17 Useful 550 Paracord Projects For Survival

By SS Contributor | Last Updated: February 19, 2023

Paracord ProjectsParacord is one of my favorite survival tools.

It’s strong, it won’t deteriorate over time, and it doesn’t absorb water.

In my opinion, it’s a survival tool all serious survivalists carry.

So I want to share 17 paracord projects that are useful for survival.

These projects are not for “show” or “fashion”; they are paracord projects that are highly useful for survival.

Each of these cool 550 paracord projects creates a survival tool and puts lots of paracord at your disposal should you find yourself in a dire situation.

Here’s the entire list of 550 survival paracord projects that I’m going to cover:

  • Paracord Belt For Survival
  • Paracord Bullwhip
  • Paracord Survival Lanyard
  • Paracord Rifle Sling
  • Giant Paracord Monkey Fist
  • Jeep Paracord Grab Handles
  • Paracord Snow Shoes
  • Paracord Wrap For Altoids Tin
  • Paracord Hammock
  • Paracord Snare Trap Rig
  • Paracord Bow Sling
  • Paracord Bottle Harness
  • Paracord Bracelet: Fishing
  • Paracord Keychain: Key Fob
  • Paracord Knife Handle Wrap
  • Paracord Survival Donut
  • Paracord Dog Collar


So as you can see, there is a hell of a lot of Survival Paracord Projects I want to share with you. So take a minute to bookmark this page to return to it repeatedly.  Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Done? Cool…let’s get started.

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Now, before you can get started on a paracord project, you obviously need paracord. But not all paracords are the same.

Make sure you’re working with cordage that meets the 550 Type III specification at a minimum.

So to ensure you get some worthy paracord for survival, like Titan Paracord.

1. Paracord Belt For Survival

From a survival standpoint, a regular leather belt has limited uses. You can use it as a turn-a-kit and fasten something together, but that’s about it.

Now consider how much you can do with a paracord belt in the wilderness. It’s worth wearing.

So it’s worth wearing a paracord belt like this one since then you’ll have plenty of 550 paracord with you at all times.

With a paracord belt, you are no longer talking about how many feet of cordage you have…you’ll start measuring your paracord in yards.

How To Make A Survival Paracord Belt

A Paracord Belt includes hundreds of feet of Paracord. Which gives you hundreds of survival uses and it’s made from a high-quality 550-pound strength cord.

Note: You will want to invest in a paracord jig for many of these paracord projects. A good paracord jig will make your life much easier and make your paracord projects much tighter, better, and easier to work in color combinations.

Check out this highly-rated – affordable paracord jig.

2. 550 Paracord Bullwhip

A paracord bullwhip is an underrated survival weapon. It can inflict real damage if used correctly. Not only can it inflict serious damage, but it’s also extremely intimidating.

Have you ever heard a bullwhip crack? It’s extremely loud.

A bullwhip is so loud because the tiny tip on the end of the whip breaks the speed of sound. That loud crack you hear is a mini sonic boom.

If you’ve ever heard a plane flying supersonic past you in the sky, then you’ve also heard the deafening boom that followed it.

It’s the same concept with a bullwhip, but on a much smaller scale. CRACK!

How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip – a full length tutorial

3. Paracord Survival Lanyard

Lanyards are popular among survivalists, backpackers, hikers, and hunters for carrying whistles or duck calls around your neck.

You don’t have to stop there tho.

A good paracord lanyard can hold anything you want to put around your neck, and paracord makes a great lanyard.

Making a Fishing & Hunting Lanyard with Survival Paracord

Check out Bored Paracord for even more paracord project ideas and supplies.

These paracord ninjas are pretty cool too.

4. Paracord Rifle Sling

You’ll want a sling to help carry your survival rifle around, so you might as well make it out of something useful…like 550 paracord.

Here’s a simple paracord sling that works well for a lightweight rifle.

Easy Paracord Rifle Sling

5. Giant Paracord Monkey Fist

A monkey fist is a dangerous survival weapon.

It’s a hard round object wrapped in paracord and then used to strike with.

Many people use a small object such as a marble or a small rock in the center, but you need something larger to make a giant paracord monkey fist.

A pool ball or a steel ball bearing is the ideal round hard object for a giant monkey fist.

Wrap a pool ball with paracord, and you have a deadly homemade weapon you can add to your bug out bag.

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Of course, only use such a weapon as this for self-defense; it can inflict severe damage and could kill someone.

GIANT GORILLA (monkey) fist tutorial!

6. Jeep Paracord Project – Grab Handles

This tutorial is the most unique paracord project I’ve seen. Jeep grab handles (a.k.a “Oh-Crap Handles’) are both useful and excellent for survival.

Adding paracord handles to an offroad vehicle (such as a jeep) gives you and your passenger’s something to grab onto when you are doing some gnarly rock crawling.

Plus, with these installed in your vehicle, you won’t be without a ton of paracord if you get in a bind while rock crawling.

How to: Make Your Own Jeep Paracord Grab Handles

7. Paracord Snow Shoes

Have you ever hiked in waist-deep snow…post-holing the entire way? Trust me…it’s exhausting.

If you were to find yourself lost in the wilderness in deep snow, then learning how to make a set of paracord snowshoes will save your life.

You can make a set of paracord snowshoes today and then attach them to your bug out bag, or you can learn how to do it for a future survival situation.

Either way, this is an extremely useful survival paracord project to learn.

How to Make a Paracord M67 Grenade Tutorial

8. Paracord Wrap For Altoids Tin

As many survivalists have discovered, an Altoids Tin is a perfect container for organizing your small survival gear.

That’s why I keep a few fish hooks, lead weights, fishing line, safety pins, some fire tinder, and a Bic lighter in my Altoids tin.

Then I keep that tin in my bug out bag. However, the metal tin used to make a racket when it bounced against my other gear.

Now with a paracord wrap, it’s both easy to carry and silent.

Altoid Tin Pounch (Survivalist Tin)

9. Paracord Survival Hammock

Paracord has the right amount of strength and stretches to make a paracord survival hammock.

As you’ll see in this video, it does take a lot of work to make one, but nevertheless, it can still be useful.

Packaging just the hammock cordage won’t weigh much or take up much pack space, either.

Find a suitable place to tie the paracord hammock between two trees, and you have a very pleasant luxury even when minimalist camping.

How to Make A Paracord Hammock

10. Paracord Snare Trap Rig

Did you know you can make an effective snare trap with some paracord?

They can be effective, but remember; you’ll succeed more if you set up several of these and not just one.

So set up a dozen or so in the woods and return after a couple of days, and you might have snagged a rabbit or squirrel.

Survival Snare Trapping Using Field Expedient Tools and Paracord

11. Paracord Bow Sling

Many bowhunters swear by a bow sling, while others don’t see the point.

Well, if you plan to hunt from a tree stand, you’ll want one to keep from holding your bow the entire time you’re in the tree.

You’ll want to keep a relaxed shooting hand while sitting in the tree for hours waiting for your prey to arrive.

A fatigued hand will not be as accurate as it should be.

Paracord Bow Sling

12. Paracord Bottle Harness

With a small amount of 550 paracord, you can make a simple bottle harness. So the nice thing about this paracord project is that it’s adaptable for any sized bottle when done right.

When complete, you should be able to slip it around the neck of any bottle, and then it will cinch down, allowing it to be carried or tied to a pack easily.

So if you’re planning a long hike, you’ll want your hands free and not carrying a water bottle.

This project eliminates that dilemma.

Knot of the Week – Bottle Sling

13. Paracord Bracelet For Both Fishing and Survival

Thousands of people have made tutorials on how to make a survival bracelet.

I wasn’t planning to add another one of those tutorials to this page until I came across this one.

Because it’s an upgrade from a regular bracelet to a fishing paracord bracelet that allows you to incorporate fishing tackle.

That way, if you ever end up in a real survival scenario, you won’t just have 550 paracord…you’ll also have some basic fishing tackle as well.

As a survivalist…why wouldn’t you make this version of a paracord bracelet?

Paracord Fishing & Survival Bracelet

Of course, to make a paracord bracelet, you need the right hardware; a buckle or shackle.

14. Paracord Keychain: The Quick Deploy Survival Key Fob

If you need a bit of paracord fast, you’ll want a quick deploy key fob.

First, it’s attached to your key chain, so you’ll know it’s always with you.

Second, you pull the cord for quick deployment.

As a result, no knots, no fuss, just 550 paracord ready to use in a matter of seconds…nice.

Plus, it’s a good paracord project for beginners.

Simple Paracord: Quick Deploy Key Fob

15. Paracord Survival Knife Handle Wrap

Sure, you can add a wood handle to your naked knife blade handle, which is a challenging project in its own right.

Or you could make your knife blade even more useful by adding 550 paracord to it.

Just wrap it thoroughly and tight to create a nice comfortable knife handle to work with.

Benchmade 375 Handle Wrap Demo

16. Paracord Survival Donut

Want to pack a ton of paracord into your bug out bag without taking up much space?

Reality Survival will show us how to make a paracord survival donut. If this is done right, you can pack a massive amount of paracord into a very small space.

In addition, you should also focus on making a paracord donut that will unravel quickly without any knotting issues.

How To Make A Paracord Donut

17. Paracord Dog Collar

If you have a four-legged companion during a hike or bug out, then why not make them a paracord dog collar?

Not only does it look good for your dog, but it also helps make your dog more useful and resourceful from a survival standpoint.

As a result, it’s a win-win.



Those 17 Cool Paracord Projects Should Keep You Busy

That’s all 17 cool survival paracord projects for preppers…which should keep you busy for a while. What makes paracord so powerful is its so many uses; we came up with 35 paracord uses for survival.

By doing several paracord projects, you’ll ensure that you’ll never be in a dire situation without this versatile survival tool.

So use it to make grip handles, slings, lanyards, bracelets, knife handles,  snowshoes, a hammock, collars, etc.

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