Best Non-Lethal Weapons: Are They Better Than Lethal Ones?

By Jason K. | Updated: 02/14/2024

Non Lethal Weapons

Today, I have something really important to share…

A Complete List Of The Best Non Lethal Weapons…

Because I think everyone should carry at least one non-lethal weapon.

Yes, even if you carry a firearm.

Why? Because most conflicts call for a non lethal response.

Does a pickpocket deserve a bullet in the head? Of course not!

And just because you don’t carry a firearm, doesn’t mean you’re OK being a helpless victim…

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What The Term “Non Lethal Weapons” Means

Now, before we go on, you must understand how non-lethal weapons are classified and what that means exactly.

These weapons, also called (less-than-lethal, non-deadly, compliant, or pain-inducing), are still weapons.

They are less likely to kill a living target.

However, using one minimizes the risk as much as possible.

With THAT said…

If you use any of the following weapons and someone dies, serious legal ramifications could still exist!

Using a non-lethal or less-than-lethal weapon does not remove you from responsibility if someone gets seriously injured or dies.StrikePen

The Strike Pen (FREE)

The StrikePen is a whole pocketful of EDC tools rolled into one milled aluminum package.

From the bright LED flashlight to the interchangeable tooltips. Thie StrikePen is a serious piece of survival gear.

The solid tungsten steel striker tip makes it an excellent close-quarters weapon. Plus, it doubles as an emergency glass breaker!

Of course, it wouldn't be a StrikePEN if it didn’t write with a smooth black ball-tip point.

And a replacement ink cartridge is also a welcome addition.

But the bottom line is a tactical pen (like the StrikePen) is an ideal non-lethal weapon.

That's not to say it cannot kill someone if shoved into a lethal area of the human body.

However, knowing how to use a tactical pen properly can stop an intruder in their tracks.

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↓ ApeSurvival Strikepen Reviewed – Get Yours For FREE!

Hell, even if you must use it to stab an intruder in the eye, they will still likely survive the incident.

Yes, they will likely be blind for the rest of their life, but they will still be breathing.

↓ How To Use A Tactical Pen For Self Defense

The StrikeLight Tactical Torch

There's always a toss-up when checking out a strange noise in the middle of the night.

Do you take a flashlight or a baseball bat?

With the StrikeLight, you can avoid the question altogether and carry both!

It includes a powerful LED flashlight and multiple light modes. The best self-defense light mode is a disorienting strobe setting.

With a StrikeLight, you'll intimate a threat and head off a more serious altercation.

If the situation goes from bad to worse, the solid aluminum construction lets you use the light as a baton.

Plus, the aggressive teeth and endpoints make quick work of anyone on the receiving end of your swing.

If you need a little more reach, the barrel extends another 4 inches with the twist of a wrist. That's 4 more inches of intimidation!

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↓ Strikelight Review | Strike Light Tactical Torch

VIPERTEK Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun

Stun guns are becoming popular non-lethal weapons for those who opt not to carry firearms.

The ViperTek produces enough electrical power to drop a large man in seconds flat.

Plus, it has extra design features such as snatch prevention.

If a threat attempts to take the device from you, the side shock plates will deliver high voltage shock. You want them to try and take it from you!

The Vipertek Stun Gun also has ultra-sharp spike electrodes. These help to penetrate thick clothing to deliver the high voltage shock with maximum impact.

It also includes an internal Rechargeable Battery. So no expensive batteries to buy and replace.

The main handle has a non-slip rubber coating to keep the device firmly in your grip.

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↓ Good Budget Full-Size Stun Gun Vipertek

Fox Labs Five Point Three Police Pepper Spray

Earlier this year, I read an interesting news article. It was about a man hospitalized after eating one Carolina Reaper.

It is said to be the hottest chili pepper known to man - at around 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units!

This pepper causes intense dry heaves, blinding headaches, and some near-stroke symptoms. But what if the “pepper” in a pepper spray was that powerful?

FOX Labs is measured at 5,300,000 SHU - an astounding 265% hotter than the Carolina Reaper!

It can spray this blinding defense up to 17 to 20 feet.

FOX Labs Pepper Spray is used by Police, Law Enforcement, Security, and Military agencies worldwide.

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ABIYX Outdoor Electric Shock Stun Gun

This non-lethal weapon light up thief like a thousand suns.

You see, this stun gun packs a serious punch with its electric shock capabilities: 1800KV

And it has a launch distance between 2.5 meters - 3 meters.

Plus its arc penetration is effective at about 1 inch of clothes (1 inch is a lot of cloth).

So if you find yourself in a sticky situation, you can use this bad boy to zap your attacker with enough voltage to make them regret ever messin' with ya.

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KONNEX Survival Shovel

EVATAC Tactical Shovel

The EVATAC Tactical is a solid survival tool for more than digging ditches!

This shovel has tons of extra tools hidden in the handle, from a compass and a signal whistle to a Ferro rod fire striker capable of creating a shower of 3000 deg sparks.

The EVATAC Shovel blade is also sharp on one side and acts as an axe blade. This blade can even do fine detail work such as shaving kindling.

The other side holds a saw blade for large wood and other materials.

I’m not saying it was designed as a self-defense weapon; it was not. But a solidly built axe/saw on the end of a stout 24” handle isn’t something I’d want anyone swinging at me!

This survival shovel is intimidating without having to use it.

And if you do land a few blows, you will inflict some serious (but likely non-lethal) damage.

Plus, if you're into preparing and survival, you'll want a shovel in your gear stash anyways.

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↓ Konnex ET15 Survival Shovel by EVATAC Review

Fast Strike Tactical Whip

If I said “tactical whip,” I bet you’d imagine a blacked-out version of Indiana Jones bullwhip, right?

But The FastStrike Tactical Whip is not quite like that; it's better!

It's a concealable, 17” stainless steel spring cable with a solid striker.

It’s simple to use and can strike from any direction, unlike a knife with only one sharp edge.

The FastStrike's solid grip handle ensures the weapon stays in your hand. And the pocket clip makes it easy to attach to a pocket, purse, or backpack.

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↓ A New Non-Lethal Weapon: The Fast Strike

Cold Steel Baseball Bat

Of course, a good old baseball bat is a shockingly good non-lethal weapon!

While I love the look and feel of a wooden one, I don’t prefer it as a self-defense weapon. Why? Because they can splinter in two at the worst possible time - like during an attack.

The Brooklyn Crusher is made of nearly indestructible polypropylene. Plus, it gives you a HUGE 29” reach.

It has enough heft (at just over 2 lbs.) anything you hit isn’t likely to return for more.

Add barbed wire to make your own better version of "Lucille" from the Walking Dead.

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↓ How To Make Lucille (Negan’s Bat) – Replica Tutorial!

paracord monkey fist

Monkey Fist Self-Defense Keychain Weapon

One of my very favorite self-defense tools is also one of the oldest - a Monkey Fist Knot.

The monkey fist surrounds a heavy ball with rope wraps, giving you a weighted end on your line.

They’re great at throwing a length of rope over a tree branch - or making a devastating close-quarters weapon.

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↓ Monkey Fist vs. Cement Block

You can buy one pre-tied, but it’s way more fun to tie one yourself.

Plus, it’s a great skill to add to your plans and allows you to make them any weight and size you need.

All you need are the following:

You can make your own Monkey Fist with these tools and a video:

↓ Giant Gorilla (monkey) Fist Tutorial!

The HyperWhistleWHISTLE

HyperWhistle 142db

Sometimes it’s best to head off a fight even before it becomes physical.

With 142dB sound levels, The HyperWhistle is disorienting and painful in close quarters. It’s so powerful that it comes with hearing protection for the user.

Imagine trying to fight with that blowing in your ear!

Even if your attacker persists, this loud whistle will draw attention from as far as two miles away.

A whistle is a smart device to add to your non-lethal weapons arsenal, but it would also be wise to have some other weapons.

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↓ HyperWhistle WORLD’s Loudest Whistle (test)

Non-Lethal Weapon Wrap Up

If you’ve made it this far into this article, you’re serious about getting a non-lethal weapon.

Now it’s just deciding which makes the most sense for you.

Maybe it’s the StrikePen, along with some self-defense classes. Classes that will teach you how to use a tactical pen most effectively.

Or maybe it’s the FOX Labs pepper spray you can add to your backpack or purse.

Maybe you’re going to add a StrikeLight to each of your vehicles

I’d suggest you get a couple of different options and learn how to use them.

That way, an attacker will regret ever having messed with you.

But this only works if you take action.

You can only improve your self-defense if you invest in some non-deadly weapons today.

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