Best Stun Batons To End An Assault Before It Starts

By Just In Case Jack | Last Updated: April 29, 2022

Stun Batons Are The Best Non Lethal Way To Protect Yourself

Stun Batons Lined Up For Review

People talk about the rising “crime wave,” but we actually have a “violence wave.”

People are walking around with fuses that are way too short.

And in today’s uncertain climate, you need practical protection.

Having a portable, non-lethal weapon that effectively stops a violent attack is vital.

And the tool for the job is a Stun Baton.

So today I’ll be using my background in Engineering, Design and Preparedness to cover the following topics:


Best Stun Batons For Sale

What Is A Stun Baton?

How They Work?

Who Should Get A One

Best Stun Gun Features

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What Is A Stun Baton?

Stun Gun Batons On A DeskIt’s a protection tool that is basically a stun gun on a stick.

But this isn’t some prickly rose branch from the backyard.

It’s a weapon that combines a police-grade baton with a high-voltage stun gun.

This allows you to protect yourself from a safe distance.

They can delivers 1 to 12 million electricity volts (and beyond).

This allows you to incapacitate an attacker while at arm’s distance.

It is also considered a non-lethal weapon.

That means you are knocking someone on their backside so you can escape harm’s way.

All without having to take someone’s life in the process.

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How Stun Batons Work

Remember, this is an electrical self-defense device.

So its primary purpose is for your protection as a victim, not as an aggressor.

It’s meant to be held in one hand and delivers a non-lethal shock to anyone coming at you.

This shock is designed to stun them (i.e. immobilize them).

At the same time, it gives you extra separation from your attacker, which puts YOU at a self-defense advantage.

Are They Effective?

You bet they are!

They tap into the nervous system, sending a powerful pulse frequency into the muscles.

This quickly depletes the blood sugar by changing it into lactic acid, making it hard to move.

Neurological impulses get interrupted and leave the perpetrator disoriented and off-balance for several minutes without affecting vital organ functions.

This gives you ample opportunity to get the hell out of there.

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Remember, this isn’t a Steven Seagal movie.

The best fight is the one you can avoid.

So having a defensive weapon that allows you to escape a volatile situation is ideal.

These self-defense weapons run on batteries that need to be replaced or recharged.

So before you go out, ensure it’s at 100% and ready for action.

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Are Stun Guns Legal?

They are not a firearm and won’t fire darts attached by wires like a taser.

There must be physical contact for the shock to occur.

They are legal in most states and some countries.

But there are others that prohibit or heavily restrict their use.

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Who Should Get One?

This is a defensive tool for your protection.

But passive people may not get into situations where a stun baton is needed.

That being said, everyone is susceptible to personal assault.

Thus, anyone can benefit from having one, just in case.

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Who SHOULD Carry One?


This type of weapon makes sense when you are out in the bush, hunting for prey.

You never know who is stalking you, and if you come across a bear or mountain lion, it could save your life.


Camping takes you and your family into the wilderness, where wild animals live.

Having personal protection will keep everyone safe.

They can zap an attacking animal before it reaches you.

Animal Handlers

If your job is to remove aggressive animals or train animals, a stun baton is your defensive best friend.

Stray dogs can be very aggressive, so having one for dogs will keep you safe from harm.


A prepper knows they need a robust survival kit for SHTF situations.

Besides your TFAK and Survival bag, you need weapons for self-defense.

Having an expandable stun baton is easy to carry and critical for defense.


The elderly are the fastest-growing segment of the population.

And they’re very susceptible to violent crime.

Carrying a lightweight, easy-to-use stun baton can help avoid being mugged or attacked.

Anyone In Need Of A Defensive Weapon

This includes security guards, delivery drivers, mail carriers, lifeguards, bouncers, and bicyclists.

It’s what you need if there is a threat of an aggressive attack from another person or animal.

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Best Stun Baton Features To Look For

There are several styles to choose from, and you need to have as many top features as possible.

Here are key features to look for:


You want one that’s sturdy.

You don’t want it to fall apart if it’s knocked to the ground but light enough so it’s easy to handle.


This telescopic stun baton allows it to be compact when stowing it and has a more extended reach when using it.

This means it’s not only an expandable electrical baton but a retractable stun baton at the same time.

Yeah, it seems obvious, but worth pointing out.


Some include a built-in flashlight.

This can help you see at night and see what you are protecting yourself from.

Rubberized Coating

This improves your grip, so you won’t accidentally drop it while defending yourself.

Strap And Holster

You want it to be a hands-free carry.

Strobe Light

When close, a strobe light can disorient or blind an attacker.

This allows you to use it on them effectively.

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Best Stun Batons On The Market Today

If you are looking for the best stun baton today, you are in luck.

Skilled Survival has found the best ones for you, and they won’t disappoint.

Overhead Shot Of The Barbarian Stun Baton


Close Up Image Of Tip of The Barbarian Stun Gun BatonHands-on Review:

The Barbarian is a 19″ LED Stun Gun Baton that uses 3 electrical arcs.

This gives you a wide contact zone to deliver 9M volts of electric shock.

This “electrical storm” is high-spark and very loud (see video below).

With this stun gun baton, you’ll definitely get an attacker’s attention when giving off its electrical arc.

Heck, it made me jump the first time I fired it off!

Measuring 19.13″ X 1.5″, the Barbarian is long enough to keep you safely separate from your attacker.

And it allows you to reach their body before they make contact with you.

The military aluminum body is tough and lightweight, only weighing 1.1 lbs.

That means it’s a practical extension of your arm.

Also included onboard is a 180-lumen, 3 W CREE LED tactical flashlight with a bulb that lasts 100,000 hours.

And it has 3 light modes, including 50% power, 100% power, and strobe.

The back end is rough, so it is also effective as a striking defensive weapon.

It also includes a wrist strap, metal clip, and wall charger. And it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

All these features make the Barbarian a great choice for most folks.

The bottom line:

If you want a very intimidating option with a super long reach and loud electrical firestorm – The Barbarian is right for you!

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Overhead Shot Of Jolt Peacemaker Stun Baton


Jolt Peacemaker Stun Gun Baton Close Up Of TipHands-On Review:

How does 97 million volts of power sound?

The Peacemaker packs a huge electrical punch right at your fingertips.

It’s 14.5″ long, giving you an acceptable advantage when threatened (tho not as long as the Barbarian).

And has a rubberized armor coating for a firm grip and unit protection.

It comes with 97 million volts of stopping power.

This will quickly put your perpetrator on their backside. 

You can even fire an electrical warning shot by test-firing it toward your assailant.

It includes a bright electrical current that crosses the business end to intimidate anyone.

Jolt Peacemaker In HandAn onboard LED flashlight makes this defensive weapon even more versatile.

So you have clear visibility at night.

Making contact with your attacker for 1 second has a repelling effect.

It will instantly induce involuntary muscle contraction.

Up to 5 seconds creates muscle spasms, balance loss, and total disorientation.

Besides the shocking end of the unit, the Peacemaker also has stun strips down the sides.

So if anyone tries to grab it out of your hand, they are getting ZAPPED big time!

So while this one is not as long as The Barbarian, the anti-grab feature down the sides more than makes up for it.

A built-in strap and holster are included, so it’s easy to carry and only takes 8 hours to charge.

The bottom line: 

If you want more shocking power and anti-grab protection, and you prefer a bit less reach and heft, then The Jolt Peacemaker is right for you!

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Overhead Shot of Zap Stun Gun Cane


Close Up of Zap Stun Gun Baton TipHands-On Review:

How about one that doubles as a walking cane?

The ZAP is ideal for those who need a cane aid and want a protection tool while out of the house.

The elderly or those with mobility issues need help while walking.

And that means you have one hand occupied if an aggressive force is in front of you.

Having a stun baton that is also a walking aid is perfect.

The cane is 32″ long with 36″ extension capability, so it works well to support a frail person with its 250 lb. weight capacity.

If under the threat of attack, it has a 1 million volt shocking ability.

This will send enough electricity to immobilize a person or animal for 5-10 minutes.

Zap Stun Gun Baton Cane In HandThis will allow you to get away or signal for help.

The bottom of the cane has 7.5 inches of shocking electrodes.

And it gives off an intimidating crackle and electrical arc.

Other features include:

  • a built-in LED flashlight
  • and battery charger with a safety on/off indicator light

This cane/stun baton will give safety and security even with limited mobility.

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Police Force Tactical Stun Gun BatonThe Police force Tactical is one of the market’s most powerful options.

And it’s designed to be the loudest and most intimidating self-defense weapon you can find.

You get 12 million volts with the simple press of a button.

And the discharge is extremely loud to scare off aggressors.

Its Triple Stun Technology creates an electrical storm with its 3 electrical arcs.

And it has a 3-level activation safety feature to prevent any accidental discharges.

A 150-lumen 3-Watt CREE LED tactical flashlight with 5 modes: 30%, 50%, 100% SOS, and strobe.

And the bulb lasts for an impressive 100,000 hours making this the best stun gun flashlight baton.

It uses military-grade shock-proof aluminum alloy.

And you can easily break glass with its designed striking edge.

Your power supply is 3.7 V-ion 4000mA rechargeable batteries.

And it includes a charging cradle or straight-wall plug-in charging.

It’s 13.5″ X 1.25″ and weighs 1.89 lbs. so it’s light and practical.

A durable metal clip makes hands-free carrying, and a handy wrist strap when holding it.

There’s a carrying case for all the components. And a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


ZAP Blast Knuckles Stun BatonZAP has another effective one that might be to your liking.

First off, it’s small at 11.5 inches.

This makes it ideal for keeping in the car as it will fit in your glove compartment, console, or under the seat.

It has a unique action grip with a knuckle-protective handle guard and is tough enough to last a lifetime.

The Zap Blast gives you 1 million volts of stopping power.

So it’ll scare off predators with its intimidating sound and electric arc.

And the Baton has four stun points with one on end, either side, and handle.

With this feature, no one can pull it out of your hands.

You don’t need any batteries with this unit because it is rechargeable.

And it takes around 8 hours for a full charge.

It includes a bright LED flashlight, heavy-duty holster, and belt loop.

Plus, it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Now, what if you like the idea of a flashlight baton, but the electrical shock feature intimidates you?

Well, we have just the device for you.


Not every city or state allows you to own a stun baton, so there is the Strike Light from Ape Survival.

This is a self-defense weapon and flashlight combo.

And its main purpose is safe protection.

It’s both tough and lightweight, making it easy to wield in an attack situation.

A handle twist extends an extra 4 inches to broaden your strike area.

And it’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a sharp beveled edge.

This is great for self-defense or glass breaking.

The flashlight is 600 lumens, so that’s very powerful to illuminate your way through the dark.

And it has 3 settings: half power, full power, and strobe.

The lens also adjusts to give you a broader light or a smaller, focused beam.

And with the strobe, you can disorient an attacker and make your escape.

Ape Survival also offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, every prepared survivalist should have non-lethal self-defense at the ready.

And carrying a stun baton is the optimal option.

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