Paracord Uses: How To Actually Use Your Survival Paracord

Paracord Uses

The Ultimate Guide to Paracord Uses For Survival

Name one survival item with more uses than some high-quality survival paracord.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Done? Well, I bet the first items that came to mind were a good survival knife, a survival hatchet, multi-tool or duct tape; and you’d be right. However, today I’m going to argue that paracord belongs in this “many uses” category as well.

When left intact, paracord has lots of important survival uses and if you unweave the threads of the cord, the number paracord uses grow. Honestly, the real number of paracord uses is only limited by our lack of imagination.

In this article, we are going to cover the 35 best survival paracord uses. However, before we deep dive into these 35 paracord uses, you should first learn how to tie a few basic paracord knots:

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Sleep Deprivation: Don’t Fail Because You Forgot To Sleep

Sleep DeprivationYou’ve Thought Of Everything Except A SHTF Sleep Plan

Civilization has collapsed. Your stores are in place. You have enough food, water, weapons and ammo to get you through until the ship is righted.

You even have a plan to carry on if the ship sinks.

But while you stand guard over your lifeblood, you fall asleep at the wheel. The game is over.

Your family’s well-being is in the hands of the bandits you’ve prepared to fight. Your well-being is a thing of the past.

FAIL because you didn’t have a plan for SHTF sleep deprivation. [Read more…]

Kel Tec P3AT 380 – The Best Concealed Carry Gun?

Kel Tec ReviewThe Kel Tec P3AT is for personal protection outside of your home. A growing trend in today’s American society is the nagging feeling that one must protect oneself.

From millennials literally killing for attention to house break-ins to homegrown or foreign lone-wolf terrorist attacks, the American people understand that the police cannot protect them from violence.

At best the police can chalk a nice white outline around your motionless form and maybe shoot down or capture the bad guys after the fact. Doesn’t really help you or your family much. [Read more…]

Basic Survival Needs: The 5 Things You Need To Stay Alive

Basic Survival NeedsLet’s Do A Quick Basic Survival Needs Thought Experiment.

If we strip away all the BS…what does a human being really need to survive?

  • Not taking into account what makes us comfortable
  • Not discussing how to avoid injury or disease
  • Not figuring out what it takes to thrive

At the end of the day, what are the basic human needs for survival to avoid a premature death? [Read more…]

Survival Hatchet: Should You Be Carrying One?

Survival HatchetDo you own a survival hatchet?

Or maybe a better question to ask is…should you carry a survival hatchet?

And what qualities does a good one have?

As with most survival gear related discussions…there’s the good and bad qualities to consider, but mostly there are tradeoffs. [Read more…]

Survival Bow: 16 Rock Solid Reasons To Get One Today

Survival Bow

The mighty yet under appreciated survival bow.

While firearms rightfully get a ton of attention, the survival bow gets less than it should.

A mastered takedown bow can be a huge survival advantage. It should find a home in our bug out bags.

Survival bows break down into a compact assembly making them ideal for packing into a bug out bag or stashing in a bug out vehicle.

It’s such a valuable survival tool that I was able to come up with 16 reasons to own one and learn survival archery.

As A Way To Introduce You To Skilled Survival We’re Giving Away Our #104 Item Bug out Checklist. Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy Of It.

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Homemade Booby Traps: Enter At Your Own Risk

Homemade Booby Traps

A survivalist homemade booby trap is a device intended to automatically detect, scare, injure or kill.  To protect your homestead from unsuspecting threats.

For our purposes, a threat is anyone trying to enter our property or homes without your permission. Thieves, bandits, gangs, etc.

During times of normalcy, it’s essential to keep the booby traps to the non-lethal, non-threatening sort. Simple alarm trip wires and such.

Yet, when SHTF…all bets are off… [Read more…]

How To Hide Your Guns From The Feds

How To Hide Your Guns From The FedsImagine the day finally comes. The feds are banging on your front door asking for demanding you hand over all your firearms.

At this pivotal moment, you’ll have some tough decisions to make. You can either fight back, partially comply, or fully comply.
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