9 Best Ghillie Suits (Plus DIY) For Combat, Survival & Hunting

By Just In Case Jack | Last Updated: May 5, 2021

Do you enjoy standing out in a crowd? Do you want everyone to notice you? Try wearing a Ghillie Suit to your next social event! That’ll do the trick.

But in all seriousness, while being the center of attention can be great for social settings, it’s terrible for hunting.

And when snipers are stalking and observing strategic targets, they need to be invisible.

Their lives depend on blending in with their surroundings; if the enemy spots them, it’s game over.

And while the consequences are not THAT dire for hunters, they’ll likely go home empty-handed. You can spend hours carefully tracking an animal, waiting for the right moment to take them down.

But as soon as your prey spots you, your hunt is over.

Sure, you could roll around in the dirt and tuck branches in your pockets, but there is a much better way to be stealthy.

The best way to blend into the background in the wild is with a military-style ghillie suit. So today, we’re going to upgrade your knowledge in camouflage with the Ghillie Suit. Specifically,

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sniper in ghillie suit

What Exactly Is A Ghillie Suit Anyway?

A ghillie suit is a camouflaged outfit that blends in with your surroundings, such as:

  • Foliage
  • Snow
  • Sand

It helps to conceal your whole body, including your pants, upper body, and head. Because when hiding in plain sight, you’ve got to cover EVERYTHING.

In Scottish Gaelic, Ghillie is a term for a “boy” that acts as an outdoor servant, assisting in hunting and fishing trips. These “Ghillies” would protect the Lord’s game from poachers and hide in the grass to stalk.

Scottish folklore also has a fairy named Ghillie Du. This mythical figure was a kind-hearted mountain spirit clothed in leaves and moss.

But in general, folks have been using camouflage outfits for centuries. But as best we can tell, Scottish gamekeepers originally invented the ghillie suit as a portable hunting blind.

Then during the Second Boer War (around 1900), the British Army’s Lovat Scouts used camouflage ghillie suits in military operations. And in 1916, they were named the first sniper unit in the British Army.

Since then, Ghillie Suits have been used over and over again in many covert operations.

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Hiding In Plain Sight In A Ghillie Suit

Who Should Own A Ghillie Suit & Why?

Having a sniper-grade ghillie suit may sound incredible, but do you REALLY need one? Ultimately, the answer comes down to your job and your hobbies.

If you work all day in an office and spend your weekends baking cakes, well, first off, lucky family! Who doesn’t like cake?

But if you are a homebody who avoids the outdoors or hunting, then a ghillie suit is probably not for you. So who should own one?

Avid Hunters

An avid hunter fully understands the importance of hiding in plain sight.

When hunting, the main goal is to shoot an animal so you can bring back food for your family. Now, to increase your chance of finding and hitting wild game, being invisible is essential.


A sharpshooter or marksman can hit a target from an insane distance. But a sniper must also train in fieldcraft. They must be able to traverse lots of unique terrains to secure advantageous attack and observation positions.

Because of this movement, a sniper needs camouflage to perfectly match their surrounding environment. That’s precisely what a ghillie suit does and why it’s necessary for their mission.

Active duty military personal still use them today in modern warfare. And a quality Ghillie Suit provides a tactical advantage to get the job done.


A bird enthusiast’s goal is to observe and photograph different species of birds UP CLOSE. Ideally, you want to get so close you can hear these birds sneeze.

Some serious bird watchers use a ghillie suit (and lots of patience) to get THAT close. And to remain unnoticed for long periods.

A birder also uses equipment like scopes and binoculars, but it’s much more exciting to see and hear them close up. And a camouflage outfit allows for that.


Combat simulation games are a trendy sport. Airsoft and paintball are both combat simulation games where you hunt the opposing team. But each uses slightly different equipment.

Fortunately, one thing both sports CAN use is a ghillie suit. During a heated battle, evasion techniques are a big part of success. So whoever’s better at blending into their surroundings will usually have the upper hand.

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Military Style Ghillie Suit

Key Features In A Quality Ghillie Suit

When researching ghillie suits, you’ll want to focus on the best features for your needs.

The good news is there are several unique styles and combinations to choose from, but you should never overlook the following key features:


A quality ghillie suit must feel good while wearing it. When you’re lying prone under a bush stalking game for hours in rough terrain, you’ll be thankful for any bit of comfort.

If your ghillie suit becomes miserable while hunting, you’ll be tempted to cut your trip short.

Also, you want your ghillie suit to be breathable. Because if your body temperature isn’t maintaining normal levels, you’ll start sweating. You don’t want to be drenched in your own sweat day while hunting or bird watching.

That’s why your suit needs to be light enough to allow for some air circulation.

Size / Fit

First off, ALWAYS try on a new ghillie suit BEFORE you take it into the field. No matter how excited you are to try it out for real. If it doesn’t fit right, return it immediately.

Fortunately, most ghillie suit pants have elastic waistbands. And jackets are often adjustable as well.

So spend some time getting the fit right. Even with the “adjustability,” fitting can be tricky because the sizes of the suits can be deceptive. This is because they are meant to go over your other clothes.

So research different brands and setups and read other people’s comments before you buy.

You also want it to be a breeze to put on and take off and not feel clumsy while moving around.

A quality ghillie suit is a significant investment, so shop around until you find the best ghillie suit for YOU.


Of course, you want ALL your survival gear to last, and your ghillie suit is no different.

So invest in a suit that uses quality material that won’t break down after just a few trips. Take time researching the types of material used in ghillie suits. Then choose the highest quality you can afford.

In general, look for abrasive-resistant materials and double-stitching throughout the build.


The main reason anyone buys a ghillie suit is to meld into your surroundings. So if you’re out bird-watching in the winter, neon green camo won’t cut it.

You can often choose from several colors and patterns, so think about where/when you’ll use your ghillie suit most. You may decide to get a few colors depending on how often you hunt and what time of year you go.

Most manufacturers equip ghillie suits with the ability to add flora from the surrounding area. So starting out with the proper base color is a smart move.

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Sniper in the grass looking through the scope

9 Best Ghillie Suits On The Market Today

Now that you know the types of ghillie suits and some critical features, let’s check what’s on the market today. We’ll look at some expensive and cheaper suits, giving you a wide variety to consider.

1. Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit

Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit

The Ghost Ghillie Suit from Arcturus might be the best ghillie suit for sale today. Why? Because it’s built to last with double stitching that locks in the tread to reduce shedding.

Every suit includes an adjustable waistband and ankle straps so it can fit most body types. And the hood is also adjustable and can be zippered to your jacket.

The coverage on this suit is very dense, and underneath is a 7-color blend of 3-D camo for good variation. At the same time, it’s a lightweight, breathable suit with a double mesh shell.

This ghillie suit is perfect for hunters, military snipers, and hard-core paintball enthusiasts.

Plus, it comes in a wide variety of sizes. So if you are looking for a kid’s ghillie suit as well as your own, Arcturus has you covered.

The Arcturus is a superior ghillie suit, indeed.

2. MOPHOTO 5 in 1 Ghillie Suit

MOPHOTO 5 in 1 Ghillie Suit

The MOPHOTO Ghillie Suit is another excellent option for blending into your environment.

It’s made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex with a durable threading. This combination of materials means its water repellant, fire retardant, and rot and mildew proof.

The jacket has durable button closures, and the material is very breathable. That means less sweating when you are stalking your prey.

The elastic waist and drawstrings allow for a comfortable fit and easy maneuverability.

It is perfect for all your outdoor adventures, including:

  • wildlife photography
  • paintball and airsoft
  • hunting and shooting
  • bird watching

This 5-1 suit comes with a jacket, hood, pants, gun wrap, and sack to easily carry everything. Sizes range from youth up to adults.

Heck, it can even make a unique Halloween costume in a pinch!

3. Red Rock Outdoor Gear – Ghillie Suit

Red Rock Outdoor Gear – Ghillie Suit

Red Rock sets the standard for ghillie suits with their outdoor gear 5-piece suit.

It’s designed for superior comfort, and you can quickly put it on over clothing. And it has stitched openings for direct access to your pockets underneath.

The dense materials are made out of lightweight, breathable polyester and spandex.

This ghillie suit includes a jacket, hood, pants, gun wrap, and stuff sack. It also has a convenient carry strap like most other ghillie suits.

With this suit, you’ll have a complete camouflage set up when heading out for hunting or bird watching.

The camo threads are double-stitched to secure the suit. So you won’t shed, and the pants even have snap closures, so you don’t have to take off your boots when putting them on.

This ghillie suit is fantastic and well worth the money.

4. Pinty Ghillie Suit 3D 4-Piece

Pinty Ghillie Suit 3D 4-Piece

Pinty makes a nice tactical ghillie for hunting and war games.

It’s made of high-density, lightweight, multi-layered thread and only weighs a mere 4.4 lbs.

And you won’t have to worry about bugs and insects with this Ghillie. Why? Because they have an elastic waist and buttons on the hem of the pants, they fit snug.

They also have double-stitched drawstrings to make them very adjustable.

The whole kit comes with a jacket, mask, pants, gun cover, and a stuff pack to stow it all away. The hood has excellent ventilation with button closures for easy opening.

It also has 3-D camo colors with vivid green to match your surroundings. So be sure to put this one on your list when shopping around.

5. VIVO Ghillie Suit 4-Piece + Bag

VIVO Ghillie Suit 4-Piece + Bag

Vivo is on the market with its ghillie suit and sits around the middle of the pack.

It’s ideal for hunting and military gaming because of its lightweight polyester construction. It also uses 3-D concealment camouflage that works well in rough environments.

Your kit comes with the standard jacket, mask, pants, and gun cover, all fitting in a stuff pack for easy transportation.

It weighs in at 4 lbs. and is very breathable, so you won’t get too hot wearing it.

The hood has mesh openings for your eyes and nose. And it has full coverage for your head and shoulders with an adjustable chin and forehead strap.

You can quickly put it on and take it off with tear-away buttons on the pant legs. This design is also convenient when it’s time to hand wash it and put it on the line to dry.

With its comfort and durable build, what’s not to like?

6. EAmber Ghillie Suit 3D Leaf Camo

EAmber Ghillie Suit 3D Leaf Camo

The EAmber ghillie suit is an ideal suit for heavily forested areas.

Its surface is laced with emulation leaves to blend into woodland hunting environments.

It also works well in dark situations, allowing you to stalk and observe your prey. It’s perfect for hunting, wildfowling, bird watching, and wildlife photography.

The suit is polyester, so you know it’s lightweight and breathable. That’s a good thing when you are out in the bush waiting for hours to spot animals.

The cuffs on the pants and jacket are elastic, preventing bugs and insects from crawling inside the suit.

This suit is only 0.95 lbs, so it is comfortable and comes in both button and zipper designs.

Wear this ghillie on your next hunting, surveillance, or airsoft outing for fast and effective camouflage.

7. North Mountain Gear Woodland Camo Ghillie Suit

North Mountain Gear Woodland Camo Ghillie Suit

This Northland Mountain Gear is a solid ghillie suit for sportsmen and military gamers. It’s a high-quality suit that won’t break the bank.

The jacket has a full front zipper and a large zippered pocket for stowing supplies. This helps make it versatile during longer hunts.

The pants are easy on and on with knee-high zippers, so you don’t have to take off your boots. The waistband is elastic with drawstrings, and you also get deep zippered pockets too.

That’s why these pockets are great for storing small hunting accessories.

Also, this suit has more leaves attached than any other suit on the market. There are over 1000 3-D laser-cut leaves to immerse yourself in foliage completely. That’s why you’re virtually invisible in trees or on dense ground cover.

You also get a camouflage carry bag as well.

8. DoCred Ghillie Suit, 3D Camouflage Hunting Apparel

DoCred Ghillie Suit, 3D Camouflage Hunting Apparel

DoCred’s ghillie suit offers you excellent camouflage in many scenarios. It’s designed for hunting, gameplay, wildlife photography, and kids’ play.

It perfectly blends into the shrubbery, trees, and grass. This setup makes you stealthy in most outdoor environments.

It has the standard 98%/2% poly/spandex blend you’re used to seeing and is available in sizes from kids to large adults. The suit is water-repellant as well as mildew and rot-proof while still being lightweight.

You get the jacket, pants, gun wrap, hood, and stuff sack in this package.

9. Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage

Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie

This outdoor camo ghillie comes with a jacket and pants. That’s pretty basic, but really, what more do you need?

It has a 3-D leafy camo design made from polyester. So you know there is comfort here while being well camouflaged.

This style of Ghillie suit doesn’t catch onto branches and twigs: it stays clean and dirt-free. It’s well suited for thick brush and allows you to move around freely and quickly with this setup.

The jacket comes with an attached hood with flex cuffs, drawstrings, and zippers. This design helps to keep it secure while still being light and breathable.

The trousers have an adjustable belt and elastic ankle wrap as well.

It’s an affordable option for hunting and animal viewing. So consider the Zicac ghillie suit for your next camouflage needs.

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How To Make A Ghillie Suit DIY Ghillie Suit

How To Make A Ghillie Suit / DIY Ghillie Suit

If you’re into DIY, making your own homemade ghillie suit is worthwhile.

You can customize the color and texture to fit the exact environment you’ll be wearing. And you’ll save money while getting a sense of accomplishment with a DIY ghillie suit.

Here is a quick guide on how to make a ghillie suit:

The first thing you need is a camo or BDU uniform jacket. This jacket provides a solid camouflage base that you can build on.

If you start with a solid color, it will take more material to cover. So research the terrain you are going to be hunting in. Scout out the location and take notes and pictures of the foliage and colors in the landscape.

Fish Netting

Now you’ll want to buy some fishing net and cut it into strips around two squares wide. You can sew these down sleeves on the jacket’s front and back, leaving space between the strips.

Use a strong thread, fishing line, or dental floss, so it won’t easily come undone. You should also use fabric glue for extra strength.

Remember, you’ll be crawling around with this suit. It can easily snag on branches and bushes, so make sure it’s not going to pull apart or shed.

Now it’s time for burlap or jute. Separate the strands (this will take some time) and cut them at 20 – 30″.

You can dye them whatever color you’d like. Greens and browns work well for most forest applications. As you are dying the burlap, take some out at different times to get various shades of color.

When you take some out, pull out a dozen strands at a time and fold them in half, making a loop. Feed the loop of “leaves” under the netting and put the ends tight.

Pretty easy, right?

Now keep going until you cover the entire jacket. Fill in bare spots as necessary. Mix the colors around so you don’t have all green and all brown in one area.

Remember, for most ghillie suits, shoot for a mix of 40% burlap and 60% natural vegetation from your surroundings.

Pack sewing supplies with you so you can add plant material to your ghillie suit.

You can repeat the same process for camo pants. You can use a hat with a large piece of netting for head coverage.

A custom hood works well and only requires a large oval of netting with burlap tied on.

Finally, give it all some wear. Soak it in mud or drag it through the bush to get some dirt on it. It will also mask the human scent.

The point is, you don’t want to look like you just walked out of a military surplus store.

So rough it up so it will blend in better with the landscape.

Great job! You’ve made a DIY ghillie suit you can be proud of – now go out there and test drive it.

Final Thoughts

A ghillie suit is one of those pieces of prepper gear that may seem odd to some folks. But it is essential for hiding in plain sight.

Heck, in certain situations, you’d be a sitting duck without one.

So with its multiple uses (i.e., hunting, combat, or sport)- owning a ghillie suit is simply awesome.

“Just In Case” Jack

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