10 Best Gun Safes To Keep Your Firearms Safe & Secure

By SS Contributor | Last Updated: October 12, 2016

Gun SafesWhat’s the point of storing your firearms in a gun safe?

Why should you invest your hard-earned money in a large metal lockbox?

To figure this out, let’s first take a look at the definition of the word “safe”:

“Secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk”.

So a gun safe’s sole purpose is to keep your valuable firearms out of harm’s way.

To keep them safe from the elements (fire, water), thieves, or curious kids.


While all gun safes have the same goal, not all firearms safes are created equal.

  • There are safes designed for specific types of guns (handguns or rifles).
  • Some safes are made for quick access, while other safes are designed for fire or water protection.
  • There are mobile safes and permanently bolted-down gun safes.
  • Wall-mounted safes and hidden gun safes.
  • There are single safes and safes designed for an entire arsenal of firearms.

So finding the “right” gun safe that serves you well depends on your own individual needs.

With that said, today we are going to cover 10 different types of gun safes. Discuss each safe’s specific characteristics and provide an example of safes within each category that we recommend.

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10 Types Of Different Gun Safes

1. Biometric Gun Safe

A biometric gun safe is one of the most advanced and secure safes on the market today.

This safe allows you to use your own fingerprints as your unlocking code. And the chance of two people having the same fingerprints is about 1 in 64 million. So it’s safe to say, using your fingerprints as an access code is an extremely low risk.

Traditional safes have passcodes or combinations you have to enter for access but with a biometric gun safe, you press your fingerprints onto the scanner and it pops open.

In the end, the only way someone else could get into a biometric gun safe is with your hand which is a very difficult thing to do and not pretty to think about.

If this safe technology interests you, we recommend looking into the SpeedVault Biometric Handgun Safe which is designed to hold handguns.

Here’s a video overviewing a pistol-sized biometric safe.

And for a larger biometric safe, check out the Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe.

2. Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe

Most gun safes are made of steel (steel is relatively fireproof – it only melts at extremely high temperatures such as 2750 F).

But it’s not the metal box you should be worried about, it’s the high heat penetrating through the metal and affecting the precious items stored inside.

A house fire normally won’t get hot enough to melt steel, but the surrounding heat will penetrate your gear inside the metal box. This heat can ruin your guns.

The last thing you want is to have your guns barbecued inside your large expensive safe. So it’s always wise to check the safe you’re considering to ensure that it’s fireproof.

The Stack-On TD-24-GP-C-S Total Defense 22-24 Gun Safe with Combination Lock is both waterproof and has a 75-minute/1400-degree fire rating. Check out the review of this gun safe in the video below.

3. In-Wall Gun Safe

An “in-wall gun safe” is by definition installed “in the wall”. So instead of it being portable like some other safe options, this one is meant to remain stationary because it’s directly installed into your wall.

This helps keep your entire safe from being stolen (obviously) since it will be inside your wall.

The one downfall to this type of gun safe is that if you were to move, it’s not as portable and easy to move as a stand-up safe. Also, wall safes can come in all varieties of lock options from a combination lock, electric keypad, or fingerprint.

These safes are also sold in a number of sizes, so if you plan your purchase correctly, you’ll be able to fit all your key weapons in it.

The Stack-On PWS-1555 Long Gun Wall Safe with Electronic Lock is a good example of a wall gun safe designed to hold several rifles. Here’s a video of the unboxing and installation of this gun safe.

4. Hidden Gun Safe

A hidden gun safe is a safe that doesn’t look like a safe. It often looks like a regular piece of furniture.

They’re hidden in something that’s common so it won’t attract any attention; such as mirrors, picture frames, or shelves.

Hidden gun safes allow you to keep your weapons hidden in plain sight.

While this option is not as strong of a safe from someone drilling or prying it open, they blend in and most thieves will pass by a hidden gun safe without taking notice.

Tactical Walls are one of the best in the hidden gun safe category.

Make sure to watch the video below if you are interested in hiding your guns in plain sight.

5. Car Gun Safe

Car gun safes are not as secured as in-home bolt-down safes, but they are much better than leaving your pistol unsecured in your glove box. A car safe is normally designed for a single handgun.

Small mobile safes are a good choice when traveling so if you want to be safe on the road then pick yourself up a car gun safe.

One of the better single pistol vehicle safes on the market is the Gunbunker GS1 Vehicle Safe. Watch the video below for more details.

6. Under Bed Gun Safe

This firearm safe acts like a sliding drawer to hold your guns underneath your bed.

This setup allows you to retrieve them quickly and with ease. You’ll be able to roll out of your bed, reach underneath, and unlock the combination and you’re armed and ready in just your undies.

The bottom line is, I love keeping my close firearms by when sleeping and there’s no better way to have them both safe and close.

There are several decent options to choose from in the category, but I like the American Security Defense Vault. So watch the video to learn why…

7. Heavy Duty Gun Safe

By heavy duty we mean HEAVY. For example, the Steelwater Extreme Duty gun safe makes the grade come in at over 1200 lbs. Not even a team of thieves will be able to move this beast-of-a-safe without a lot of hassle.

The bad news is you’ll need an entire crew of people to get this thing in your house, but once it’s there, that’s where it’s gonna stay.

As far as security goes, it has a total of 18 (1-1/2 inch) solid steel bolts matched with a gear-driven lock system for added strength against punching, prying, or drill attacks.

However, it’s going to set you back $2500 dollars.

So for my money, I prefer the Liberty Gun Safe – Fat Boy Jr.  This safe is plenty heavy at over 700 lbs and if you bolt it down properly you’re going to make it near impossible to break into. It also has 12 (1-inch) solid steel bolts which are plenty of heavy-duty protection for most.

8. Corner Gun Safe

A corner gun safe is a regular safe but it’s specifically designed to sit directly in the corner of a room.

If you can’t install a wall safe (renter) or if you’re just tight on space in general, a corner gun safe will fit into a room without any problem.

I like the Sentry Safe HDC11E Home Defense Center as a go-to corner gun safe. It’s well-designed and it’s ideal for a corner install. So check out the review video below for more details.

9. Truck Gun Safe

A truck gun safe allows you to hide your guns in your truck. But there are truck safes for your handguns and other ones for your rifles.

For your handgun, I like the Locker Down Truck Console Safes.

These safes are designed to work with specific makes and models of trucks and turn your console into a built-in gun safe.

For a safe for your rifles, you’re going to need a longer design. Locker Down has you covered in this category as well.

10. Nightstand Gun Safe

The Home Defense Night Stand Safe is a small handgun safe that doubles as a hidden gun safe.

This safe is hidden, secure, and as close by during that night as you can get.

Seriously, you can grab your gun without even getting out of bed.

Now that’s what I call “ultimate access”.

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Benefits Of Owning A Gun Safe

Having a gun safe (or even multiple gun safes) offers a number of benefits.

Protects Your Guns From Damage

Many safes are designed in such a way as to keep your guns from damage or rusting.

Now, you can prevent unnecessary damage by using felt lining and holster pockets that store your guns safely and securely within.

Also, if the safe is airtight, you can add a humidity rod or some desiccants. Either will help reduce and remove any extra moisture from the air. Less moisture equals less chance of rust buildup on your barrels.

Protects Your Ability To Defend Your Family

If you keep your gun laying around your home unsecured, it can be stolen in a heartbeat. Having your guns stolen is bad enough, but what if the person who stole them uses them in a violent crime?

While you won’t be charged with the crime itself, you will become roped into the criminal investigation.

It’s just best to avoid such a mess by keeping your guns locked and difficult to steal.

Abiding By The Law

Did you know that many states have laws that impose criminal liability on a person who negligently stores their firearms, where minors could or do gain access to the firearm?


Whether you agree or disagree with these laws or not is not the issue here.

The bottom line is, all responsible gun owners should take action to prevent children from accessing firearms without parental supervision. I think we can all agree this is a major part of every gun owner’s responsibility regardless of the laws of your state.

One of the best ways to live up to this responsibility is by investing in (and using) a gun safe.

Better Access To Your Firearm

With a gun safe, you’ll know exactly where your firearms are at all times. You will never forget where you stashed your gun today. Did you leave it in your desk drawer? Is it under your bed? Did you forget to take it out of your truck?

When someone breaks into your home, you are in immediate danger. You need to be 100% certain where you’re home defense weapons are at all times so you can retrieve them quickly.

Final Thoughts

With all the varieties and price points available, you have no excuse not to invest in a good gun safe or two. Owning guns is one of our most basic and sacred rights as American citizens.

It’s an investment in your self-protection and an investment in our society’s liberty.

So proper gun storage supports these critical objectives. Giving you (and only you) proper access, security, and safety of all your firearms.

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