EDC Flashlight: Best Every Day Carry Flashlight

EDC Flashlight: Best Every Day Carry Flashlight
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Best EDC FlashlightI sure wish I’d had an FireHawk LED Flashlight as my EDC flashlight when I was growing up.

Things were different back then. I can vividly recall lugging around an obnoxiously heavy MagLite. Why? Because they were the “best”. MagLite’s were what the local police used (at least in my hometown), so they had to be the “best”, right?

There I was, a strapping young lad raised on a Midwest farm in the early 80’s. I carried this heavy flashlight around with three D-cell batteries in it. Why? Just so that I could see what I was doing for my morning chores.

I also remember many late nights holding this heavy ass MagLite so my “Old Man” could swap out a broken bearing on our combine. Or some such emergency farm repair.

I dare you to try and hold a full-size MagLite up in the air for 3 hours straight and not feel like your shoulder is about to fall off.

Trust me, it was far better for your arm to go numb than to “get lazy with the flashlight”.  Just one pissed off comment from Dad was all it took to keep the flashlight beam laser focused exactly where he needed it.

A New Breed Of EDC Flashlights

So along comes modern technology and the shrinking of components and the increases in efficiency and all that.

I noticed a few of my fellow survivalist starting to carry the FireHawk LED Flashlight. So subsequently decided to get one of my own. To see what all the excitement was about.

Here’s my LED flashlight review of this small but mighty EDC flashlight.

1- Well-Built Quality Is A Must

First off, it’s well-built. It just has that solid feel to it.

It’s the little things that give you the well-built impression.

Collage EDC Flashlight (w blur)For instance, screw off the tailpiece to add your single AA battery (because that’s all it takes). You’ll notice that the threads are both clean and precise.

Also, there’s a nice little rubber gasket that keeps everything nice and tight. It also helps with water resistance when you put it all back together.

This EDC flashlight has two strategic diamond print pads on the outside of it. Located right where you need good grip the most.  It also has deep grooving where your fingers hold it. This helps ensure that it isn’t the flashlight’s fault if you drop it.

And if you do drop it…it can handle that, too. Unless you are setting out to break it by dropping it off a ten story building. This tough little EDC flashlight is going to survive a lot of 5-foot tumbles.

FireHawk Flashlight ClipThe clip is also strong (almost too strong). It attaches to the light by two small hex nuts.

When you use the clip to put the light in your pocket, it can be a little challenging to get it back out of your pocket.  This is especially true if you wear tight clothes. But, I’d rather have the issue of it being too strong than it being too loose and having it fall out of my pocket.

You can always bend it back ever-so-slightly if you want it a little looser (that’s what I ended up doing).

Mag Light vs Ultralight Fire Cree

Size Difference

I’m impressed with how much heft it had for such a small package. It’s still ridiculously lighter than a traditional full-size MagLite. But it’s surprisingly heavy for its small size. Which is a testament to it being constructed out of high-quality, dense metal.

2 – Brightest EDC Flashlight I Own

The real bright spot (pun intended) with this EDC flashlight is the number of lumens this little guy produces. It’s specified for up to 300 lumens.

You’ll only get up to 300 lumens if you use an expensive specialty battery like. But, even with the cheapo AA battery I put in it, it lights up the entire night.

Whether you’re camping, trying to find your electrical panel, working on your lawn mower, or bugging out, this powerful EDC flashlight has the power to light up your world.

Plus, you can control its brightness with an adjustable tip. It has both spill lighting and spot lighting settings.

FireHawk - Slide Out FunctionSlide it all the way back for full spill lighting and slide it all the way forward for tight spot lighting.

The sliding tip has just the right amount of resistance. Too much resistance would make it difficult to slide, and too little would allow it to move on its own. But this well-designed flashlight has found the sweet spot.

I have no way of knowing if this sliding adjustment will loosen up over time. But I’ve been using it daily for about two months, and it’s still at the same resistance as it was when it started. So it’s holding up very well so far.

I was blown away by the spill lighting and how bright this flashlight is. When I was when walking around the outside my house at night I could see everything.

Then I tested the spot lighting and was surprised at just how far that spotlight traveled. I could see the spotlight hitting a stop sign two blocks away from my house.

It’s so bright be careful not to shine this flashlight directly into someone’s eyes. It will temporarily blind them…which is a nice bonus for survival defense purposes.

If you have this particular EDC flashlight in your hands and feel threatened. You could quickly gain a significant advantage by disorienting them with the beam from this light. Allowing you time to react however you see fit (fight or flight).

I can honestly say it’s the brightest LED flashlight I own.

3 – Your EDC Flashlight Needs A Smart Design

It’s the little things that make a good EDC flashlight worth carrying.

Ultrafire Mini Recessed Button - FireHawk 2One useful design feature with this LED flashlight was its slightly recessed power button. Having this button slightly recessed helps to prevent any accidental activation.

We’ve all experience having our electronic devices accidently left on. Only to find out you have a dead battery when you go to use it.

So this feature is very smart.

Ultrafire Mini Cree Sitting On Tail End - 22The recessed button also allows this EDC flashlight to stand on its tail end with the light facing up. When set up this way, you can light up an entire room…hands-free.

This is perfect when you are working on something alone and you need both hands. Just set this flashlight bulb up (tail down) and you’ll be able to see well enough to accomplish most basic tasks.

Collage EDC Flashlight (w blur)Another great design feature is the small holes provided near the rear of this EDC flashlight. Some people may want to add a little lanyard to this mini flashlight to carry it around their neck.

Other people might want the lanyard to loop it around another piece of gear and carry it in a gear bundle. You don’t have to use these holes if you don’t want to, but it’s nice to see them there in case you change your mind.

Small EDC Flashlight In Pocket

Barely Showing In my Pocket

I prefer all my EDC gear to fit in an inconspicuous way. I’m not trying to “look cool”, ideally, I want to carry all my EDC gear and no one even notice.

That’s exactly what this small best pocket flashlight does. When it’s in my pocket just the back of it sticks out, hiding the majority of the flashlight from plain view.

Finally, the actual glass of this flashlight has a convex shape (curved out). To protect this curve and allow you to set the flashlight down tail up (tip down), 3 beveled prongs were added.

Glass End Of Mini Ultrafire Flashlight

3 Metal Prongs

A side benefit of these prongs is that they can be used as a weapon themselves if push came to shove.

Hitting someone in a strategic location with these metal prongs could do some serious damage.

Best Pocket Flashlight

So the FireHawk LED has become my new EDC flashlight.

I love it so much I added one to my bug out vehicle and bug out bag as well.

You should, too.

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Remember: Prepare, Adapt, and Overcome,

“Just In Case” Jack


  1. says

    I have this same light and while I agree that it is a great edc flashlight I just don’t have room in my pockets for a tactical style light. I carry the stream light nano on my keychain for those times I need a light to find something I dropped, etc. if you have room though this is a great light especially considering the price!

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Solid points Burke.

      I’ve personally found that the amount of ECD gear I can comfortably carry highly depends upon what I’m wearing. I tend to wear camo – cargo shorts in the summer. Tons of pockets for all my gear no problem.

      In the winter, I wear jeans but try to wear ones that have large/deep pockets. I also wear a light jacket in the fall and heavy winter coat for winter. These jackets/coats provide a ton of gear storage potential. However, once you’ve reached your destination in the winter, it might be too warm to keep in on inside. Then you have to pick and choose if you going to leave the gear in your vehicle, coat and what to keep on you.

      The keychain idea is a decent one, but I like this flashlight a lot and use it all the time so I’ve made it priority to have it one me daily.


  2. Heath Lear says

    This is a Great flashlight. I really like mine. And a point not mentioned…. I believe one could use the lens to start a fire.

  3. Dennis says

    Just got mine and really like it, but can you tell me if it has a “strobe” setting? It seems to me I read it somewhere, but can’t find it now and am unable to get mine to do that. Thanks!

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Our FireHawk is designed without the strobe feature on purpose. During the testing phase, we found the strobe feature to be annoying and not very helpful. In theory, it sounds great but in practise we found we were always having to click past the strobe feature. We also felt there may be times when the strobe feature could be a liability in a survival scenario. For instance, if you want to quickly turn your flashlight on and back off you can’t without engaging the strobe feature. So if you are trying to be elusive, the strobe feature makes that difficult as it may draw unwanted attention.

      At the same time, you can manually replicate the strobe feature if desired by quickly clicking the flashlight on and off. While it won’t strobe as quickly doing this it will still garner notice similar to the strobe feature.

      So you must have read about the strobe feature with another flashlight or on another site.

      What did you want the strobe feature to do? Feedback is always helpful for us as we add or remove features from our products.

  4. Phil says

    Is there a way to order more than one I would like to use them as part of my groomsmans gifts for my wedding since I love mine and use it almost everyday?!

  5. Kyle says

    I’ve never really been a fan of the “tactical” style flashlights, mostly because they’re large, and rip up my pockets and anything else in them. I carry a streamlight stylus pro and love it! Just my 2 cents

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