never Coming Home Bag

It’s a Bug Out Bag on steroids. If you build an INCH Bag, not only are you planning to get the hell out of Dodge but fully intend to never come back.

For some of us, there’s zero difference between our current bug out bags and an INCH bag. Maybe you’ve planned your bug out bag as an INCH bag from the very start. And if that’s you, great!

However, most people built their bug out bags intending to return home as soon as things are all clear. If this is you, you may now be interested in the key differences between a regular bug out bag and an INCH bag. Differences such as bag size, gear selection, weight, and supplies.

You also might want to plan an INCH Bag just in case SHTF happens and it’s NOT just a short-term emergency.

But what extra gear should you add? And what gear should you leave behind? We’ll answer both of these questions and more. [Read more…]

Kerosene vs Propane Heaters – The Best Solution For Survival

Kerosene vs Propane Heaters – The Best Solution For Survival
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kerosene vs propane heatersToday let’s tackle that age old question of Kerosene vs Propane? Which is the better investment for heating? Which is best for long term survival? What are the pros and cons of each?

Right now, (the morning I’m writing this article) it’s currently a bitter 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside (with a low of 3 degrees Fahrenheit).


And it’s just the first frigid day of the upcoming winter season. So there will be more brutally cold days yet to come.

It was so cold this morning; my labrador retriever refused brave it. Deciding to take a pass and “hold it,” in hopes for a warm up. He’s going to be disappointed.

At this very moment, I’m comfortably typing away at my computer keys and sipping a warm coffee in my warm 71 degree home.

It’s times like these that I realize just how fortunate we are in modern society. Heating, indoor plumbing, motor vehicle transportation, refrigeration…it’s amazing. I try not to take it for granted… [Read more…]

Survival Packing List: Planning Your Ultimate Escape

Survival Packing List: Planning Your Ultimate Escape
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survival packing listIn today’s modern world, it pays dividends to be prepared for all possible emergencies.

From natural disasters to civil riots. From winter power outages to end of the world scenarios.

We can all agree that emergencies have occurred in the past, they happen in the present, and will happen in the future. So it’s irresponsible to stick your head in the sand and pretend that “it won’t happen to me“.

If an unforeseen emergency was to force you from your home, would you be prepared to leave on a few minutes’ notice?

If you can’t honestly answer that question with a “hell yes”, then you’ve some work to do. You need to get your “stuff” together and start planning your survival packing list. [Read more…]

Gun Suppressors: Remaining Silent When Every Noise Matters

Gun Suppressors: Remaining Silent When Every Noise Matters
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Modern Gun SuppressorGuns are loud. Anytime you detonate a powerful explosive in a small confined space, it’s going to be noisy. And often, that BANG put off by your firearm gives away your position.

That’s why gun suppressors are an excellent survival tool. Nearly everyone understands that suppressors turn ear-splitting explosions, into muffled, discreet THUMP’s. So if you want to be sneaky (for whatever reason), using a gun suppressor is a smart way to avoid unwanted attention.

And in a survival crisis, I  highly recommend you own at least one suppressor or or at least understand the principles to craft one. Because being able to fire off quiet shots will be the difference between being a predator or being prey. And if such a situation arises, you’ll be grateful you took the time to learn how to make a suppressor. [Read more…]

17 Best Survival Gifts For Any and All Gift Giving Occasions

17 Best Survival Gifts For Any and All Gift Giving Occasions
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survival giftsFinding the perfect gift for my family and friends is always a challenge.

Every year, I’m never sure what to get Dad, what to get my Wife, what to get my friends, kids, grandkids etc.

Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, or just because…ugh! It never ends…

Every year, I rack my brain, I search the web, but none of the “best gifts for men” or “best gifts for women” articles are worth a crap.

Those articles only list the most obvious, boring gifts and lack any creativity.

Getting someone a gift from one of those lists says, “Here’s a boring, safe generic gift that you probably don’t want, but it’s all I could find, sorry!”

So this article is your solution. Here’s the secret to getting a great gift this time around. 

“Everybody loves survival gifts.”

They are unique, they are interesting, they are creative, they say you care, and they are awesome. This list has something for everyone (as you’ll soon discover). And if you happen to be buying for someone who is truly interested in survival, then this list is an absolute gold mine. You may have just found the last “gift list” you’ll ever need. [Read more…]

Survival Waste Management – Your 6 Best Emergency Toilet Options

Survival Waste Management – Your 6 Best Emergency Toilet Options
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survival sanitation and emergency toiletsBodily waste is a part of our life. Every animal does it. As humans, we are just more ingenious at containing it, handling it, and hiding it.

Bear’s, for instance, shit in the woods. Most people, on the other hand, use toilets. And over the course of history, by God, we have become attached to our porcelain thrones. Because they are:

  • Efficient
  • They keep life clean
  • They’re comfortable
  • They’re familiar

Just image what life would be like without our modern day toilets. [Read more…]

Eating Pine – How To Eat A Pine Tree To Survive

Eating Pine – How To Eat A Pine Tree To Survive
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eating pine treesImagine it’s been days since you last saw a road.

A full week since your last human contact.

You’re stranded. Lost. Alone.

Without amenities, and worst of all, without food.

Only vast seemingly endless wilderness surrounds you. Birds, bees, animals, emptiness, and pine trees as far as you can see.

Your stomach rumbles, a growling reminder that your last meal was a very long time ago. And that meal was the last of your meager rations. There are no more potato chips, no more snickers bars, and no more trail mix.

Imagine that you don’t have any food acquisition survival gear. No fishing pole, no Yo Yo reels, nor any reliable means of trapping, snaring or killing wild game. In such a dire situation, what options remain?

Lucky for you, almost everything around you is edible because what so many people are unaware of is that the pine tree is an edible plant. [Read more…]

How To Build The Ultimate Winter Car Survival Kit From Scratch

How To Build The Ultimate Winter Car Survival Kit From Scratch
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winter car survival kit

If you’ve yet to build a winter car survival kit, now’s the time.

With fall currently in full swing, those of us who live, work, and play in the mountains are seeing the first signs that winter is near.

Soon, the mountain peaks will be capped white with snow and roadway conditions will change for the worst at the drop of a hat. Icy roads and deep snow are extremely dangerous for travel and a leading cause of stranded vehicles. [Read more…]

10 Best Gun Safes For Ultimate Access, Safety, and Protection

10 Best Gun Safes For Ultimate Access, Safety, and Protection
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10 best gun safes

What’s the ultimate goal storing your firearms in a gun safe?

Why should you invest your hard earned money in a large metal lockbox?

To figure this out, let’s first take a look at the definition of the word “safe”:

Secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk”.

So a gun safe’s sole purpose is to keep your valuable firearms out of harm’s way.

To keep them safe from:

  • the elements (fire, water)
  • thieves
  • curious kids


While all gun safes have the same goal, not all firearms safes are created equal.

  • There are safes designed for specific types of guns (handguns or rifles).
  • Some safes are made for quick access, while other safes designed for fire or water protection.
  • There are mobile safes and permanently bolted down gun safes.
  • Wall mounted safes and hidden gun safes.
  • There are single gun safes and gun safes designed for an entire arsenal firearms.

So finding the “right” gun safe that serves you well depends on your own individual needs.

With that said, today we are going to cover 10 different types of gun safes. Discussing each safes specific characteristics and provide an example gun safe within each 10 categories that we recommend. [Read more…]