34 Best Survival Hacks You Should Learn Right Now

survival hacksSurvival hacks are solutions that break the rules. The best survivalists don’t just blindly follow rulebooks, so we hack when necessary. Sure, there are hundreds of survival guides we learn from but you’re at a huge disadvantage when you rely too heavily on any one resource.

Real survival is a creative endeavor that requires fast thinking and an open mind. Sometimes you have to improvise, adapt, and make it up as you go along. You have to make split-second decisions. You have to work with what you have got.

You have to think like McGyver by survival hacking your way to safety. [Read more…]

How To Build The Ultimate Winter Car Survival Kit From Scratch

winter car survival kit

If you’ve yet to build a winter car survival kit, now’s the time.

With fall currently in full swing, those of us who live, work, and play in the mountains are seeing the first signs that winter is near.

Soon, the mountain peaks will be capped white with snow and roadway conditions will change for the worst at the drop of a hat. Icy roads and deep snow are extremely dangerous for travel and a leading cause of stranded vehicles. [Read more…]

These 10 Desert Survival Tips Will Help Make You An Expert

Desert Survival Tips - Desert Landscape With Bleach SkullIf you live in, near, or travel through a desert, listen up because this article was written for you. Desert’s present a unique survival challenge.

They are unlike other survival environments and have a totally different set of survival rules to follow. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my 10 best desert survival tips.

Desert Survival Introduction

The dry, hot, thirsty desert, where the bleached bones of too many unprepared souls still remain. Picked clean in years past by a flock of opportunistic vultures.

And yet, this dangerous desert environment never even crosses your mind from the safety of your air conditioned vehicle. Because you’re safely isolated from its unbearable heat. You absently take a drink from a chilled water bottle to quenching your thirst. You don’t have a care in the world.

But don’t be fooled just one silly mishap and you’ll get your chance to experience this unforgiving place.

Are you prepare for it? I sure hope so.

And not only does the desert inflict its pain with heat and dry alone, but it has more hidden survival traps to offer. Dangerous ones such as venomous snakes, scorpions, dust storms and flash floods.

So here are my 10 best lifesaving desert survival tips to help you prepare, adapt, and overcome.

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14 Improvised Survival Uses For Your FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight

14 Improvised FireHawk Uses (c)

A real tactical flashlight should be able to survive the harshest of conditions. Heat, moisture, and high impacts should be a non-issue if it’s truly tactical.

And I’d also argue that it should have more uses than just illumination. If it’s going to truly live up to its tactical nameplate; it needs to be designed to help keep you alive. To help you survive.

So what could be more tactical than a flashlight that has 14 survival uses? So in this article, we’ll cover 14 improvised uses for the FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight. [Read more…]

How To Start A Fire With Sticks The Complete Guide

How To Start A Fire With SticksHere are the three most popular methods on how to start a fire with sticks.

  1. Hand Drill
  2. Bow Drill
  3. Fire Plow

Each method has its pros and cons, but to be successful, you must diligently follow specific instructions. It’s hard enough to be successful as is (more on this later), but without employing proper techniques, it can be all but impossible.

In this guide, we will describe each of these three methods in detail and provide simple-to-follow videos to show you exactly how to start a fire with sticks. But first, we should talk about WHY this survival skill should be learned. [Read more…]

Cold Weather Survival: How To Keep Warm and Alive

Cold Weather Survival - Keep Warm and Stay AliveThe unprotected human body is ill-equipped for cold weather survival. The colder it is, and the more exposed we are to it, the deadlier the results.

Cold weather is often a deadly obstacle, especially for the unskilled and unprepared.

They didn’t ask for it, they didn’t expect it, it’s not fair, but Mother Nature doesn’t care. She’s cold and heartless when the seasons change. When the winds shift and she drags the frigid Canadian tundra down into the lower 50.

So you have a choice. You can either be a cold weather victim or a cold weather survivor. [Read more…]

Survival Hatchet: Should You Be Carrying One?

Survival Hatchet (c)Do you own a survival hatchet?

Or maybe a better question to ask is…should you carry a survival hatchet?

And what qualities does a good one have?

As with most survival gear related discussions…there’s the good and bad qualities to consider, but mostly there are tradeoffs. [Read more…]

Start A Fire: It’s An Essential Survival Skill To Learn

Starting A Fire (c)What is the one basic survival skill that truly defines us as uniquely human?

What’s the one skill that no other animal can mimic or replicate?

  • Is it finding water?
  • How about building shelter?
  • Scrounging for food?

It’s actually none of these.

Wild animals continuously find water all on their own, they build shelters called dens and scavenge or hunt for their own food.

So again I ask, what is the one survival skill that is out of reach of an animal’s skill set?

[Read more…]