10 Prepper Supplies EVERYONE Is Overlooking

By Just In Case Jack | Last Updated: September 27, 2021

If you’re looking for a list of CRITICAL prepper supplies, you should START with my “best prepper supplies” video.

That’s not what we’re talking about today.

Today, I’m covering a bunch of supplies I think EVERYONE is overlooking. Prepper supplies you may have never considered stockpiling – until today.

Many of these prepper supplies are in the “NICE TO HAVE” rather than “essential” category. But can help make life during a long-term crisis more comfortable.

Ok, enough preamble; let’s jump in…

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NOTE: Here’s the video of the same information as you’ll read below IF you prefer video:

1.  Pet Supplies (Food / Water)

If you own pets of any kind, make sure to prepare with their needs in mind.

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets, so stockpile extra kibble for them.

You’ll also want to factor pets into your water supplies.

How much? I’ll let you decide. Small cats and dogs tend to drink less than large breeds.

And if you own livestock, put serious backup supplies or systems in place for them.

Here’s some gear that may help prepare with your pets in mind.

2. Contact Lens/ Spare Glasses

If you wear corrective lenses of any kind, it’s wise to have backups.

It’s foolish to assume new contacts or glasses will be available during a crisis.

And what happens once the ones you currently wear run out or get damaged? Well, you could be out of luck, and poor eyesight could become a major disadvantage.

I couldn’t shoot the broad side of a barn without my contacts or glasses on. Driving a vehicle becomes dangerous – especially at night. Scouting for dangers is nearly impossible.

I can’t tell if someone is a friend or foe from any reasonable distance until it’s too late.

These are all MAJOR disadvantages during any emergency.

If you primarily wear contacts, have lots of spares and lots of contact solution/cleaner as well. You may also want to have a spare set of glasses as well.

And if you primarily wear glasses, it’s not a bad idea to keep a spare set in your prepper supplies – just in case.

3. Coffee

Coffee may seem like a luxury item, and you’d be right. Nobody NEEDS coffee to survive. But coffee can also help keep you stimulated and active.

For example, what happens if you’re working with a survival coalition and putting a military sleep schedule in place to patrol your bug-out location?

Well, coffee will help you stay awake and alert during those long late nights of being a lookout.

That’s just one extreme example where coffee is a survival advantage. Plus, many folks, including myself, love having a morning cup of coffee. It’s a morale booster.

So having a coffee during a prolonged emergency might be a luxury worth adding to your prepper supplies today.

4. Favorite Candy Bars / Sweets

This is another extreme luxury item. Sure, you CAN survive without your Snickers or Baby Ruth candy bars, but why? You don’t need to IF you plan ahead.

If you store candy bars properly, they can last a very long time. Or you can buy some extra and start doing a bit of a rotation – always maintain a fresh supply at the ready.

And hard candies can last dang-near-forever without any special storage instructions.

Now, don’t go overboard. And realize in a worst-case scenario, you’ll want to ration these as much as possible. But having a small taste of a favorite treat can be a major morale booster when the world is scary.

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5. Books / Puzzles / Boardgames / Toys With High REPLAY Value

In a prolonged crisis, I’m talking about several months/years; there will be some VERY boring days. I’m talking about lots of hunkering down in your bug-out location, bunker, or home.

Folks overlook this prepper supply because we project a lot of fear and action when we think of a crisis.

We can imagine sitting around doing nothing.

But if there was a nuclear explosion, you may need to hunker down for a month or 2 until the nuclear fallout cleared. Well, that’s a ton of mind-numbing “hunkering down” …

You’ll need a way to pass the time without going nuts.

Good books, puzzles, and board games can become moral boosters and a resilient way to enjoy downtime. I’m talking about ones you’ll enjoy playing several times if necessary.

And if you have younger kids, toys with a TON of replay value are the most resilient – like LEGOS.

Jack’s Good Book Picks:

6. Acoustic Musical Instruments (and spare parts)

Now, if you play an acoustic instrument, you likely have one at your disposal. I’m talking about a guitar, a fiddle, a flute, a trumpet, a harmonica, etc.

So you probably already have an instrument you can enjoy during the long boring hours.

Plus, if you’re talented, others will enjoy hearing you play. This happened all across the world during the initial wave of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

But what if you don’t currently play? I suggest a long-term crisis could be a perfect time to learn…

I mean, there’s no reason you can’t add a harmonica and some sheet music to your prepper supplies.

It’s a perfect worst-case instrument to learn in a pinch. Plus, if you get good at it, it’s a delightful instrument to listen to, and it’s so easy to take anywhere if you must bug out. I mean, it easily fits in a pocket!

And if your instrument has parts that wear out (such as guitar strings), you’ll also want a nice stash of those in your prepper supplies.

7. Lots Of Extra Gas Mask Filters

CBRN GAS MASK FILTER NBC-77Having a gas mask is great, but only if you have ample filters to go with it.

A gas mask becomes a Silly Halloween Mask if you run out of filters.

Now, I can’t tell you how many filters you should stockpile. There are too many variables, like the nature of the crisis, how often you’re forced to enter a dangerous zone, etc.

But I’d rather have a few too many filters than not enough. Because if the very air you breathe causes instant or premature death (viruses, nuclear fallout, chemical attacks, etc.), you’ll want a healthy supply of filters.

Recommendation: My favorite gas mask supplier is MIRA SAFETY.

8. Sewing Kit & Supplies

If your clothes tear, you might not be able to afford (or even get access to) new ones. So you should learn how to sew and stockpile a sewing kit and supplies.

Now, I’m talking about old-school sewing by hand ONLYNOT BY SEWING MACHINE. You can’t assume you’ll have access to enough power to run a modern-day sewing machine.

Instead, focus on adding patches to holes in jeans, tears in a shirt, etc. It doesn’t need to look pretty in a crisis; you’re not trying to win any embroidery awards; it just needs to be functional.

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9. Contraceptives

This one is highly dependent on your personal situation. But for some folks, having a backup supply of contraceptives is a wise move. Pregnancy may not be ideal for you during the early days of a crisis.

So, I’m not going to go into extreme detail here, but for some folks, this could be a prepper supply you really wish you had AFTER a crisis hits but have thus far overlooked it.

10. Daily Vitamins

In a crisis, you must assume you’ll not have unfettered access to a grocery store. Perhaps it’s too dangerous to go there, or maybe it’s completely wiped out of goods.

Either way, you don’t want to rely solely on survival foods to provide all of your nutritional needs.

I highly recommend stocking up on some well-balanced daily vitamins. That way, you can keep your body healthy even if you’re forced into eating only rice and beans for days on end.

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Wrap Up

If you’re serious about getting prepared, then start working through this list of 10 OVERLOOKED prepper supplies. It’ll make you and your family much more resilient to future crises.

It’s wise to have spares and backups to the items to make survival life a bit more enjoyable.

“Just In Case” Jack

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