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9 Best Survival Bags For Any Crisis – EDC, Get Home, Or Bug Out

By Just In Case Jack | Last Updated: March 17, 2021

Survival BagsIn today’s article, we’re going over the best survival bags on the market and the contents you should add.

Because when it’s” go time” in a crisis, you must be ready to bug out FAST.

Running to your garage and digging stuff out of your crawl space isn’t going to cut it.

We’ll show you how to build the ultimate survival kit bug out bag and look at the best survival bag kits you can buy today.

That way, you’re prepared when it’s time to implement your survival plan.

And if you’re new to prepping, then welcome. You are in great company. We can help you gear up, and the best way to start is with your survival go bag.

Here are all the Survival Bag subtopics we’ll be covering today:

**Note: If you just want our top recommendations, feel free to SKIP AHEAD HERE.

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Jump Over RiverWhat Is A Survival Bag Anyway?

Think about it for a minute. When you have to leave quickly with your family in an emergency, what do you need to survive?

If it’s TSHTF, every second counts, so it’s vital to have the survival essentials in one place so you can grab and go fast.

Such a situation is where a quality survival bag comes into play.

A survival bag is an all-in-one emergency kit for situations where you may not have access to modern amenities for an extended time.

There are essentials you have to bring with you to stay alive during a crisis. You will need food, water, first aid equipment, and tools to make a makeshift shelter.

Also, it’s crucial to be able to have contact with the outside world, so cellphones and radios are a must.

These are just the basics, and you can add whatever you think is necessary for your survival bag.

We all take for granted our cushy life. Running water, a warm bed, and a fridge full of food are what we expect. These are the everyday comforts that come with normal life.

But what happens when there’s a political crisis or natural disaster?

You need an action plan. If you head out unprepared, you’re going to run into problems right away.

You can’t take your fridge or duvet with you. So your survival bag may be the only thing you have time to grab – so make sure it’s ready!

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Backpack4 Different Types Of Survival Bags

Depending on the scenario, you need different items in your emergency survival bag. You may think one size fits all be that’s not always the case.

Different situations call for different gear. Knowing what you need for the event can literally save your life and the lives of those you love.

Here are several different types of survival bags and the best uses for each:

1. EDC Bag

EDC stands for Everyday Carry.

And EDC bag is a standard kit and is the primary load that you can carry every day. These are things that you don’t leave home without, like your self defense keychain and wallet.

You also would never head out for the day without your cell phone.

Besides these essentials, you should have tools for daily challenges you may encounter. If something happens while away, having some mission-critical tools become necessary.

Tactical flashlights and small tools are handy, as well as and small weapons like pepper spray, a knife, and a firearm.

A small radio and your tablet can easily travel with you in your EDC bag too.

Plus, some essentials (like extra batteries or a solar chargers)  will ensure you have access to power. Don’t forget a water bottle and a small first aid kit or iFAK kit too.

Choose the right-sized bag for these items, so it’s not too small and not too bulky.

You can keep this in your car or inside your larger survival backpack.

2. Get Home Bag

Your get home bag is an essential survival tool.

This type of bag is for when you are away from home. It will carry all the stuff you need to get back to your family and your house if a crisis hits.

You may be at work or shopping, but the right supplies will help you get back to home base if something significant happens because home is the place where you should have your stockpile of food, water, and bug out gear.

This survival bag will house larger items than your EDC, so it will be bigger. A backpack or large sling bag is ideal for this.

Your goal is to get home fast, so having the right gear to make that happen during a crisis is mission-critical.

You may have to ditch your car and go on foot. So throwing on a backpack with the right survival gear for 24 hrs is essential.

Besides all the EDC items, you should also pack sleeping and shelter equipment and extra clothing for weather protection.

Having a few high-density food bars is vital to keep you fuelled, and a water filter may come in handy.

A detailed map of your local area can help get you home during a significant event. And having more tools for survival can fit in your pack too.

The goal of your get home bag is not for extended survival. It’s for getting home to where your family is and where your stockpile is.

3. Bug Out Bag

The bug out bag is your at-home survival go bag.

A bug out bag is the one you grab when it’s time to leave in an emergency, and every member of your family should have one. It has to be durable and customizable so you can fit what you need in it. It’s not just an unorganized duffle bag for you to cram random stuff in.

It should have pouches and compartments for organizing your gear. As well as hidden areas to secure survival essentials like weapons and food.

Choosing a tactical bag or military-grade / combat style bag is best.

Inside this bag should be survival equipment you know how to use, given your survival skill level.

Upgrade your training for first aid and weapon usage so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. You may not be able to get back home for a while, so this survival bag is your lifeline.

Include all your basic and extended survival gear. But also include items for entertainment, especially when you have kids.

Get your bag and all the gear you plan to pack in it. Go for a few test runs wearing it on hikes or camping.

Practice runs are a great way to see if it’s the right size for you and help you discover what you may have forgotten to pack. Or what you don’t need to bring along.

Make sure every family member has a survival bug out bag ready to go.

4. INCH Bag

An INCH bag is the Big Daddy. It stands for “I’m Never Coming Home” and means you’re high-tailing it for the long term.

You may not have a bug-out location to go to, so you’ll need essential gear for extended outdoor living.

Most bug out bags are built with the idea that you WILL return home – someday. The inch bag is for a long-term emergency where you won’t be returning home.

That’s why it should carry more survival supplies and gear. So you need to prepare to hike with a large, heavy bag.

This bag should be ready to go so you can throw it in the back of your bug out vehicle.

It needs to be rugged because you don’t know what situation you might find yourself in. Most likely, you will be in the wilderness and maybe on the move every few days.

These extended survival situations call for more gear – such as sleeping bags and tarps, tactical shovels, survival knives, and cooking utensils.

Also, you’ll need all the gear necessary for catching food and making shelters.

An INCH survival bag is heavy. But it’s essential in a major crisis when you need to get out of Dodge permanently.

Be prepared or be left behind.

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Group Excursion with Go BagsWho Should Carry A Survival Bag? 

The real question is, who shouldn’t?

Every person could find themselves in an event where they have to leave at a moment’s notice. If you are an avid outdoorsman or hunter, having an emergency survival bag could save your life.

What about a homebody? You need one too because if a disaster happens, you may have to leave your house in a hurry.

Every member of the family should have a survival bag, ready to go if needed. Even kids need one. It’s a great way to get them involved in prepping.

Don’t be fooled by your current level of comfort. Stuff happens all the time, from wildfires to power outages, to natural disasters…

Being resilient and ready is the way you not only survive but thrive in uncertain times.

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Closeup view of closed zippers on a bag.Best Features Of A Quality Survival Bag

A survival bag isn’t a grade school Hello Kitty backpack. A high-quality survival bag is tough and sturdy.

Here are some features you should expect to find:


Your survival bag needs to handle rough use in the elements. Cheap nylon or synthetic material are lighter. But canvas and heavy-duty poly can take a beating.

Make sure it’s breathable but still waterproof too.

Robust straps and zippers will ensure everything you bring stays where it’s supposed to.


It’s essential to have multiple areas to store your items. Pockets and pouches should have zippers and flaps to secure them.

A mix of large and small compartments, as well as internal and external pockets, give you lots of options.

Also, a top lid provides excellent protection from the rain: the more areas you have to stow things, the better. Having multiple access points into the bag is much better than top-only loaders.


Survival bags come in a range of sizes to fit most people. The last thing you need is to have a bag that is uncomfortable to wear. Try several types on and even pack them with stuff and test them out.

Compression straps will secure your load. And chest straps and hip belts help distribute the weight.

Most straps are adjustable, so make sure they are set up right before you need them.

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IFAK Kits ContentsSurvival Bag List | Survival Bag Essentials

It’s hard to think of everything you will need in a survival bag kit in the heat of the moment. So here’s a quick survival bag list to help you get started:

You can take many other items with you, depending on your needs, but make sure you really need them.

Because the more you pack, the heavier the load. And a heavy pack could slow you down and might just get you killed!

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9 Best Survival Bags On The Market Today

Here are our recommendations for the best survival bags on the market today organized by type:

Skilled Survival’s Favorite EDC/Get Home / Bug Out Bag

1. EVATAC Combat Bag

evatac combat bag

EVATAC Combat Bag

Our featured survival bag is the Evatac Combat Bag. It’s the ultimate EDC/Get Home/Bug Out Bag and at a price point that’s hard to believe!

It has a large capacity with 35L of storage. That means you can fit all your essential gear inside. And it’s still small enough to prevent your bag from getting too heavy.

This backpack design is made from 600D polyester, so it’s built to last. Its heavy-duty zippers and clips won’t break down in the elements.

And an extensive integrated MOLLE system to add to your existing gear.

Pack comfort is essential when hauling gear, and this pack has padded shoulder straps and a quick lock chest strap. These features help keeps the back tight to your body even when running.

There are ten different compartments to keep your gear organized and dry.

Included is a padded compartment for laptops and tablets as well. So sensitive electronics won’t get bumped around too much if you plan to pack such items.

row of images combat bag

The Combat Bag is a high-quality tactical bag designed in America for you.

We all need to have a superior survival bag when things go south, and the Evatac Combat bag fits the bill to a tee.

It’s the survival bag I (Just In Case Jack) personally own and use for my Bug Out Bag.

With that said, here are a few other quality survival bags that might be better suited for your situation.

Other EDC Bag Options

2. Orca Tactical MOLLE Gadget EDC Utility Pocket Pouch Organizer Bag

Orca Tactical MOLLE Gadget EDC Utility Pocket Pouch

Orca Tactical EDC Pouch

The Orca Tactical is a great EDC survival bag for your everyday use.

The Orca Tactical measures in at 8.5″ x 6″ x .25″ and is MOLLE compatible with your other survival gear.

It’s made from 600D polyester, like the Evatac Combat bag above, so you know it’s top quality.

These are usually small bags, but the Orca is the largest utility MOLLE pouch on the market.

It comes with large pockets inside for essential gear. Plus, it has additional slots for smaller items like flashlights, pens, and smaller tools.

You can also store your smartphone, wallet, and keys inside for security while you are out and about.

It’s built for tough conditions, and Orca is a name you can trust.




You want an EDC bag you can take anywhere, including:

  • mountain climbing
  • travel
  • hiking
  • fishing
  • bicycling
  • hunting

The Elite Spanker will fit the bill easily. It’s made of 500D Cordura Nylon and is 5” x 2” X 7’’.

This bag is perfect for all your vital equipment while out for the day. It also has available room for your smartphone with an extra outside holster.

It comes with padded inner pockets and two straps with snap buttons to quickly attach to your belt.

So the Elite survival bag great addition to your adventure equipment for sure.

Other Get Home Bag Options

4. Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack Large 3 Day Assault Pack

Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack Large 3 Day Assault Pack

Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

REEBOW GEAR makes an awesome military tactical get home bag to keep in your trunk in case of an emergency.

It’s made of a 600 x 600 density fabric that’s water-resistant and durable when you need it.

There’s MOLLE webbing throughout for attaching pouches and tactical gear as well.

You can access the contents through the front or the side. And it has heavy-duty zippers and pull cords to keep your gear secure.

It also has a compartment for a hydration bladder. With lots of pockets to separate your items, this is a great get home bag for sure.

Perfect for hunting, survival, trekking, and as a day pack as well.

5. Eberlestock Switchblade Pack

Eberlestock Switchblade Pack

Eberlestock Switchblade Pack

Here we have a superb get home bag for when hell breaks loose, and you need to get home to protect your family.

The Switchblade is versatile and designed to be low profile, but it also provides a quick access opening for a concealed handgun.

It also has pouches on either side as well as oversized pockets for essential items.

There is also MOLLE-10 webbing so that you can add 3-row accessories.

Inside there are several compartments suited for laptops as well as smaller pouches.

The Switchblade is a tactical survival go bag. And in desperate times, you need to have the survival gear with you as you make your way home.

Other Bug Out Bag Options

The above Evatac Combat bag is our top recommendation for a bug out bag, but here are two more excellent options:

6. 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack

5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack

5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack

The 5.11 Tactical Rush72  is an ideal bug out bag for you and your family because it’s lightweight, high-strength build.

It’s 23″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″ and made of water-resistant 1000D nylon.

It includes dual zippers for access in the front and main compartments. And inside you’ll find lots of room for storage.

The 5.11 Tactical is a MOLLE backpack with ample room to connect accessory bags.

It comes with shoulder straps, a waist strap, and dual compression straps. These features help keep this survival bag secure and comfortable on long hauls.

7. 24BattlePack Tactical Backpack

24BattlePack Tactical Backpack

24BattlePack Tactical Backpack

The 24BattlePack from Tactical is a great, universal survival bag.

The company is combat veteran-owned, so you know they are designed with tactical in mind. This survival bug out bag has many great features, including:

  • Universal concealed carry gun holster
  • Bladder compartment
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty oversized zippers
  • Double-stitched pack

It measures out at 10″ x 13″ x 19″ and expands from 20L to 40L. Outside there are lots of room to attach accessories and pouches. And inside you have several areas with different functions.

There is a sizeable slotted compartment for laptops and folders, as well as a bladder for water.

Another two pouches give you multiple areas for emergency gear and survival items.

Plus, it has quick access to your concealed handgun, making it a practical and tactical bug-out bag.


8. Military GI Mossad Tactical Duffle Bag

Military GI Mossad Tactical Duffle Bag

Military GI Mossad Tactical Duffle Bag

An inch bag is heavy because you are bringing more gear for an extended trip in the wilderness.

This tactical duffle uses heavy-duty canvas. And it has a waterproof bottom for protecting all your survival gear.

There are no wheels attached, so you will need a foldable cart to pack it with you. There are adjustable padded shoulder straps to haul it on your back, but it might be too heavy for that.

The measurements are 34′ x 15′ x 12′, so a lot of gear can be stowed inside.

Several zippered outside pockets and gear rings allow you to attach and pack external pouches and gear.

This INCH Bag is best when paired with a reliable bug out vehicle – where hiking is a last resort.

9. 5.11 Tactical CAMS™ 3.0 186L

5.11 Tactical CAMS™ 3.0 186L

5.11 Tactical CAMS™ 3.0 186L

The 5.11 CAMS is another excellent survival bag by 511 Tactical. There is no screwing around with this heavy hauler.

The Cams 3.0 Inch bag is a rugged master for all your extended survival gear. Heavy-duty wheels and compression-molded side panels make this one tough bugger.

It’s going to be a challenge to haul it around with you. But in SOME situations, it’s better to be slower with all the right gear than fast and unprepared.

There’s retractable side handles as well as top handles for wheeling it around. Plus, inside are several critical areas for equipment storage.

511 Tactical also has customizable purpose-built pouches to stow your gear where how you want.

It’s a heavy-duty INCH bag for heavy-duty situations.

Final Thoughts

Now you are in the know about what survival bags are and why you need them. Go out and gear up so when the world caves in, YOU are the one prepared to survive and thrive!

“Just In Case” Jack

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