10 Best Tactical Gloves [With Video Reviews] On The Market Today
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10 Best Tactical Gloves [With Video Reviews] On The Market Today

By Just In Case Jack | Last Updated: November 4, 2020

Best Tactical GlovesIf you’re looking for a new pair of tactical gloves you’ve come to the right place!

Because, recently, I’ve been ruthlessly upgrading much of my survival gear, specifically my:

But there’s one thing that’s slipped through the cracks, until now… It’s a piece of tactical gear that’s both simple and way too often overlooked.

Yet it’s an integral part of everyday personal protection – Tactical Gloves!

My old gloves were okay, I guess. They work as long as the most challenging task I need them for is splitting firewood or digging trenches.

But are beat-up old leather work gloves suitable for real-world emergencies? NO WAY!

They have rips and stretched stitching in the thumb. And the palms are completely worn into tatters. This level of wear and tear is due to years of rappelling with a heavy pack.

And honestly, I’m embarrassed I let them get so bad without looking for a replacement.

So I’m on a mission to fix this oversight! I’m on a mission to upgrade to a new pair of quality tactical gloves, and I’m going to share all my research notes with you.

I want to help you wade through the overwhelming options and find the Best Tactical Gloves for You!

That’s why today I’m going to share my thoughts on the following topics:

**Note: If you just want our top recommendations, feel free to SKIP AHEAD HERE.

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Solider Putting Tactical Gloves On


Tactical gloves are one of the most underrated pieces of survival gear.

Why? I’m not 100% certain, but I believe it has to do with all the crappy gloves on the market.

Many people have no idea what they’re missing out on when choosing a pair of cheap gloves off a discount rack.

These impulse buys are often value traps because cheap gloves and tactical gloves ARE NOT THE SAME THINGS.

They don’t fit the same way; wear the same way, or protect the same way. Cheap gloves use inferior materials and no tactical design features.

And this is a shame because your hands are one of the most crucial tools you have.

Losing the use of your hands would be one of the biggest hurdles to navigating in an emergency.

Imagine having to perform all your tasks in a given day without using your hands.

I’m willing to bet that you couldn’t do even the most basic tasks in such a situation!

And we’re not just talking about significant injuries here.

But, a small cut left untreated can lead to infection. Or severe blisters can make using tools and weapons an exercise in pure torture.

Plus, exposure to cold and wet conditions can leave you vulnerable. Making you’re shooting highly inaccurate and fumbling with all sorts of delicate mechanisms.

So, a good pair of gloves is a huge asset in all sorts of tactical situations.

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Warrior With Military Gloves


Gloves (like all performance gear) are designed based on their intended use. This strategy leads to a vast range of options on the market today.

But since many gloves are made for a specific task, they’re not always great for broader range use.

“Tactical” gloves protect your hands from common injuries (like scrapes, blisters, and burns).

They should remain both flexible and close-fitting. These features provide extreme dexterity and minimal restriction on your range of motion.

Tactical glove manufacturers construct them for maximum durability. And often offer increased padding and protection at injury-prone or high-wear locations.

Some gloves also have strategic armoring at the vulnerable knuckles and palms areas.

These features make high-impact tasks less likely to cause stress injuries, such as chopping wood, firing weapons, or operating heavy machinery.

As with any other visible equipment, tactical gloves come in a range of colors and styles. You can find them in a military appearance to something looking surprisingly casual.

Your stylistic choice often depends on your desire to blend in or not. And your willingness to draw attention to yourself or not.

For example, my daily life involves both work-from-home or in the office. That’s why I prefer gear on the more discrete end of the spectrum.

But if you work in a more rugged setting, military-style gloves may be better for you. In such an environment, they’ll be less of a distraction or perceived threat.

Note On Legality Of Knuckle Armor

Many tactical gloves feature padded or “armored” knuckles. This feature is meant for resistance to abrasion and cuts across your knuckles.

This “armor” is generally made of thick leather, fabric, or lightweight thermoformed plastic.

But there are also tactical gloves that include weighted or “loaded” knuckles. These “loaded knuckles” are specifically made to cause damage when throwing a punch.

They also tend to have extra weight to make the blow more impactful. And some even have exposed metal to injure an opponent as well.

The bottom line is:

These glove-based weapons are made to provide an advantage in hand-to-hand combat.

But they’re generally NOT LEGAL in many areas around the world. So we are not going to include this type of gloves in this article.

If you desire this type of glove, please check your local laws before purchasing.

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Tactical Winter Gloves WIth Knife In Hand


As noted earlier, our hands are critical tools. They’re necessary for humans to accomplish, well…just about ANYTHING!

That’s why you should consider looking for a well-built pair that won’t let you down when you need them most.

But what features are requirements, and which ones are “nice to have”?

As always, it comes down to how you use them and what tasks you face.


First off, if you can’t keep a grip on things while wearing a pair of gloves, then they’re complete rubbish!

Fortunately, most tactical gloves feature textured palms and fingers to increase grip dramatically.

Split-grain leather is also excellent as well. But this type of leather can get polished smooth overtime with heavy use.

Finished leather, on the other hand, often has minimal grip from the start. So make sure you know the difference before you buy.


Just as necessary as the grip is dexterity. Dexterity is what allows you to do delicate tasks without having to take your gloves off.

There are two schools of thought on how to achieve this.

Some manufacturers make gloves with thin material and a close fit on the fingers.

This option is accomplished with synthetic materials or very high-grade leather. But can come at the price of durability.

The other option is fingerless gloves.

These protect your palms and the first joint of your finger. But stop at the second knuckle, leaving your fingertips free to do detailed work.

These are great for warm weather and fair conditions. But I’ve had injuries that could have been easily prevented with full finger gloves.

Bulk / Ease Of Movement

Insulation and padding are essential features to keep your hands comfortable and warm. But it can also be too much of a good thing.

When the gloves get bulky, you tend to lose range of motion.

Fit and ease of movement are critical here – you need a glove that, well, “fits like a glove.”

They should go on and off smoothly. And you should be able to move your hands freely while wearing them.

Check the sizing guide from the manufacturer, but don’t let that be your only guide. If possible, try them on before buying or if you buy online, return them ASAP if they don’t fit well.

Always check online reviews to see if others mention the fit.

The chances are a poor-fitting glove will be more hassle than it’s worth.

Touchscreen Capability

It’s a fact of modern life: Touchscreens are everywhere!

And not just smartphones either. GPS units, vehicles, computers, and small electronics are sporting touchscreens these days.

You can’t even unlock the keyless entry on my front door with thick gloves on!

So look for a glove with touchscreen compatibility. Or be prepared to take your gloves off dozens of times a day.

These gloves have a unique material on the fingertips to register on touchscreens. But there’s a wide range of effectiveness so test any gloves as soon as possible.


Comfort is a product of all the other features, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Whenever you wear gloves, they must be as comfortable as possible, or you’ll take them off often.

Breathable materials, durable stitching, and a soft liner help dramatically.

Padding and armor in the right places, as well as a secure fit, make some gloves stand out from the others.


The final deciding factor in many gear purchases, cost plays a role here as well.

You can expect to find gloves ranging in price from those under $15 to upwards of $75 per pair.

Materials, design, and brand names all play equally important roles here. So be sure to understand what you need from your gloves and what you’re willing to spend.

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Military Tactical Glove


1. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Gloves

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Delta

The PIG FDT Delta gloves are a great option if you like a close-fitting, second-skin type of glove.

They’re made of some of the thinnest material I’ve ever seen. And they’re accordingly flexible and agile.

If you spend a lot of time on the shooting range, the Delta gloves are some of the most sensitive shooting gloves.

They’re also one of the few gloves that don’t interfere much with reaching into your pockets.

They even claim you can tie your shoes while wearing them, but I haven’t had a chance to try that yet.

But, the thin build and lightweight materials come at a durable price. And the tight fit only compounds this durability concern.

If you’re hard on gloves, this might NOT be your best choice.


  • Lightweight And Breathable
  • Great Dexterity
  • Touchscreen Compatible


  • Very Tight Fit
  • Durability Compromised For Weight And Dexterity

2. Mechanix Wear M-Pact 3 Covert Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear M-Pact 3 Covert

Mechanix Wear is a brand you’ll see a lot on this list, and for a good reason.

These are the gloves that many professionals and military operatives turn to.

In fact, it’s rumored that the US Navy Seals prefer the M-Pact 3 Covert glove for special operations.

If true, that’s a massive vote of confidence for Mechanix Wear.

These gloves feature not only knuckle protection but full-length finger padding as well. *For all but the index finger.

The index finger is thinner material to fit in a trigger guard. And thus, it has the proper dexterity for delicate tasks.

They also have some of the best touchscreen compatibility of any gloves I’ve tried.


  • Full Finger Padding
  • Touchscreen Compatibility
  • Great Fit And Mobility


  • Some Users Mentioned Grip Wasn’t As Good On Current Model

3. WTACTFUL Touch Screen Tactical Gloves

WTACTFUL Touch Screen Tactical Gloves

The WTactful Touch Screen gloves are some of the best you can find at the lower end of the price scale.

They’re comfortable and have adequate ventilation. Thus, the WTactful gloves are extremely breathable to keep your hands warm but dry.

Plus, they’re fast-drying and have good anti-slip palms.

The knuckle guards are incredibly durable. But a few users have felt they didn’t fit exactly where they were needed, leading to discomfort.

A different (larger) size would likely alleviate some of these issues, as they tend to run a little small.

The touchscreen compatibility is decent, but it’s only on the thumb and middle finger.

Not sure about anyone else, but the lack of index finger compatibility would drive me nuts!


  • Inexpensive
  • Good Cuff And Overall Reinforcements


  • Palm Material Appears To Peel Under Heavy Use
  • No Index Finger Touchscreen Compatibility

4. 5.11 Screen Ops Tactical Gloves

5.11 Screen Ops Tactical Gloves

Another big name in tactical gear, 5.11 Tactical, has several great gloves on the market.

The Screen Ops glove is a medium-duty glove with a nod to touchscreen compatibility.

Every finger (and thumb) tip has a unique Touchscreen sensitive material. And it works great!

The Screen Ops glove also has a comfortable full leather palm. And breathable padded knuckle guards as well.

They look more like casual or urban gloves than tactical wear. But they may not stand up to heavy daily use, but they’ll do fine for most situations.


  • Touchscreen Compatible On All Ten Digits
  • Great Low-Key Styling For EDC Use
  • Comfortable


  • Medium Weight Build May Not Stand Up To Heavy Use

5. FREETOO Tactical Gloves

FREETOO Tactical Gloves

Freetoo is a relatively unknown glove brand. But they have a great feature set at a reasonable price.

First, they’re comfortable and have excellent grip. Plus, these gloves are well vented and breathable to keep your hands dry.

The knuckle padding looks like carbon fiber molded material. But it’s actually moderately flexible nylon with padding inside.

This setup is reasonable since it helps contribute to the overall comfort. But buyers should be aware that they’re not stiff knuckle armor.

The full-length cuff keeps debris out. And it also wraps around the wrist, giving an extra level of protection.

One unfortunate miss, these are NOT touchscreen-compatible gloves.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Good Ventilation
  • Comfortable


  • Knuckle Padding Could Be Stiffer
  • Sizes Run Small
  • Not Touchscreen Compatible

6. Oakley SI Factory Pilot Gloves

Oakley SI Factory Pilot Gloves

Most of us associate Oakley with high-end athletic sunglasses. But they’ve been working on their “Standard Issue” (SI) lineup of tactical gear for years.

This new lineup of gear includes gloves, goggles, and even boots.

These gloves are built with 4-way stretch material and full-grain leather palms.

The stretch material contributes to a close but comfortable fit. And the leather is excellent for durability and is more breathable than micro-perforations.

The padded knuckles and rubber finger guards are a welcome addition. And the secure stretch wrist cuff is secured with an inside tab.

This design leaves a cleaner surface on the back of the hand and wrist.

As with a lot of well-known brands, there are some reports of possible knockoffs. These will have inferior stitching, so be careful where you order your gloves.

Check out what UFC President Dana White had to say about these Oakley Pilot Gloves.


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A post shared by Dana White (@danawhite)


  • Great Durability
  • Super Comfortable


  • The Expensive Side
  • Possible Counterfeits

7. Outdoor Research Convoy Sensor Gloves

Outdoor Research Convoy Sensor Gloves

While not strictly tactical gloves, the Outdoor Research Convoy Sensor gloves are attractive.

Why? Because most tactical gloves offer little in the way of winter weather insulation. But the Convoy is more a cross between a tactical glove and a winter glove.

It’s a little harder to do find dexterity work with the larger fingers. And you’ll have to be comfortable with a bit less sensitivity on your trigger finger.

But if the temps drop and you’re wearing a lesser glove, you’ll lose that feeling either way.

Trust me; these are the kinds of gloves you want for an extended winter mission.

Another option in this class is the Outdoor Research Stormtracker Sensor glove. This option has a longer cuff for snowy conditions.


  • Warmer Than Ordinary Tactical Gloves
  • Gore-Tex Liner


  • Bulkier Than Regular Tactical Gloves
  • Decreased Dexterity And Sensitivity

8. Under Armour Tac Blackout 2.0 Gloves

Under Armour Tac Blackout 2.0 Gloves

Under Armour is another sports apparel brand who’s has gotten into the tactical gear game. They’ve added the minimalist Tac Blackout 2.0 gloves to their lineup.

They have a durable, synthetic leather palm and breathable synthetic elsewhere. This solution provides a smart balance between ruggedness and comfort.

They have a slim profile that’s easy to use for delicate work, with minimal bulk in the fingers. The neoprene cuff fits securely and keeps dirt and debris out.

The Tac Blackout gloves are one of the thinner ones out there. So prepare to add an over-glove or an extra liner when temps drop.


  • Affordable
  • Close Fit
  • Clean Look
  • Touchscreen Compatible


  • Too Thin For Cold Weather
  • No Padding Or Knuckle Armor

9. Glove Station Combat Military Police Tactical Gloves

Glove Station Combat Military Police Tactical Gloves

Solid construction and a durable build define these tactical shooter gloves.

They check all the boxes on our feature list yet still come in on the price range’s low end.

Padded knuckles and rubber vents help with protection from abrasion and cuts. And the full synthetic leather palm provides a firm grip.

The index and middle fingers feature touchscreen-compatible tips. This feature is a large addition to a glove in this price range.

Again, there are reports of counterfeit versions out there. So be sure to order from a reputable source.


  • Durable Build
  • Touchscreen Compatible Fingertips
  • Good Price


  • Possible Counterfeits
  • Sizes Run A Little Small

10. Arc’teryx Alpha SL Glove

Arc’teryx Alpha SL Glove

These tactical gloves are on the high end of the price spectrum. It’s another mountaineering glove that can do double duty as a tactical glove.

The Arc’teryx Alpha SL glove is a very technical climbing glove. It’s built with a low volume design to cut down on bulk.

Much like other tactical situations, climbing requires dexterity and precision.

The Alpha SL is made for colder conditions yet allows enough mobility for detailed tasks.

They’re super lightweight. And the diagonal adjustment strap across the back of the hand keeps these gloves secure.

They have a full leather palm. And double reinforcement between the thumb and index finger. This feature helps to resist rope wear while rappelling.


  • Moderate Insulation For Cooler Temps
  • Excellent Dexterity And Range Of Motion


  • Expensive
  • No Armor Or Padding


Protecting your hands is a non-negotiable part of being prepared for survival. Or even just a day at work.

Finding the right pair of tactical gloves for you is a matter of determining your needs and price range.

I tried on a lot of different tactical gloves in my quest to upgrade my gear this year. I’ve found differences between the makes in fit, comfort, and utility.

Pay attention to what your friends have on at the range or at work. If, in the end, you still like the hardware store version best, that’s great!

But don’t skimp on the research with something so critical as your hands!

Jason K.

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