Why You Can Trust Skilled Survival…

Team at SkilledSurvival - Just In Case Jack, Jason K., Will Brendza

The Team here at Skilled Survival is a small (but mighty) group of prepared survivalists.

Collectively, we’ve spent thousands of hours in the Survival and Preparedness space.

We’ve tested our skills in the remote wilderness on multiday backpacking adventures.

We’ve also put our money where our preparedness mouth is by purchasing the items we recommend, such as:

Since 2013, we’ve generated copious amounts of high quality, intensively researched content, such as :

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We’ve bought (and reviewed) hundreds of other survival websites’ guides and products and tested them.

Holding the Home Doctor Book With Prepping Background (c)
We’ve built up an online community of resilient, like-minded folks with hundreds of engaged members at TheResilientLife.com.

THESE are just a few of the reasons why SkilledSurvival is a Brand you can TRUST.

Our mission is to help those who are ready get more prepared in a wise and efficient way.

Let’s dive into each Team Member:

‘Just In Case’ Jack (Co-Founder / Researcher / Author / Editor)

Jason K. (Researcher / Author)

Will Brendza (Researcher / Author)

Will Brendza

So, as you can see, each SkilledSurvival Team Member comes with an abundance of qualifications.

So, you can rest assured that the information you read on this blog comes with experience and authority.

How We Approach Gear Reviews

At SkilledSurvival, we LOVE gear.

We’re gear enthusiasts through and through!

Yes, gear gets us excited…

But NOT all gear (and gear brands) are created equal!

Some are 100% worth your money, while the cheaper brands (and knockoffs) are a total waste.

We aim to point you in the RIGHT direction and help you avoid making a purchase you regret.

And we often perform hands-on reviews on many of the gear we recommend.

That’s what we prefer. 

But the truth is, we’re not always able to do so for every single item/brand.

I’d love to buy 50 vacuum sealers and test them all, but it’s not feasible.

So, instead, we sometimes use our collective experiences with Brands and Units.

From these experiences, we’re able to:

We use our expertise, experiences, and research skills to find and recommend the BEST products.

We do ALL the upfront gear research FOR YOU!

So you can quickly focus on only a handful (instead of sorting through hundreds or thousands)…

We choose only the highest quality candidates (at specific price points) and make final recommendations from there.

We aim to save you time and money and get the RIGHT piece of gear in your hands.

Now, if you’re still reading this…

Thank You for taking the time to learn more about us.

YOU’RE someone who cares and understands that TRUST is NOT something you get, but you EARN.

Through this candid and forthright overview, I hope we’ve Earned YOUR Trust. 

And we’ll continue to earn that trust with each new Blog Post, Survival Guide, and product we create.

From the entire Team at Skilled Survival…

Prepare, Adapt & Overcome!