30 Day Prepper Challenge: The Best Way Get Get Prepare FAST

By "Just In Case" Jack | Updated: 10/09/2023

30 Day Prepper ChallengeToday I’ve got something I’m really excited to share…

A Complete Guide To Skilled Survival’s 30 Day Prepper Challenge

Because IF you looking for more information about The 30-Day Prepper Challenge…

You’ve come to the right place!

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The Man Behind The Challenge

The 30-Day Prepper Challenge is a program developed, created, and built by me…Jack.

Who’s Jack?

I’m Jack.

The co-founder of SkilledSurviv30 al.com & TheResilientLife.com.

These are two large and popular websites in the survival and preparedness space.

And over the years, I’ve helped millions of people who have visited these sites.

I’ve been sharing my preparedness strategies, tips, tricks, gear reviews, etc., since 2013.

And I’ve been preparing (and living what I call “A Resilient Life) my entire life.


You see, I was raised on a small farm in rural Iowa.

And farming in the ’80s and ’90s was miserable and challenging.

Money was always tight; no guaranteed paycheck, health insurance, or pension.

A poor crop year or loss of cattle meant no money.

Some years, we’d work hard and still barely scratch out enough to make ends meet.

I’d rise early daily to handle morning chores and often worked until sundown.

Every family member was expected to pull their weight, starting very young.

I was given responsibilities none of my “in-town” friends had.

For example:

  • I was driving a tractor at age 8 and feeding cattle by myself at age 10.
  • I’d stay up late unloading wagon loads of corn into the corn crib until 1 in the morning, even on school nights.
  • My Dad occasionally kept me out of school during planting season because getting the seed in the ground before the next rainstorm was essential to our survival.

Growing up, struggling to make ends meet was a way of life.

And finding ways to DIY to save a buck was drilled into my soul.

These challenging years taught me how to live a resilient life.

They taught me how to make ends meet with limited resources.

They showed me how important stockpiles are because you never know what the future holds.

And with that background, I decided to create a product to help ANYONE live a more resilient life FAST.

That’s what The 30-Day Prepper Challenge is all about.

What’s IN The 30 Day Prepper Challenge

Many folks what to know what’s in this challenge, and that’s a fair ask.

So let’s go over what’s in it.

I started building The 30-Day Prepper Challenge by looking at ALL the information on SkilledSurvival.com.

But I quickly realized the amount of info is OVERWHELMING!

So, I started organizing, prioritizing and boiled the most critical prepping steps into 15 core tasks (or challenges).

Just 15 Steps ANYONE can accomplish in 30 days.

These 15 Challenges focus on the areas of preparedness that provide MAXIMUM impact.

That way, you’ll quickly move away from what I call “The Fragile Masses.”

And move towards a new way of living called “The Resilient Life.”

The challenge is rooted in core preparedness ideas.

Ideas such as stockpiling essentials:

Several challenges also focus on acquiring essential tools and gear.

The devices necessary to help overcome whatever the future holds, such as:

And some Challenges focus on areas of self-improve and prepper knowledge, such as:

  • Medical
  • Self Defense
  • Home Defense

The two main goals are:

  1. To give you a clear path toward increased resiliency
  2. To keep you motivated along the way

Yes, it’s a kick in the butt for most folks, especially those under the spell of our modern, luxury-first world.

But isn’t that the point of a good Challenge?

To wake you up from your slumber and take some meaningful action.

4 Best Challenge Features You’ll Love

Now that you better understand what this challenge is all about, let’s cover some additional features:

1. All Challenges Are Delivered Directly To Your Email Inbox (NO passwords necessary!)

The 30-Day Prepper Challenge will come directly to your email inbox.

It’s important because, that way, you can avoid trying to remember ANOTHER password.

I know I don’t need any more, that’s for sure!

Six numbers, four letters, three symbols…

Enough already!

2. Each Challenge Has Two Levels (Basic Or Advanced)

Within The 30-Day Prepper Challenge, there are two levels to pick from (Basic / Advanced).

That way, you choose the one which is right for YOU.

So no matter where you’re at on YOUR journey, the Challenges are meaningful.

There is a Basic Challenge (for those new to prepping).

And an Advanced Challenge (to push anyone ready for the next level).

3. Most Challenges Include “Budget Friendly Suggestions.”

I know times are tough.

That’s why I’ve added a bonus section within each challenge.

This section I call “Budget Friendly Suggestions.”

Because I realize not everyone has lots of money to buy all the supplies necessary.

Sometimes, we must get creative and prepare with minimal financial resources.

If you’re in this camp, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you CAN do with very few dollars.

4. Rock-Solid, No-Questions-Asked 60-Day Money-Back-Guarantee

We back The 30-Day Prepper Challenge with a rock-solid, no-questions-asked 60-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee!

So you “could” go through the entire 30-Day Prepper Challenge, then wait 30 days, and if you don’t feel it was worth it, you get a full refund!

But The 30-Day Prepper Challenge is so good that it’s yet to happen.

Now, if you ask for a refund, I may ask why (after I’ve submitted the refund).

And you won’t be obligated to answer, but I’m always trying to improve my products.

So if you choose to respond, you’ll be helping me make The 30-Day Prepper Challenge even better in the future.

A Prepper’s Mindset: Comfort Vs. Challenge

I want to take a minute to discuss the stark contrast between a prepper’s mindset and the fragile masses.

You see, modern life is chock full of extreme luxuries.

I’m talking about:

  • Weekly massages
  • Day spas
  • 5-star restaurants
  • Chauffeurs
  • First-class travel
  • Auto-pilot vehicles

Nowadays, extreme convenience and luxury seem to be modern society’s number 1 goal.

Everything seems to be trending toward a life of ease and comfort.

And while on the surface, these comforts seem “better,” – few are asking, “Are we HAPPIER because of them”?

I admit I also enjoy a few modern luxuries and amenities.

But I also try to keep them at a reasonable level.

Because I think constant comfort is a poor choice to make your life’s mission.

Humans do not thrive if left in these “soft” conditions permanently.

Extreme comfort and luxury do not make us better humans.

I’d argue they tend to make us complete A-holes, entirely detached from reality.

Constant pampering creates obnoxious, ungrateful nobs who expect everything to be easy.

They believe the world is here to cater to them.

This also makes them very fragile mentally, emotionally, and often physically.

Why? Because constant comfort allows our minds, bodies, and spirits to atrophy.

Your mind, body, and soul will weaken if you stop pushing yourself.

We Need To Overcome Challenges To Be Happy

Instead, for humans to thrive, we need challenges.

We must push ourselves to keep our minds, bodies, and souls ready and sharp.

To be happy, we need some trials.

Some strategic difficulties wake us up.

Tasks inspire and drive us to achieve something bigger than ourselves.

And I believe this challenge is the perfect solution.

It’s a program that will kick-start your life.

Get up off the couch and do something challenging AND meaningful.

Once you complete The 30-Day Prepper Challenge, you’ll be far more resilient in the future.

You see, I believe extreme complacency is a modern disease.

People don’t understand how fragile the world really is.

Sure, there are times of general calm and peace throughout the world.

But those times are rare.

If history teaches us anything, it’s that good times WILL end, and hard times are the rule.

And I’m talking about fragility on a worldwide scale (famines, droughts, floods, wars, riots, etc.)

But what about being fragile on an individual level?

What About Personal Tragedies?

  • What happens if you lose your job?
  • Do you have stockpiles and provisions to get through a personal tragedy?
  • What happens if you lose your home?
  • Or someone in your family gets deathly ill?
  • Do you have some resources and knowledge to weather these types of storms?

This program can help soften the blow of:

  • Global tragedies
  • Local emergencies
  • AND personal hardships

That’s why I have difficulty understanding why anyone would choose to live a fragile life.

  • To assume handouts will always be available.
  • To assume subsidies are endless.

I feel FEAR and DISCOMFORT relying on the Government or the kindness of strangers.

To me, that’s what living a FRAGILE life is all about, and it’s like playing a dangerous game of musical chairs.

Sure, when times are good, and the music is playing, you can have your cake and eat it too.

But as soon as the music stops, you’ll be left without a chair, scared, alone, naked, and begging for help.

What Would Our Ancestors Think?

I think our Great-Great-Great Grandparents would be confused and embarrassed by modern sensibilities.

Why? Because they didn’t have modern-day grid systems to support them.

They understood the value of hard work and self-reliance.

Heck, our ancestors didn’t know any different.

I can promise you most of them would never trust our modern-day grid systems like we do today.

  • They wouldn’t assume the grocery stores would always be open and full of goods.
  • They’d never assume electricity and heat would always be available.
  • They wouldn’t assume water would always flow from their taps.

But they would see these modern “systems” as dangerous to our self-reliance.

Why? Because year by year, little by little, these systems create complacency.

And complacency is a real threat to any society, be it a country, a county, a city, a town, or a family unit.

Complacency kills.

I genuinely wish EVERYONE around the world would embrace more discomfort and self-reliance.

Because if the world did, there would be less panic, fear, and anxiety.

And when tragedy strikes, folks would take comfort in their backup supplies and knowledge.

They’d feel confident and ready to ride out emergencies.

Deep down in their hearts, they’d done everything they could to protect themselves.

They’d also be ready to bounce back fast from such tragedies.

We Are Terrible At Predictions; That’s Why We Prepare

You can’t predict what the future holds.

We “think” we can, but our track record as a society is horrendous.

Most worldwide tragedies were a complete surprise as they unfolded to most folks.

Only after the event do we use hindsight bias to convince ourselves we “knew it was coming”

But it’s just foolishness.

No one can accurately predict the future.

But we CAN safely assume the future will be full of surprises.

Some good, many bad.

And when you assume the future holds emergencies and chaos, you’re more motivated to choose a resilient life.

You Can’t Predict The Future, But You CAN Measure Your Resiliency!

Because, while you CAN’T predict the future, you CAN measure how fragile (or resilient) you are to it.

  • You CAN measure right now, today, how much food, water, ammo, and medical supplies you have.
  • Indeed, You SHOULD take stock of how much medicinal, self-defense, and DIY knowledge you have.
  • Yes, You CAN measure which tools and gear you have at the ready and which ones you still need.

And after you measure your resiliency, where do you land? How does that make you feel?

  • Do you feel exposed and uncomfortable? Do you feel like a fraud?
  • Or do you feel at peace? Do you feel confident? Do you feel relaxed and satisfied?

Because that’s the primary test.

By taking stock of your current resiliency, you’ll realize how exposed or ready you are.

You’ll feel either anxiety or peace deep down in your soul.

And if you feel exposed or anxious about the future, well, that’s your soul telling you something.

You should listen.

It’s telling you it’s beyond time to get your STUFF together and take some meaningful action today.

And the best way I know how to start the journey from “Fragile Masses” to “The Resilient Few” is with my 30-Day Prepper Challenge.

Click here now to sign up right now.

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