Best Security Window Films To Stop Burglars In Their Tracks

By "Just In Case" Jack | Updated: 04/30/2023

Thinking About Installing Security Film On Your Home’s Windows?

A Burglur Breaking Through A Window

If so, good for you!

Not enough people take prepping or their home security seriously.

At least not until it’s too late.

But there’s important research you must do first before you make a purchase.

To ensure you get the right ones.

And install your window security film properly.

That’s why today I’ll use my background in Engineering, Design, and Preparedness to teach you about the following:


Best Security Window Films

What Is Security Window Film?

3 Reasons To Add Window Film

Best Places To Install The Film

Best Window Film Features

Alternative Window Security Options

How To Install Window Film

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Best Security Window Films For Sale Today

The good news is there are quite a few security films to choose from.

The bad news is it can be overwhelming to decide which is best for YOU.

We’ve put together a shortlist of the best window security films to cut through the noise and confusion:

BDF S8MC Window Film Security 8 Mil (24in X 12ft)

BDF is one of the best options for any window security DIY project.

This film will reduce property damage. How? By absorbing impacts and holding shattered glass together.

And you can buy with confidence.

Why? Because all their window films have passed all necessary testing standards and requirements.

BDF film is also crystal clear. This ensures excellent transparency and gives you 99% UV rejection as well.

The film comes with very strong adhesives to slow down any intruders.

BDF sells films that come in two common thickness options: 4 Mil and 8 Mil

You can also find a ton of different BDF film sizes in each thickness to ensure you get the perfect size for all your windows.

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VViViD 12 Mil Clear Safety Anti-Shatter Film Window Protection (6ft x 5ft)

Now, if you’re looking for a security window film that’s a bit thicker, then look no further than VViViD.

This security window film is 12 Mils thick!

This means you get superior protection - even for commercial store displays!

This film also helps save energy on air conditioning.

These block sunlight and heat (90% VLT with 99% UV protection).

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HOHOFILM Clear Anti Shatter Glass Film Self-Adhesive

Look, this is not the most secure window film available, but security might not be top of mind for everyone!

Now for some, the following might be hard to imagine.

But sometimes people want the cheapest option to meet the code.

Some regions and locations require security film on certain windows.

It depends on your municipality and your area's hazard potential.

But if this happens to be YOU, then this very affordable 2 Mil window film may be exactly what you're looking for.

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Broken Window With Security Window Film

What Is Security Window Film? 

Window film is a thin but strong piece of transparent plastic.

One that’s designed to adhere to the inside of your windows to create a stronger bond.

We all know if you hit a glass window with a baseball bat it will shatter.

And it will leave a gaping hole in the window.

Making it easy to blast out the remaining shards hanging from the windowsill.

But security window film holds all the shards together.

This helps avoid a fast forced entry AND flying shards of glass.

Turning a 5-second forced entry situation into over a minute delay (or longer).

That may not seem like much of a delay, but here’s the thing, burglars always take the path of least resistance.

Every second in delay can mean the difference between getting loot or getting caught.

So even a few seconds of delay is a significant deterrent!

The bottom line is: security window film makes your home much harder to enter. Thus, safer.

Watch this excellent overview video below to catch up on Security Window Film Basics:

↓ Security Glass Basics – What You Need To Know ↓

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3 Reasons For Installing Security Window Film

One of the most overlooked home fortification upgrades is securing your windows.

But home fortification doesn’t just mean protection against forced entry.

There’s also another crucial reason to invest in security window film.

So, let’s go over both now.

1. Prevent Break-ins And Forced Entry

Of course, preventing forced entry is the most obvious “reason,” and it’s a good one!

Windows are one of the most vulnerable entry points in any home. Why? Because professional burglars are not stupid.

They know doors have alarm systems and are often reinforced. And that’s why they target windows.

A burglar can break an unprotected window (one without a security film) in mere seconds.

Quietly using tools like a window punch to shatter the glass. Or blasting the window out using a hammer or baseball bat.

And once a window’s glass is gone, it’s easy to slip into and back out of a home undetected.

Especially any windows that have ground access and are in the hidden backside of homes.

Want some proof?

Watch this video to get an idea of the power of installing window security film on your home:

↓ Safety Window Film Forced Entry Education & Demo ↓

This isn’t rocket science.

Your unprotected windows are extremely vulnerable to burglars.

2. Safety From Flying Shattered Glass Shards

Glass is fragile. Anyone with kids learning how to hit a baseball knows this firsthand.

Any hard object (bat, ball, rock, etc.) can break a windowpane.

And what happens when it breaks? It shatters into large chunks of razor-sharp shards.

These shards are extremely dangerous to anyone nearby.

Especially during inclement weather, a natural disaster, or even a bomb blast.

For example, high winds from a hurricane or tornado can easily break windowpanes.

The shattered glass creates flying shard bullets.

These glass shards can cause serious injuries and even death…

Earthquakes can blow out windows and rain down knife-like shards on anyone below.

And a bomb blast can blow glass shards inward into unsuspecting occupants.

Bomb blast shards can even cause permanent blindness.

The bottom line is this:

Adding security window film is a massive home fortification upgrade.

And even more important, at a fair price without sacrificing aesthetics.

3. Better Looking Than Window Security Bars

Burglar bars might provide even MORE window security but at a cost – they look like a prison.

So if you want security without the bars, then window security film is the answer.

burglur's gloved hand through a broken window

Best Locations To Install Window Security Film 

If you can afford the investment, then it makes sense to add security film to all your home’s windows.

This is especially true for small homes with only a handful of windows.

But what if you have a larger home with many windows and don’t want to pay to add security film to them all?

Well, then, you should focus on the MOST vulnerable windows first.

Ok, but which ones are those?

Ground Access Windows

For break-in prevention, it’s any window someone can access from the ground unassisted.

These are the windows that don’t need a ladder to access. Thus, making them more susceptible to burglar entry.

This goes double for any windows that happen to be in hidden locations (usually behind a house).

These are locations someone could enter undetected, away from public view.

Those are the windows you should install security film on FIRST.

Bedroom Windows

Now let’s look at it from a safety standpoint. You should consider adding security film to all bedroom windows.

Especially those apart of a small child’s bedroom.

You don’t want shards to fly toward anyone sleeping during a storm, earthquake, or bomb blast…

Roof Access Windows

Next would be any windows with roof access.

Some homes have dormer-type windows or unique rooflines.

If a burglar can get on a roof and access the windows, you should also add security window film on those.

All remaining windows are a lower priority. But if you want ultimate security, you may want to do them all.

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Best Window Security Film Features To Look For 

When trying to pair the right film for your home’s windows, there are several aspects to investigate.

First up is the film thickness.

There are different thickness options to choose from.

They come in thicknesses from 100 micrometers (or 4 mils) through 525 micrometers (or 21 mils).

The film thickness affects the level of protection.

The thicker the film, the more window strength and protection they afford.

As a rule of thumb, manufacturers recommend a 100-micrometer film for glass up to 3mm thick (or 1/8 inch).

And 175 micrometers for glass over 6mm thick (or ¼ inch).

And while thickness is important, there are a few other aspects to consider as well, such as:

  • Adhesive bond strength of the film
  • Quality of the application
  • Window structure and frame construction
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Some Alternative Window Security Options

The way I see it, you have several options for window security, but window security film is the best option for most.

But you shouldn’t just take my word for it.

You should fully understand all your options before investing your time and money.

1. Burglar Bars

From a pure break-in deterrent standpoint, you can’t beat adding burglar bars. These bad boys will not only keep a burglar out but also prevent them from even trying.

This is target hardening. They see the bars and immediately decide it’s more lucrative to move on to easier targets.

But very few people think burglar bars look good.

And most people prefer NOT to look out through a set of bars – like they live in a jail cell.

Functionally, burglar bars are great but aesthetically in the dumps.

Plus, burglar bars don’t prevent dangerous shards during high winds or explosions.

2.  Riot Glass

Riot glass is amazing if (big if) you’re willing to spend A LOT of money.

This makes sense for places such as storefronts, especially stores with valuables inside.

This type of glass is an upgraded way to prevent quick smash-and-grab jobs…

But these are best for commercial applications and are “overkill” for most homes.

↓ Regular Glass Vs. Riot Glass ↓

3. Security Screens

This option might be appealing to homeowners.

Instead of adding a transparent film to your windows, you upgrade your window screens.

These are newer and more proprietary options and are not a DIY project option yet…

Plus, I tend to worry about quick egress with these screens.

How easy and quick are they to remove if you need to escape a fire?

I haven’t found a great answer to this question yet.

But feel free to investigate if these seem a better solution for YOU.

4. Upgraded Window Locks / Alarms Sensors

Some people add security lock upgrades and alarm sensors to all their home windows.

Sometimes these are in addition to and sometimes instead of security window film.

And these can be helpful but not worth it.

Upgraded locks don’t provide as much security as people think.

Why? Because preventing a window from sliding open is useless if a burglar can break out the glass.

A wise burglar will break the window out and lay a thick cloth over the shards.

This allows them to safely slip into the home with ease – with NO need to slide the window open at all…

But if a burglar can’t shatter the glass in the first place, they can’t gain entry or access to even the most basic window locks!

So, after considering alternatives, I believe window security film is the best home fortification option.

Not only do they provide protection from break-ins, but they’re also transparent.

When installed properly, you can’t even tell they are on your windows.

With security film – the burglar will quickly realize, “this is not an ordinary window.”

They will likely shatter it, realize it has security film on it, and get the hell out of there FAST.

There’s no way they’ll risk all the noise necessary to bash it in over several minutes with a crowbar.

Burglars also know they can often get away will a single quick crash noise.

Someone might wake up to a single crash sound but quickly drift back to sleep after a few minutes.

But quick and quiet entry is not possible with window security film.

With a window security film, you’re essentially buying a forced entry time delay.

A delay of anywhere from 20 seconds to over a few minutes AND preventing the quiet break-ins…

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How To Install Security Window Film

Like any DIY project, if you take your time and do the job right, you can do it as well as any professional.

But if you rush the job and don’t take the time to do your research, you can screw it up big time.

Here are a few videos showing you how to install security window film properly. Watch them all and you’ll have the knowledge you need to tackle this DIY project:

↓ Installing Security Film ↓

↓ Window Security Film Installation Guide ↓

Note: IF possible, try to secure the film across the window AND to the frame as well.

Otherwise, someone can bust out the entire window from its frame.

Sure, installing it that way won’t be as easy.

But by securing the film to the glass AND frame, you’re making it a much stronger (harder to enter) location.

Try finding a strong bonding agent or strong caulk to run a bead along the frame.

Final Thoughts

Too many people only focus on their home alarm systems and motion lights.

But if you want true home fortification and security you MUST protect your windows as well.

Windows are the most vulnerable entry points people forget to protect.

Don’t be like most people, do yourself and your family a huge favor and protect them with security window film.

Otherwise, you may end up wishing you had a “do-over.” But there are no “do-overs” in home security.

You either make it a priority today or wish you “shoulda” later…

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