How To Hide Your Guns From The Feds

By SS Contributor | Last Updated: November 20, 2014

How To Hide Your GunsImagine the day finally comes.

The feds are banging on your front door asking for demanding you hand over all your firearms.

At this pivotal moment, you’ll have some tough decisions to make.

You can either fight back, partially comply or fully comply.

If you decide you’re going down “guns a blazing” and you won’t live to see the day the feds confiscate your guns, then I hope you take a few of the bastards out along the way.

However, not everyone prefers this approach.  Many of us will want to live to fight another day.

That will mean partial compliance.

Now before I go any further, I realize suggesting any compliance is going to piss a few fellow patriots off.

Good! I’m right there with you – Don’t Tread On Me!

However, many of us have little ones who depend on us and for those of us, partial compliance may be the only rational choice. At least until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

So what exactly do I mean by partial compliance?

It means having a few decoy guns that the government already knows about, but also having a bunch of guns they don’t know about (and then keeping them hidden).

If you are a gun enthusiast like myself, then you’ll have a nice assortment of guns.

Let’s say you have a couple of shotguns, a bunch of rifles, and a pistol or two.

Ideally, you didn’t buy all of these guns recently yourself.

Personally, a good percentage of the guns I own were gifts from my father and grandfather.

However, if you are not as lucky as I am and all your current guns are registered then you have another great option: Build your own gun.

It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds.

Thousands of fellow patriots have built their own guns and now have a non-registered AR15 or 1911 they can keep hidden from the feds.

With Brownell’s detailed guide, videos, and, checklists you can easily build your own gun.

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The Government Knows You Have Guns

The reason you prefer to build or have gifted guns is that these guns are not to be on the government registry.

If every single guy you own is registered…what do you think the feds are going to do? You guessed it…they will show up with a list of all the guns you’ve bought.

They will want each and every one of these guns.

If you claim you don’t have them you can either 1) hide them or 2) tell them you gave them away.

In either case, if you don’t cough up a good enough answer be prepared for a bad day.

Don’t Forget About Conceal Carry Permits

One thing you have to keep in mind is this: If you have concealed carry permit the government knows you own a gun.

When it comes time for the government regime to come and confiscate your weapons have at least one or two throwaway guns you can give them.

Then they have no reason to come in and search your home.

If they question further about the receipts of guns you have bought just say you no longer own them and that should suffice as long as you have turned your disposables in.

Give Them What They Want?

So if you are like me and have and the majority of your guns are not a part of the national gun registry, then you have an excellent tactic to avoid the wrath of the feds.

I will gladly give up a couple of my “decoy guns” in order to appease the feds because, at the end of the day, the joke’s gonna be on them.

Like Any Valuable Asset: You Need To Diversify

I’m about to give you some of my very best ideas for hiding your guns. I have confidence that these ideas will help keep your right to bear arms.

With that said…the only free lunch is diversification. What do I mean by this?

It’s difficult to know exactly how determined and what technologies the government may decide to use when they decide to confiscate, so let’s plan for the worst.

Plan for them to take it to the absolute extreme, with ground-penetrating radars, metal detectors, and such.

If they do come with guns blazing, with everything they’ve got, it’s best to have several gun hiding locations. Sure they might find one hiding place but don’t make that your only hiding place.

I personally have 3 unique hiding locations.

None of them are near each other and none of them have all my guns.

The key to keeping some of your guns is to diversify your hiding locations.

Hiding Ammo -Small 2

How To Hide Your Guns And Ammo

Now, what if you don’t have any guns that are not in the registry?

Well, you’ll need a really good story and hide them really well.

I’ll leave the good story up to you, but I can give you some good gun hiding suggestions…

An Undisclosed Underground Location

The first place to consider hiding your guns is underground.

When the local police force, military, or government are on their confiscation raids this is a decent place to hide them.

You’ll want to establish your secret underground hiding place in a remote area, not easily found.

Make sure when you bury them that the ground does not look disturbed when you’re done.

Ideally, the area should have a lot of buried metal around, to throw off any ground-penetrating radar and most importantly, it should have a permanent (natural) landmark so you can remember where you buried it.

When you are getting ready to bury your guns you want to make sure you coat your guns in cosmoline to protect it from the elements. Seal them in a large food saver storage bag so you can remove all the oxygen.

If you don’t have a food saver consider buying silica gel packs.

You want to also pack ammo (a lot of it), a gun cleaning kit, and degreasers.

Remember to put these in individual bags. Then, seal them with duct tape. But not just any duct tape, get the newer (much better) version of the stuff like T-REX Ferociously Strong Duct Tape.

You want to take all your items and place them in a PVC pipe close it up with end caps and seal it with PVC sealant.

Then, you may want to put this pipe inside a larger one before you bury it.

Most metal detectors are good for about three-foot depth, you want to make sure you are at least four feet deep from the top of the pipe.

You are burying them so the government won’t ever find them or anyone else.

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Your Very Own Secret Gun Room

If you choose to hide your guns in buildings, whether it’s your home, shed, or barn.

Consider installing secret storage by building false walls, a secret gun room, or installing hidden compartments under your stairs.

This is the easiest to do during construction or renovations. However, sometimes you can modify it afterward.

An excellent gun hiding location is the stoop foundation of your basement. Many homes have large front stoops (porches). Homes with these porches have rectangular foundation walls that don’t by default have any access.

Cut a hole in the wall and you’ll have yourself an amazing gun and ammunition storage location.

Basement Gun Hiding Location

If you are going to go to these lengths, then there are a few things to keep in mind.

When hiring a contractor to put in your hidden gun storage, hire one that is furthest away from where you live.

Also, pay with cash so you don’t leave a paper trail for the government to see what you are up to.

If possible use an alias and make them sign a legal confidentiality agreement.

They may think you’re crazy, but I would rather be crazy, than everyone finding out where my concealed gun storage is or knowing that I have a secret gun room.

I have seen some interesting choices for the concealed gun storage locations.

They can be elaborate or simple but the good ones all have one thing in common? They have steel doors with multiple locks.

Now if you’re using this as a hidden gun safe the more locks the better.

You’ll also want to make sure the catch of the case or picture is not easily found by anyone. There are a lot of companies that help with tactical walls and hidden gun cases, as another gun storage idea.

If you don’t want the added expense of a costly remodel.

When hiring a contractor to put in your hidden gun storage, hire one that is furthest away from where you live.

And last but not least, just because your guns are located in a secret room doesn’t mean that you can forego putting them into a high-quality, well-built gun safe.

Tactitcal Walls

A Few Other Secret Gun Locations – Hiding In Plain Sight

Personally, I avoid any place you have seen in a movie or TV show like the plague. However, it’s probably OK if you are diversifying.

Now, most semi-automatic weapons can be broken down into relatively small pieces. These pieces can be stored in places such as first aid boxes, tennis racket cases, or any small inconspicuous storage bin.

If you are OK with DIY projects you can consider the backside of large picture frames.

If you have a picture with a large, thick frame gently cut the backing of the frame off with a razor blade gently peel back one corner adhere to a piece of Velcro to hold the gun in place then place the gun.

Once done, adhere to the backing and carefully place it back on the wall.

Another gun storage idea you can use in conjunction with a large picture is to use it to hide a wall safe. They are inexpensive and not too difficult to install yourself.

Another decent idea is installing a floor molding safe. They are installed in the baseboard of the wall and are nearly undetectable.

There are several manufacturers of floor safes. They are installed underneath carpeting and even floorboards.

Another new safe design is the plant safe. Place a live (or fake) plant in the planter. Unscrew the bottom and you have another place for hidden storage.

You might consider a clock gun safe.

They can be mounted on the wall or sit on a mantel.

If you have a large grandfather clock this would be a great place to store ammunition.

If your home has stairs, then you have a bunch of potential options. Pry off the risers and store ammunition, small handguns, and other valuables.

Also, consider any under stair voids that currently don’t have access. However, if you create an access door or hatch, make sure it’s not easily found.

Air vents safes in your home can be creative concealed gun storage places.

If you have an old photocopier in your home office you can remove the innards and store guns and ammunition in there, then replace the glass.

Also, if you have an old tube TV lying around you can remove the guts and this too makes a great storage place.

Some other great secret storage places are in old subwoofers, boomboxes, a footstool or hassock, or old paint cans.

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Bug Out Truck With Topper

Secret Hiding Places for Guns in Your Car

Nothing liking having your guns hidden AND with you at all times.

Some people cut the seam of the front passenger seat on the side that faces the driver’s seat and store a small handgun there. Then, fix the seams with Velcro.

This way you have easy access to it, I’ve heard that officers cannot search it without probable cause (for now a least).

There are also places you can purchase console gun safes for your vehicle.

You can even purchase a safe for your truck that fits underneath the rear seat of extended cab trucks.

These are large enough to hold rifles and semiautomatic weapons. Furthermore, if you have a raised bed of your truck you can create a false bottom underneath the liner.

These are great secret gun storage spaces if you are bugging out and don’t want to get caught at checkpoints.

Action Plan

Now Is Time To Take Action

The best time to hide some of your guns and ammo in several places is today. The worst time is when SHTF, it might be too late.

Take a few of these ideas…put them into action.

Start thinking about what makes the most sense for you. Use this list as a starting point.

Hopefully, these ideas helped to get the ideas flowing and you have your own unique locations that I haven’t even mentioned.

What do you plan to do when the feds pay you a visit? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Remember: Prepare, Adapt and Overcome,
“Just In Case” Jack

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