Emergency Fire Blankets: Are They Better Than Extinguishers?

By "Just In Case" Jack | Updated: 11/15/2023

Fire Blanket - close up of prepared hero fire blanketToday, I have something really important to share…

A Complete Guide On Buying, Finding & Using Fire Blankets

Because extinguishing a fire FAST is vital to survival.

And most people assume fire extinguishers are ALWAYS the answer…

But that’s wrong!

Often, an emergency fire blanket is the best tool for the job.

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Best Fire Blanket Reviews On The Market

First off:

To give you an idea of how powerful these new fire suppression devices can be, watch this video:

↓ Fire Cloak Electrical Vehicle – Demo Video

A fire blanket is a powerful suppression tool.

But with so many options on the market today, which one should you own?

We’ve done all the leg work, here’s our list of the best fire retardant blankets available:

JJ CARE Fire Blanket for Home 40"x40"

JJ CARE is a leader in the fire retardant blanket market.

They have several sizes of fire suppression blankets, including this 40" x40" size.

They're ideal for extinguishing small fires.

And you can move them on an open flame of any source, including oil or grease.

They are constructed from flame-retardant material with 2 layers of fiberglass fabric.

And a layer of fire retardant as an inner layer.

This construction aids in depleting the oxygen a fire requires to burn.

These blankets are non-toxic, so it's safe to protect your children and pets in case of an accidental fire.

The package comes with 2 blankets and 2 hooks to put up where you can hang them.

Also included are 2 pairs of safety gloves.

They are straightforward and small enough to fit in your kitchen, car, office, and backpack.

It's a great fire suppression kit to protect you and your family.

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Fire Blanket For Home XXL- 79 x 79

Here is a large blanket that works for your home and business.

When a fire starts in your kitchen, the Leberna fire suppression blanket is what you want.

It is much larger than most blankets, and that's important.

You want to put out a fire quickly when it starts.

But if the fire takes off, you must leave the building safely.

That's why a heat shield covering your whole body is vital.

They follow the EN-1869: 1997 standard for cooking fire suppression.

And it can isolate high temperatures up to 1076℉ or 580℃.

By covering larger fires, they will suffocate the flames and cut off the oxygen supply.

A woven fiberglass fabric with a fire-retardant inner layer makes up the blanket.

You will have no problem protecting loved ones with this XXL size.

That way, all family members can get through the flames and out to safety.

Great for grilling, camping, cooking in the kitchen, and having in the car in case of a fire emergency.

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Supa Ant 1500F (Glow in The Dark) Fire Blanket

The Supa Ant blanket has the highest temperature tolerance on the market, with 1500F.

It's CE certified and measures 39.3" x39.3" for regular and 47" x47" for large.

This gives you great coverage for small to medium-sized fires.

Perfect for home use as well as RV, camping, and office.

This blanket is also extremely visible with its fluorescent orange color.

And it's the only eco-friendly blanket on the market.

Besides their high flame retardant rating, they are thicker in general.

Plus, it uses a higher quality 500GSM fabric that helps to increase its tolerance.

This emergency blanket will protect your loved ones from accidental fires.

As well as creating a sizeable thermal shield to help you escape the flames.

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EVERLIT [2-Pack] Fire Retardant Blanket Size XL 47''x47''

EVERLIT protects you during indoor and outdoor fire emergencies with its large 47" x47" fire-retardant blanket.

Its woven construction protects up to a temperature of 1000F.

And will effectively smother all flames fast.

They include 2 heavy-duty grommets.

That way, you can hang these blankets on the wall.

Or even throw in a pair of heat-resistant gloves to round out your fire protective gear.

It's packaged in a stain-resistant pouch with a hook and loop closure.

EVERLIT is a veteran-owned company. And they're committed to protecting you and your loved ones.

They have a 60-day return policy and a 5-star rated customer support team.

These guys stand behind the quality of their fire-retardant blankets.

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SKAMZ Emergency Fire Blanket for Home

SKAMZ has an emergency fire blanket suitable for your house, kitchen, office, or car.

And even taking on holidays and day trips.

You never know when there will be a fire, and it is vital to be ready to put out the flames before they spread.

This 47.2" x47.2" fire-retardant blanket gives you great coverage.

And it's easier to use than a fire extinguisher.

They come in several size packs, from 1 to 5 blankets.

And they include stainless steel self-adhesive wall hooks.

That way, you can hang them anywhere.

This blanket can fight extreme temperatures of up to 1100F.

And is effective at cutting off the oxygen during a fire.

It also meets the EN-1869:1997 standards for cooking fire suppression.

SKAMZ blanket is big enough to wrap around children or pets to protect them in an emergency fire.

That way, you can get them out unharmed.

People feel safe in their homes, but fires can start quickly, usually in the kitchen.

Having a SKAMZ blanket close by to put out the flames will save your life.

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Firemen Rescuing Someone From House Fire

What Is An Emergency Fire Blanket?

It’s a blanket that extinguishes fire.

It’s a safety tool with many uses in a fire.

It’s a specialized sheet with fire-retardant material.

It’s primarily made of woven fiberglass.

This fiberglass is packed with a fire-retardant material that is silicone-based.

But it’s primarily used to smother flames by depriving them of oxygen.

A blanket designed to withstand 900+ degrees.

A blanket that comes bundled for easy storage—and rapid deployment.

These fire retardant blankets undergo extensive testing to ensure they can snuff out flames.

And suppress the spread of fire.

They also have no expiry date.

So it’s a 1-time investment in a life-saving device.

What A Fire Needs

A fire must have 3 things for it to burn:

  1. Fuel – This can be paper, wood, oil, grease, or other combustible material
  2. Heat – The sun as well as open flame, spark, or the fire itself
  3. Oxygen – It’s the air we breath

Removing any of these elements will kill the fire.

Unfortunately, you can’t reach into the flames and remove one.

Fire extinguishers do this with special chemicals.

But they often require training to use properly.

They also make a huge mess, and cleanup can be extensive.

Using a fire-retardant blanket eliminates those issues…

↓ How to Use A Fire Blanket

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Burnt Out Kitchen

How Does A Fire Retardant Blanket Work?

Simply put, you drape the blanket over the flames.

That’s it.

This will starve the fire of oxygen.

It’s surprisingly effective at choking out flames.

Now, the blanket must be large enough to cover all the flames.

And it must be left in place until the fire is completely out.

They are ideal for small fires when they’re first getting started.

Or when you need protection from the intense heat of an active fire.

If you’re forced to escape through a burning room, wrapping one around you can make a difference.

The difference between escaping to safety unscathed or perishing in flames.

That’s why it’s a must-own emergency gear for carrying a child or pet through the flames.

You can buy these blankets in different sizes.

They come in smaller kitchen blankets sizes or larger blankets for:

  • Home
  • Business
  • Industrial fire prevention
↓ Do Fire Blankets Really Work? Testing

How To Use One In An Emergency

Here’s a short video showing you HOW to use one in an emergency:

↓ How To Use A Fire Blanket Tutorial

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What Should Fire Blankets Be Used For?

The name spells it out pretty clearly, right?

It’s a blanket infused with fire retardant to combat open flames.

Are they effective? You bet!

There are many applications where having one will save property and lives.

Here are the best fire blanket applications:

1. Fire Suppression

Any tool to protect your home is a wise investment.

If a fire starts, you can quickly smother and stop it before it spreads.

It makes sense to have several in your home or a bug-out cabin.

2. Fire Rescue

What can you do if there’s an active fire or you need to rescue someone but can’t access them?

Let’s say the heat and flame are already too extreme.

A fire-retardant blanket can shield you from the heat as you swiftly move through them.

3. Thermal Shield

Protecting family members and pets from a fire is crucial.

You can use it as a thermal shield, so no one gets burned.

A fire barrier can protect you until help arrives.

4. Cooking/BBQ/Camping

Accidents can happen while cooking, and you must react fast, especially with grease fires.

Never use water to extinguish a grease fire; it will only make things worse.

↓ Woman Panics During Livestream When She Starts A Kitchen Fire

Outdoor cooking is especially dangerous if it spreads to forested areas.

Grab the blanket, and throw it over the flames before it spreads.

5. Engine Compartment

If you have a fuel leak or rupture after an accident, you want to be able to smother flames quickly.

Otherwise, you could end up losing your vehicle and your life.

That’s why you should add a fire retardant blanket to your vehicle’s emergency kit.

↓ New Methods To Extinguish Electrical Vehicle Fires

6. Personal Fires

If a person’s clothing catches fire, you can help smother it fast.

This can prevent major injuries by having one close by.

7. Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are notoriously hard to put out.

The electricity feeds these fires continuously, and even regular fire extinguishers won’t stop them.

But a fire blanket will snuff it out and keep it that way while you get the electricity shut off.

Where Should You Keep It?

I can think of a dozen locations.

For example:

Every home, vehicle, and survival bag should have one.

Heck, ANY place requiring quick fire suppression could also use one.

Smaller blankets can be stowed in your prepper gear.

And larger ones should be at your home, bunker, and off-grid location.

Keep them close to the kitchen in a closet or cupboard at home.

Put them somewhere easy to access and NOT where you have to “search” for them.

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Fire Extinguisher vs. Fire Blanket

A fire extinguisher is a more widely known fire suppressant tool.

You see extinguishers at work and in commercial/retail businesses.

Maybe you have a few in your home as well.

They are great for extinguishing fires and should be part of your fire safety system.

But I think these fire-retardant blankets deserve more attention.

They have some important advantages over fire extinguishers:

Fire Extinguisher


  • Very effective for putting out early fires
  • Can be operated at a safe range
  • Come in various sizes


  • It may be hard to operate, so training is recommended
  • Make a huge mess
  • Have to be refilled after use
  • Must be inspected regularly

Fire Retardant Blanket


  • Great for putting out small to medium fires
  • Have multiple uses, including fire suppression, thermal shield, and fire protection
  • Come in various sizes for home, commercial and industrial use
  • Portable and light-weight
  • Easy to use


  • It must be closer to the flame
  • One time use

They both have roles in fire safety, but a fire blanket is more intuitive to use fast.

It’s also more versatile to extinguish fires and protect loved ones trapped in flames.

That’s why we all own and be ready to use them!

Final Thoughts

Having several fire blankets around your home, office, and car is essential for your safety.

They are easy to use and don’t leave a mess in their wake.

Make sure you add a few of these to your survival arsenal.

They will help you meet the demands of a crisis.

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