Best Survival Bow: 16 Surprising Reasons YOU Should Get One

By "Just In Case" Jack | Updated: 02/16/2023

Survival BowThe mighty yet under-appreciated survival bow.

While firearms get a ton of attention rightfully, the survival bow gets less than it should.

A takedown bow is a huge survival advantage.

It should find a home in our survival arsenal and bug out bag.

Survival bows break down into a compact assembly, making them ideal for packing into a bug out bag or stashing in a bug out vehicle.

It’s such a valuable survival tool that I came up with 16 reasons to own one today.

Compound Bow or Handgun?

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1. Its Extremely Light Weight

This takedown bow only weighs 2.7 lbs.

So it can easily be a part of a skilled survivalist’s bug out bag without compromising much on overall bag weight.

Whenever you’re looking at adding a new piece of survival gear to your arsenal, weight matters.

2. They Are Very Affordable

Bows: A decent takedown bow will cost about $150 and last you a lifetime…if you take care of it.

Arrows: Twelve arrows to go with it will put you back about $30. Now let’s compare that with a basic hunting rifle.

Most decent yet “affordable” hunting rifles are in the $450 range.

So for the money, a folding takedown bow is a solid investment.

3. They Have A High Versatility

Hunting: They can take down most animals with a good shot. They can take down something as small as a squirrel or as large as a deer.

Self-Defense: They can take down a human if necessary.

Now, I’m not going so far as saying that I’d prefer a survival bow if up against someone with firepower. That’s not what I’m saying…

However, if the stranger has a knife, a takedown bow would be a good weapon.

It can be an effective self-defense weapon in many situations, adding to its versatility.

4. Less Red Tape Than Guns

You can buy one without having to register it like you do a gun. Walk into your favorite hunting store, buy it, and walk out without questions.

You can even buy one online and have it shipped directly to your door.

Plus, putting a survival bow and arrow in the right person’s hands can be nearly as deadly as a gun.

5. They Are Silent And Deadly

When you shoot it, it won’t garner any unwanted attention.

With guns, everyone within a mile or two will know someone just shot a gun and may decide to investigate.

You can shoot a bow without letting every neighbor know that you just got dinner.

An overall excellent survival tool for stealth and evasion.

6. The Reusable Ammo: Arrows

Sure, arrows won’t last forever, but they will last much longer than a bullet.

If used properly, a dozen arrows will last years. So 100 arrows, and you may be set for life.

If you get 100 bullets, you’ll be good for a month (depending on how bad it gets).

7. Less Likely To Be Stolen Than Guns

Ok…I admit this one’s pure speculation, but let’s say a criminal breaks into your truck and sees a rifle, shotgun, or handgun…you know it’s gone.

If they see a folded-up takedown bow:

  • They might not know what it is
  • Have no idea how to use it
  • Have no clue what it’s worth

They might take it, or maybe they might not…with a gun, you can kiss it goodbye 100% of the time.

8. Simple Design and Simple Materials

The overall design of a survival bow and arrow is so simple.

This makes them light and portable bow but also makes them easier to repair.

9. Carries Respect Among Survivalists

If you ever need to prove your skills to another group of survivalists, shooting a takedown bow accurately will impress them.

Garnering respect in times of anarchy might keep you alive.

If your survival group gets split up, you might have to try and join a new survival coalition; most will only want those who can pull their own weight.

Being a survival bow and arrow marksman has many uses…they will recognize that you’re one to pull your own weight.

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10. A Life-Long Skill

If you practice and hone your skills, they will stay with you for the rest of your life.

No matter how bad things get, knowledge and ability cannot be taken away from you (especially if you learn to make a bow out of wood).

11. Multi Uses For Components

It can obviously be used to kill (animals or humans). It can also be used for signaling.

If you are coordinating with a group and you want to notify that group visually, then you could shoot an arrow to a predetermined location that would signal something to your team members (and do it silently).

Also, some of the individual parts of a takedown bow can be used for other tasks.

The bowstring is typically between 4 and 6 feet long and very strong. The strong bowstring can be used for:

The arrows are also multi-use parts that are perfectly suited to be used on the tip of a short spear to gig frogs, fish, or small game.

Broadheads can also be latched to a longer spear to take down larger prey.

12. Less Risky To Curious Children

If a child finds a loaded gun without a trigger lock, they could easily pull the trigger hurting themselves or someone else by accident.

If a child finds a takedown bow, they will have to unfold it, notch an arrow, and pull back on the drawstring and let go (in my opinion, this is a low-probability event).

13. Make Arrows From the Environment

You can make your own longbow and craft arrows using primitive bushcraft skills if you know what you are doing.

I’m not suggesting that making your own bow is easy or even a great use of your time and energy, but it can be done.

Intro to Bow Making

You can’t say the same thing for most other weapons.

14. It Won’t Jam When The Stakes Get High

Ever heard of a bow and arrow jamming? Me neither.

No complex mechanical parts will fail you when you need them the most.

Revolvers are the guns least likely to jam since they are much simpler in design than other types of guns, but survival bows are even simpler.

15. Less Collateral Damage

Shotguns blast a hole in anything in their path or surrounding it. Have you ever shot a squirrel with a shotgun?

Not much left of it…

With an arrow, it will keep the collateral damage to a minimum.

It will kill its intended target but leave the surrounding area relatively untouched.

16. Government Not Trying To Limit It

You can purchase as many survival bows as you want.

You can purchase 20 of them to give away as gifts. The government is not currently trying to regulate the bow and arrow market at all.

I’ve yet to hear the term “Bow and Arrow Control.”

It’s a survival weapon that’s completely off the government’s radar.

Time To Sound Off

So what do YOU think?  Did I miss anything?  Do you disagree with my assessments?  Are you going to get one today?

Let me know in the comments so we can continue this conversation.

Prepare, Adapt and Overcome,

“Just In Case” Jack

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