7 Best Solar Water Pumps: High Tech Off Grid Survival

By "Just In Case" Jack | Updated: 04/12/2024

Solar Powered Water PumpToday I’ve got something extremely important to share…

A Complete Guide To Finding & Using A Solar Powered Water Pump For Emergencies

Because solar water pumps are a technology that’s exploding in popularity.

And why not…they’re solving an age-old problem:

Moving water without grid power.

These devices allow folks to live and farm in remote locations.

And solar power helps make society more resilient and less fragile.

Providing MORE personal freedoms, liberties, and independence.

That’s why it’s time to embrace the solar revolution…

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Solar Panel & Pump Near Waterway

Best Solar Well Pumps On The Market Today

With so many options on the market today, you need a way to look at a short list of the highest quality pumps.

Here’s our list of the best solar well pumps available today:

PWS Solar Water Pump Kit

This PSW Solar Water Pump Kit is a rugged deep-well solar pump, perfect for your home and farm.

This stainless steel model is ideal for moving a large volume of water.

And it's possible to combine it with batteries for on-demand pumping needs.

And it includes a controller to drive the DC pump motor.

This solar pump setup gives maximum flow under all light conditions.

And it also protects the submersible pump from running dry or overheating.

Included in the package is:

  • A 210watt pump with a 6' cable
  • MPPT controller
  • waterproof wiring
  • 2 water level sensors
  • there's also a 20' cable for solar panel hookup

You DON'T get solar panels, which require 4 - 100-watt panels.

But overall, it's an excellent solution for irrigation and off-grid water needs.

Plus, they have a 100% guarantee and fast customer service.

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Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit

This solar water pump is great for many applications.

You can operate a simple fountain or scale up to water for animal troughs and greenhouses.

Its design makes it easy to use because there are no wiring or connection hassles.

All you have to do is submerge it in water, plug in the solar panels, and the water starts pumping.

The kit includes 2 aluminum-framed, 35-watt solar panels, which you can locate up to 16 feet from the pump.

You can also get an additional 16' cord for further placement.

And there's 16' tubing to give you a max lift of 10'.

But it only operates when the sun is out.

Water flow depends on the sunlight that hits the solar panels.

That's because it doesn't have any battery backup.

You get a 1-year warranty with a 100% money-back guarantee, and the pump has a 20,000+ hour life.

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↓ Solariver Solar Water Pump and Panel Kit

ECO-WORTHY Solar Well Pump with 100W Solar Panel

This submersible solar water pump with a 3-chamber positive displacement diaphragm.

It has a great flow rate and is immersable up to 50 ft.

This setup provides you a total lift of 100 ft, so you'll get all the water you need for:

All cable connections are waterproof with high-strength, engineered plastic.

And a corrosive-resistant housing and stainless steel fasteners.

It also sports a thermally protected permanent magnet motor.

The maximum flow rate is fantastic at 1.6 gallons per minute.

Plus, this kit comes with a Lithium battery controller and 100W solar panel.

So this is the solar-powered water pump you need to get the job done at your remote location.

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BACOENG DC 12V Farm & Ranch Submersible Well Pump

Another great submersible solar water pump is from BACOENG.

With its large flow capacity, this unit works well for drainage needs, agriculture, and livestock.

It features either a zinc-plated housing or upgraded stainless steel. These options give you a choice depending on your budget.

It has a filter screen on the base to stop debris from clogging up the system. You can drop it into a well with a water depth of less than 20ft.

You can use a 20A controller and a 70AH battery to store power and extend your watering into the evening.

BACOENG also has 4 sizes to choose from depending on your needs.

This solar-powered water pump provides stable performance with a large max flow rate.

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↓ Solar 12V Submersible Well Pump Installation

Amarine Made DC 12V Farm & Ranch Solar Water Pump

Here's a DC solar water pump from Amarine that solves all your farm and ranch water issues.

The pump features a waterproof, stainless steel 12V DC electric motor. That means it's highly corrosive-resistant.

It's also a simple build with few components, so repair and maintenance are easy.

This solar water pump is super quiet too.

So there's little noise pollution while having a large flow capacity.

You can hook it up to a series of 4 100W 12V solar panels to get maximum AMP power for solar power.

The more solar panels, the more water pressure you'll get as the rotor spins faster.

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10W Solar Water Pump KIT For Small Ponds

The solar water pump kit from AEO is an easy-to-use solution for small water pumping needs.

Since there's no wiring, it's easy to put together.

This will do it if you want to sustainably power your water fountain, aquarium, or fish pond.

It comes with a 10W polycrystalline solar panel in a strong aluminum frame, so you know it will be durable.

The brushless motor can run for over 20,000 hours. And it has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

If you are into hydroponics, then this solar kit is for you.

The same goes for aquaponics.

The AEO filter system can safely care for your fish pond with clean water and great nutrients.

There are 4 models to give you the water pump flow you need.

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↓ How To Setup AEO Solar Water Pump

Amarine-made 24V DC Submersible Deep Well Water Pump

This solar-powered water pump is the perfect solution for your remote watering needs.

It operates with solar panels and batteries, so you don't have to worry about running out of water.

It is designed to work in a deep well and is submersible to 100ft with a maximum lift of 230ft.

The stainless steel housing keeps an airtight seal. So if you accidentally run it dry, you won't damage it.

These solar water well pumps are ideal for crop irrigation and livestock watering.

They also work well to supply water to your remote cabin or off-grid homestead.

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Solar Water Pump On A Remote Pond

What Is A Solar Well Pump?

Honestly, the name explains it all.

But we still need to understand exactly what a solar pump is and why you need one.

We all know it takes a pump to get water from the ground.

Solar-powered pumps are essentially pumps that generate power by using photovoltaic panels.

These panels capture the sun’s renewable energy and convert it into either:

This power then rotates the motor to produce the pumping action.

And the radiated thermal energy from the sun is free and abundant (when the sun is shining).

Hence, a solar panel water pump runs independently of grid or diesel power.

And that’s a BIG DEAL in a remote location.

Now, most solar power pump kits have several parts, including:

  • Solar panel
  • Charge controller
  • Water pump
  • Water storage tank
  • Fuse box
↓ How To Install A Solar Well Pump System

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cows drinking with sun energy pannels for heating

Best Uses & Benefits Of A Solar Water Pump

Your survival skillset should include way more than just combat and medical training.

It also should consist of your ability to supply your family with food and water.

Here on Earth, historically, we’ve had an abundance of water.

That fact may be in jeopardy soon, and we need it to live.

If trends continue, things are looking bleak.

Why? Because without it, we’re toast.

Still, for many of us today, accessing water is relatively easy; turn the tap, and it pours out.

You don’t have to think about it in a public system, but it’s a different story in rural areas.

There is no infrastructure outside of cities, so families dig wells on their properties.

You must use a pump to bring the water to the surface.

If you have electricity, then you use an electric pump.

You may have a large homestead or farm connected to the grid where you need water in a remote area on the acreage.

However, you need something for those areas so remote electric power doesn’t reach.

Your solar water pumping system will give you access to your water.

It can pump water anywhere on Earth where the sun is shining without external power.

You can extract water from wells, rivers, ponds, streams, or any other available water source.

Then you can:

Farm Anywhere

As long as the sun is out, you can access water without worrying about electricity.

Even if you have power on your homestead, you may need to pump water to the back 40 without electricity.

Get Off The Grid

Often municipalities add chemicals to tap water.

So if you don’t want to drink it or feed it to your plants, you’ll have to:

Solar pumps can help you leave chlorine and fluoride behind.

Be Portable

Relocating one of these pumps is fairly easy because it’s not hard-wired.

Take it with you from farm to cabin to camping and back.

It Keeps Working When The Power Goes Out

You don’t have to worry about a power failure with these water pumps.

With the right solar pump and setup, your water will keep flowing.

You can even store power in batteries if the sun isn’t shining.

Operating a solar-powered pump is economical too.

Why? Because of its low maintenance and operating costs.

And since there’s no internal combustion engine, there’s less environmental impact.

They are clean and quiet and deliver water when you most need it.

If you want some inspiration – check out the excellent video below:

↓ Two Simple SOLAR Powered Irrigation System For Off Grid

4 Types Of Solar Water Pumps & Pros/Cons Of Each

Depending on your needs, options vary.

You can get small units for running a birdbath or a larger unit for farm irrigation.

So let’s cover the 4 main types of solar-powered water pumps:

1. Surface Pump

These solar pumps are ideal for shallow water in streams, ponds, or storage tanks.

The pump will sit out of the water and lift water, providing irrigation pressure.

These are useful for moving large quantities of water at slow speeds.


  • Work best with large amounts of surface water
  • They are easy to maintain and move around


  • Will not function in deep water

2. Submersible Pumps

A solar-powered submersible water pump can stay submerged below ground level.

They work great in wells, lakes, rivers, cisterns, and tanks.

They’re for continuous OR intermittent operation.

And you can use a gravity-fed holding tank to access water at night.

Submersible pumps work well for larger applications and are scalable.

So they can provide water to farms for crop irrigation and livestock.


  • Can maintain water at higher levels for more extensive water needs
  • Can use multiple pumps to supply farms and buildings


  • Installation and maintenance costs are higher

3. DC Pump

A solar-powered DC pump has a motor that runs on direct current, so there are no batteries and no need for an inverter.

This type of pump works well in small to medium applications.

They run on smaller solar panels than AC pumps because of their higher efficiency levels.


  • It uses half the energy as an AC pump
  • More cost-effective for deep wells as it doesn’t need large bursts of power


  • They’re usually more expensive than an AC pump

4. AC Pump

You will get decreased efficiency when you use an AC pump.

Why? Because the inverter takes direct current produced by the solar panels and converts it to AC.

They’re more complex systems in general.

But they’re also more affordable than DC pumps because they’re produced in larger quantities.


  • It is less expensive to buy an AC solar pump
  • Has higher pumping output


  • They use more energy because of the inverter

Watch this video to learn more about the pros/cons of AC vs. DC solar-powered water pumps:

↓ How To Run A Well Pump On Solar

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Solar Water Pump Advantages & Disadvantages

Operating a water pump using the sun’s power seems like a no-brainer.

Why wouldn’t you want to use renewable energy?

Full disclosure:

We generally love off-grid applications for surviving and thriving.

And we want to bring the best solutions to your prepping plan.

But ALL equipment has its advantages and disadvantages:


1. No Fuel Costs

Your solar panel water pump uses available sunlight to power it.

All you need are solar panels, and the energy falls out of the sky.

Fuel adds cost to your homestead operation, and you don’t want to buy fossil fuel.

2. Less Labor

With an automated system, there is no manual irrigation needed.

You can hook up a watering system without electricity.

There is also less maintenance, especially with solar surface pumps.

You can often fix them with standard tools you already own.

3. Easy On The Environment

A solar water pump produces no pollutants because it uses renewable energy.

There is no fuel to transport and spill either.

These pollutants affect not only the air but also your soil.

Solar irrigation can solve the problem of dry spells and droughts when rain is scarce.

Solar pumps are the solution to reduce environmental damage to your homestead.


1. Water Won’t Pump In The Dark

Solar panels are excellent when the sun is shining.

Those rays convert into electricity, but not when it’s cloudy or at night.

When the sun isn’t available, it can be a problem, but you can get around this in a few ways.

First, you can store energy in batteries.

It’s more expensive, and they usually don’t hold much lasting power.

Secondly, you can use a water catchment system.

It can be a pond or a water storage tank, but it is important to store water when needed.

Plan your water needs around your solar water system’s limitations.

A good plan can help minimize or eliminate these problems.

2. It’s Expensive To Get Started

There are significant upfront costs to set up a solar pump system.

You need everything from the pump to the solar panels (and wiring).

In time, it will balance out and become cheaper to move water.

When you sit down and put paper to pen, you’ll see how fast a system like this will pay for itself over time.

Fuel costs rise while solar prices fall, so it pays to use solar-powered water well pumps over time.

Again, this solution is a game-changer for off-grid locations.

↓ Installing Off-Grid Submersible Solar Water Pumps

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Final Thoughts

We all know access to water is essential for life.

We need it to survive, and plants need it to grow.

Plus, if you have livestock, they need a reliable supply of abundant water.

Pumping water from rivers, streams, and wells without electricity is vital for survival.

Your off-grid camp or homestead should utilize as much solar power as possible.

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