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Best Desert Survival Tips To Avoid Deadly Mistakes

These 10 desert survival tips will help you become a desert survival expert. Most people don't know these lifesaving survival tips.

Best Survival Skills Every Adventurer Should Learn

The best survival skills will keep you alive even in extreme conditions. 1. Water 2. Shelters 3. Fire 4. Navigation 5. Signaling 6. Medical 7. Foraging...

Canned Food Shelf Life: A Shameless Lie For Big Profits

Are canned food shelf life expiration dates rooted in science? Here's all the proof you need to know it's a hoax in the name of profits.

Best Survival Packing List To Plan For An Evacuation

Everyone needs a survival packing list to organize their escape. That way you won't regret leaving something critical behind.

Bug Out Bikes: The Most Reliable Way To Escape Chaos

A simple 6 step action plan to turn a regular bike into a badass, terrain crushing bug out bike - to escape the chaos without traffic jams.

7 Best Bushcraft Gear For Crafting Useful Tools & Shelters

Every survivalist should own essential bushcraft gear. These are the 7 most important bushcraft tools for building, creating, and crafting.

A Complete Car Emergency Kit List For Roadside Safety

This car emergency kit list includes all the critical supplies and gear you need to self-rescue or survive several days on your own.

Best Neck Gaiters Guaranteed To Protect Your Neck & Face

The best neck gaiters are warm, lightweight, durable and 100% worth wearing! In this guide, we review the best ones on the market to make your search easy.

57 Item Survival Gear List: WHAT You Should Have & WHY

This list of survival gear will help you acquire the RIGHT survival tools and equipment. Preparing you for a future emergency or disaster.

Best Tactical Boots That Can Handle The Most Brutal Terrain

Not all boots are created equal and if you want the best, you have to go tactical. We review the best tactical boots on the market today.

Best Hammocks For Taking A Peaceful Nap Anywhere

Not all hammocks are created equal; that's why we help you discover the best hammocks for camping, survival, beach, or backyard.

How To Siphon Gas In A Broken World (after SHTF)

The best ways to siphon gas are innovative, safe, easy and 100% worth learning! In this guide, we review the best ways to make your search easy.

9 Best Solar Radios Hand-Picked By A Survival Expert

Everyone needs a solar radio for life-saving weather alerts and emergency information. We share the best solar radios on the market today.

How To Store Rice The Right Way & Avoid Costly Mistakes

Avoid these costly rice storage mistakes to ensure your rice stockpile lasts a lifetime. Plus, simple rice recipes for survival cooking.

23 Surprising Ways A Survival Bandana Can Save Your Life

It's time to put that snot rag to good use. Learn how to use a survival bandana for medical, tactical, bushcraft, and survival.

Best Survival Retreat: How To Secure Your Own Safe Haven

Building your own survival retreat is easier and more affordable than you think. Log cabins, dug outs, adobe huts are all great options.

Best Portable Solar Chargers: Power For Off Grid Adventures

The best portable solar chargers are innovative, durable, waterproof and 100% worth owning! In this guide, we review the best ones to make your search easy.

Situational Awareness: How To Avoid Really Dumb Mistakes

Situational awareness is fully and completely understanding your surroundings, environment, and situation. Some people have it; others don't.

Best Survival Shelter Ideas For Handling Awful Weather

1. The Simple Tarp Shelter 2. Stealth Shelters 3. The Debris Shelter 4. Spider Hole Shelter 5. The Wickiup Shelter 6. The Survival Hut...

Best Bivy Sacks To Survive Freezing Cold Temperatures

Not all bivy sacks are created equal, especially in winter environments. Here are the best bivy sacks for camping, emergencies, and survival.

How To Make A Monkey Fist Knot Useful For Survival

Learn how to make a monkey's fist knot for survival. It's a versatile survival knot that could save your life someday.

Are Doomsday Preppers Weird? Paranoid? Or Insanely Wise?

Who's a prepper? Who's not? Is prepping worth your time and energy? I answer all these questions to sort fact from fiction.

21 Camping Essentials: WHAT You Should Take & WHY

Use this list of 21 camping essentials to ensure you never forget the most important gear on your next trip. 1. Tent 2. Water 3. Food 4. Knife...

78 Item Preppers Checklist: WHAT You Should Stock & WHY

A preppers checklist that covers (in detail) EVERY item you must stockpile today to prepare fast and avoid overlooking anything critical.

Survival Cache: How To Bury Your Gear The RIGHT Way

A survival cache is a well-hidden stockpile of survival supplies. Learn how to properly hide, protect and bury a bunch of critical supplies.

Best EDC Flashlights: Small, Compact But Still Super Bright

The best edc flashlights are durable, bright, compact and worth carrying! In this guide, we review the best one to make your search easy.

Why Should I Get Prepared? Now…Today? (before SHTF)

Have you ever stopped to ask WHY prepare? And are you mentally strong enough for the moral challenges surviving in the midst of chaos brings?

How To Build A Root Cellar: A Wise Inexpensive Bunker

DIY root cellars don't need to be complicated or cost much money. Learn how to build a root cellar from scratch with these ideas and plans.

Bug Out Location: Finding A Perfect One You Can Afford

There are 7 must-have qualities for a perfect bug out location . I show exactly what they are and how to find an affordable one in minutes...

Cold Weather Survival: Unexpected Ways To Stay Warm

In a cold weather emergency, you can be a cold weather survivor or a victim. These critical skills will help you stay warm & alive.

Best IFAK Kits For Serious Everyday Medical Emergencies

The best ifak kits are innovative, compact, lightweight and 100% worth carrying daily! In this guide, we review the best ones to make your search easy.

Minimalist Camping: How To Avoid The Most Costly Mistakes

Minimalist camping is a great way to practice wilderness survival. Here's a short list of the limited items to take on your next camping trip