6 Best Faraday Bags To Stop Digital Hackers In Their Tracks

By Will Brendza | Last Updated: September 19, 2018

In the modern world, electronics are everywhere.

And these electronic devices all want your personal information.

Information that’s both valuable and vulnerable.

Without proper privacy protection, your electronic devices (i.e., phone, computer) may get hacked.

It’s not difficult for computer nerds to do.

And it’s a non-violent, easy way for criminals to watch, listen, extort, and steal from you.

In fact, this kind of crime is on the rise. Explosively.

Around the world, hackers are putting their computer skills to work for the dark side.

They’re cracking into information via phones and computers and robbing the masses blind.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but it is what it is…

It’s the sad nature of humanity.

We create new technologies, and someone finds a way to put them to use for criminal ends. We then create more technology to combat new crime, and the criminals find a way around it.

It is an endless cycle – and one that too many innocent folks have been the victims of.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Instead, invest in (and use) a new technological device called a Faraday bag.

Faraday bags offer an effective way to shield your devices from outside influences.

It’s like carrying a safe for electronic devices with you.

Except, unlike a safe, Faraday bags are lightweight, packable, and easily transportable.

Not only that, but they are not extremely expensive. Especially compared to losing your identity or your life savings.

That’s why police departments and the military uses faraday bag.

Faraday bags help these professionals keep secrets, protect evidence, and maintain privacy.

If you care to keep their personal information personal, you should get a faraday bag.

Don’t put yourself at risk just because you do not understand it.

That’s why today we’re doing to discuss Faraday Bags, specifically:

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What Is A Faraday Bag Anyway?

As the name implies, Faraday bags are an offshoot of the original “Faraday cage.”

Initially engineered by a British scientist, Michael Faraday.

These cages block electromagnetic fields.

The first Faraday cage, built-in 1863, was primarily a room coated in metal foil.

Faraday fired high-voltage electric discharges at the room to prove his idea.

And it worked.

The charges could not penetrate his metal-lined room. You could even say he foiled the electricity.

Basically, the metal foil that lines a Faraday cage (or bag) acts as a shield.

It blocks electricity and radio waves from passing through. It then redirects them along its surface.

Since its discovery, Faraday cages have evolved and become even more effective.

They’re now used to protect your electronic devices and the info stored within.

The modern commercial faraday cage or bag is a trusty and reliable companion in our modern world.

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Why Faraday Bags Are A Wise Investment 

Block Digital Pick Pocketing

There are new popular technology thieves use to scan your devices.

They can scan your:

  • phone
  • passport
  • credit cards
  • computer
  • etc.

They can get your digital information through your pants, wallet, purse, or through anything not designed to stop it.

It’s called “digital pickpocketing,” and it’s serious. But that’s where a Faraday bag comes in handy.

As technology evolves and advances into the future, chances are it will only get better. And more dangerous to the average citizen.

But as prepared survivalists, we’re ready to protect ourselves.

We know how to fight dangerous technology with helpful technology.

No sneaky scan-thief is going to be robbing us of our identity!

Not with the help of Faraday bags, they won’t.

It isn’t just survivalists using Faraday bags, either.

Police departments regularly use them to protect electronic devices seized as evidence.

To ensure these devices cannot be wiped clean of incriminating data.

If there is a computer with sensitive information on it, they will store it in a Faraday bag.

They’ll do this until it the case is closed to protect it from outside interference.

  • You can buy Faraday backpacks that protect your computer and tablets on the go.
  • Or you can buy faraday phone cases to protect your phone.
  • You can buy travel wallets to protect your plastic credit cards.
  • Heck, you can even buy duffel bag-sized faraday bags for larger electronic devices you own.

With so many options, it’s inexcusable to leave your electronics unprotected.

You’re essentially asking to get “digitally hacked” if you do.

Key Fob Relay Hacking

Once you start using a key fob to unlock your car and use a push-button start, it’s hard to go back.

They are insanely convenient, but that convenience comes with risk.

That little key fob works by constantly emitting a signal. But that signal can be boosted by hackers who can then enter your vehicle from a long distance.

They can then steal your vehicle’s contents or the vehicle itself!

But with a faraday bag, you block that signal until you remove the key fob from your pocket or purse.

EMP Protection

Here at Skilled Survival, we’ve written extensively about the threats from EMP attacks. We won’t be covering that again here in this post.

But faraday bags are a simple way to protect your small electronics from a massive widespread EMP strike.

For even more protection, put your electronics into a Faraday bag and then put the bag into a faraday cage. Double EMP protection!

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Faraday Bag Features

Best Faraday Bag Features

When you are shopping for Faraday bags online, there are several key features to keep in mind.

These are the features that set good Faraday bags apart from great ones.

They make the tool more useful, more effective, and more reliable.

Dual Paired Seams

The best Faraday bags have many layers, at the very least, two.

Typically a high-quality Faraday bag should have five layers.

  • static dissipative polyethylene (plastic)
  • aluminum
  • polyester
  • aluminum
  • coat of dissipative polyethylene polyester

This 5-layer setup is a “dual paired seam” system, offering the best protection.

Double-Roll Closure System

The closure system on a Faraday bag is essential to its ability to shield electronic devices.

Yes, using a single-fold flap closure system is more convenient.

But a double-fold closure system improves the safety of whatever device is inside the bag.

Police departments and forensics labs use a double-fold closure.

Faraday Fabric

A proper Faraday bag uses metalized fabric.

The metals they use for this are highly conductive, like copper or silver.

This is the primary driver of material costs.

Cheaper Faraday bags use cheaper metals (like nickel).

Nickel does not conduct electricity nearly as well.

So it will not protect electronics as well, either.


The cheaper the fabric, the shorter time your faraday bag will last.

Chances are you will put this bag through some wear and tear.

If it starts shredding at the first sign of rough riding, then you’re SOL.

Instead, get a faraday bag that uses multi-stitching along the seams.

Also, look for one that’s covered with quality materials.

The longer this bag can last you, the better off you will be.


Compartments make organizing electronics a lot easier.

Tossing everything into a single compartment won’t reduce your protection from electromagnetic interference.

But, it’ll be a disorganized jumble and could damage sensitive components.

Compartments mitigate these issues.

Easy To Carry

Faraday bags come in all different shapes and sizes, and, of course, you should get one that meets your needs.

Some people need larger bags, while others want to keep things small.

But regardless of what size or shape your faraday bag is, make sure it’s easy and realistic to carry.

You will have difficulty moving if it is too big, unwieldy, or awkward to carry.

That will cause problems.

Meets YOUR Needs

This is the most important feature to look for.

Just make sure that you are shopping for yourself.

Look for a bag that will fit your specific electronic protection needs, like a glove.

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6 Best Faraday Bags On The Market Today

Amazon has a wide variety of different Faraday bags online. Some of them are great, and some of them…not so much.

So we distilled out the top faraday bags they have listed and compiled them here.

1. Silent Pocket Nylon Dry Bag Faraday Bag

This bag has it all.

It’s a military-quality dry bag that’s totally waterproof.

It’s also large enough to fit tablet computers, cell phones, car keys, and more.

And it’s also a faraday bag to protect your electronic devices from digital tampering.

It renders any device “off the grid” as soon as it is inside and keeps it safe from water damage.

This bag is the ideal companion for anyone serious about digital protection.

It shelters your devices from both natural elements and virtual threats.

2. Mission Darkness Phone Bag

This small faraday bag is big enough to fit your phone and pocket-sized electronic devices in it.

It’s constructed from durable, water-resistant ballistic nylon.

Making this an excellent faraday bag to use for traveling.

It blocks all signals, it is compact, it is durable, and it’s reliable.

You can even download an app to test how effectively the bag blocks signals from getting to your phone.

3. Blackout Faraday Shield Faraday Bags

These are the thickest available military spec Faraday bags available online.

And they won’t break the bank.

This pack comes with 12 reusable, resealable, packable faraday bags.

Bags are made from high-grade anti-static shielding with several aluminum layers.

They are large enough to fit laptop computers; they are heavy-duty and water-resistant.

This is a smart option for storing different electronics in separate bags.

Or even keep separate bags at different locations:

  • home
  • office
  • vehicle
  • car
  • etc.

4. Blackout Faraday Shield Privacy Bag

This laptop bag uses faux leather, making it water-resistant.

Plus, it blocks all Cell Phones, RFID, GPS, Wifi, and Key FOB signals.

This is an excellent option for everyday use.

It’ll protect your computer and sensitive electronics when you’re in public.

It’s an effective Faraday cage, but it also is sleek and stylish enough to pass for a regular laptop case.

5. Mission Darkness Faraday Duffel Bag

For those with a lot of electronics to protect, Mission Darkness has you covered.

Their Faraday duffel bag is water-resistant because of the ballistic nylon materials.

And it’s lined with a detachable faraday cage lining.

It’s large, it’s durable, it’s useful, and it also comes with a smaller pouch you can use for compact devices.

6. Faraday Defense Faraday Cage Kit

This last one isn’t so much a bag but a cool way to build your own faraday box (or “cage”).

They send you everything you need to construct a high-quality faraday cage.

Then you get to put it all together yourself.

This is a great way to learn the ins and outs of a Faraday cage/bag.

It will help you familiarize yourself with the technology if you need to build your own someday.

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How To Build A Faraday Bag

The cool thing about Faraday bags and cages is even though they are technical, they are easy to build.

The science behind them may be complex. But the overall design is relatively easy to understand and replicate on your own.

Which is great.

As a survivalist, constructing a Faraday cage from scratch is an invaluable skill.

So here is what you need:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • Metal container (like a trashcan)

Step 1

Wrap the electronic device you are trying to protect in either plastic wrap or some light cloth.

This helps prevent the aluminum foil from scratching and keeps corners protected.

Step 2

Around the protective layer (of plastic or cloth), wrap a layer of aluminum foil. Be sure to cover every inch of the device!

Even if a single corner is exposed, it compromises the effectiveness of your Faraday cage.

The foil acts as a conductor layer.

It blocks electronic signals from penetrating by redirecting them along the surface.

Or use a mylar bag

Step 3

Alternate plastic wrap and aluminum wrap several times.

Create at least three layers of aluminum foil.

A layer of plastic separates each layer. And each covers the electronic device entirely.

This is already an effective Faraday “cage.”

It will protect your electronic device from most digital interference.

It will block almost all signals from reaching it.

But if you want to add an extra layer of DIY protection to your Faraday cage, add some extra insulation.

Step 4

Use a steel container (like a stainless steel trashcan or a lockbox) that has a tight seal.

Line this container with plastic wrap.

Step 5

Place your electronic device inside your metal container (lined with plastic).

Then seal it shut as tightly as possible.

Final Thoughts

Privacy is becoming harder to maintain in our world overrun by digital gadgets.

Do not leave yourself exposed.

Prepare for and protect yourself from cybercrime by investing in a faraday bag.

It’s the best way to ensure your privacy stays private and your information stays yours.

Will Brendza

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