How To Use Zote Soap And Why It’s Ideal For Emergencies

By Just In Case Jack | Last Updated: May 19, 2023

How To Use Zote Soap, What It Is, And Why You Should Stockpile Some

Zote Soap Stack Of 4 Bars

As a responsible adult, it’s important to stockpile a few necessities just in case…

And this means when you discover a new essential item with lots of uses, you stock up!

And if you ever have to hunker down, you’ll be glad you have a way to keep your clothes and body clean, right?

Well…Zote Soap is your answer.

Today, I’ll be using my Engineering, Manufacturing, and Preparedness background to cover the following topics:


What Is Zote Soap

Popular  Zote Soap Uses

Zote For Your Skin

Is Zote Good For Your Face?

How To Use Zote Soap For Laundry

Best Zote Soap Bars For Sale

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What Is Zote Soap Anyway?

Zote is a solid bar of laundry soap originally produced in Mexico.

It was popular with families who had limited access to machine washing.

Because when hand washing clothes with a washboard, bars are better than liquid, right?

It combinations the following ingredients:

  • Animal fat (beef tallow)
  • Coconut oil
  • And citronella

This earthy combination of fat and oil provides superior cleaning power.

The citronella oil gives it a vibrant scent and helps removes odors from your clothes.

And it includes an optical brightener which helps keep clothes bright and white.

Today, most Zote Bars are white.

But originally, they were pink in color.

But regardless of the color, you’re getting a natural cleaner in bar form.

And its bar shape means it’s easy to stow in large quantities.

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How To Use Zote Soap

7 Popular Uses For  Zote Soap

This soap has many popular uses, many beyond “cleaning.”

So let’s check out some of these “interesting” applications:

1. Laundry

Its primary function is a washing bar, perfect for laundry products.

This natural fabric softener makes it ideal for clothes washing.

But it’s especially effective on stubborn stains as well.

The high-fat content cuts through and breaks up grease and grime.

So it’s excellent for pretreating stains before washing.

Again, if you are off-grid, it is perfect for handwashing.

The bar is non-abrasive, so handwashing all your clothes works well.

And will leave behind a fresh citrus scent for days.

But it’s a soft bar, so grating it into flakes is easy.

Then you can use these flakes as makeshift laundry soap in a washing machine.

2. Body Wash

Leave your liquid soaps, shampoos, and conditioners behind when heading out on your next camping or hunting trip.

Instead, with just one bar, you have everything you need for personal hygiene.

It’s a whole-body wash for everything, including your hair and torso, and is gentle enough for babies.

3. Rashes & Bites

You can also use Zote for skin irritants.

Poison ivy is always a concern when in the bush, so add a bar to your IFAK Medical Kit.

This soap will take the sting and swelling down fast.

So if you get attacked by mosquitos, it will reduce the itchiness and swelling.

It also is an effective deterrent for bugs due to its strong citronella scent.

Showering with it can help keep bugs away.

Or you can leave a few parts out around your camp.

4. Animal Repellant

If you have a problem with bugs and rodents, your answer is a few Zote Bars.

Besides mosquitos, this bar will do wonders for all kinds of critters.

Rats and mice hate the smell.

And it will keep deer out of your garden with a few flakes around.

Note: Be careful, as the citrus smell has been known to attract bears.

5. Fish Bait

Yeah, you heard me right.

You can use small chunks of Zote as catfish bait.

And it’s a simple recipe of:

  • 14oz Zote Soap
  • 1/4 cup bacon fat
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 3 pinched garlic cloves

Melt it down, pour it into small molds, and you got a proven fish bait for your next fishing trip.

↓ Trotlining With Zote As Bait!! ↓

6. Plumbing Repairs

This use seems odd, but some folks clean you can temporarily fix a leaking pipe.

Mix some Zote Soap with sugar to make a paste that will clog a leak.

It’s not a permanent solution, but it might get you through the night.

7. Freshener

Bad odors are everywhere…

But you can freshen up an entire house with a few well-placed bars.

  • Put one in your closet, and your clothes will smell nice.
  • Cut up a bar and put pieces in each drawer to freshen up your socks and underwear.
  • Make a sachet with a zote-based potpourri mix as a room freshener.
  • Do your boots reek? Put a half bar in each one, and they’ll be odor-free.

Other uses include:

  • Degreaser & Lubricant – It’s like a bar of WD40!
  • Washing dishes
  • Scrubbing toilets/tubs
  • Stuck zippers
  • Cleaning tools and survival gear

And the list can go on and on.

↓ The Many Uses Of Zote Soap ↓

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What Does Zote Soap Do To Your Skin?

This natural soap is known to be gentle on the skin.

And it’s also great for washing hair…

So the whole family can use it for all personal hygiene needs.

It’s a natural soap, but you may want to check that you are not allergic to any ingredients.

This soap is used for various skin irritations and soothes swelling fast.

Plus, it speeds up the irritant healing process.

So it’s an excellent option for all skins, including sensitive ones.

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Is Zote Soap Good For Your Face?

Finding a safe for your feet is easy, but your face is different.

Why? Because most soap manufacturers add unnatural chemicals.

You know, those “ingredients” that you can’t even pronounce the name of.

So we should only wash our faces with the most “natural,” safe soaps, right?

And we should all wash our faces daily, so using a simple and natural soap makes sense.

It will provide a refreshing wash and help eliminate excess sebum that causes acne.

And any leftover pieces can be flaked and thrown into the wash, so there is zero waste.

You can even make a liquid hand soap by soaking it in water.

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How To Use Zote Soap For Laundry

This stuff was initially made as a solution to dirty laundry.

And while it has many other uses, cleaning clothes is where it shines.

There are many different ways you can use it for laundry duties.

Let’s go over them now:

Hand Washing

Not everyone can access a washing machine, but Zote soap was designed for handwashing.

To soak your clothes, fill your sink or washtub with warm water.

Then start scrubbing them with a bar.

You can also use a washboard.

And some folks prefer hand washing delicates with a washboard.

After you wash, rinse the clothes until there is no more soap.

And then ring them out and hang them out to dry.

Pre Treatment For Stains

It’s a perfect product for stain removal before washing your clothes.

Oil, grass, dirt, and other messes will easily lift when you pretreat them before washing.

Make Your Own Wet & Dry Laundry Detergent

You can throw away the store-bought detergents and make your own with natural properties.

Here’s how to make your own Zote laundry detergent:

Liquid Soap

Boil 3 cups of water, remove the heat, and stir in some grated Zote soap until it dissolves.

Pour it into a large container with 3 gallons of water, 1 cup of baking soda, and 1 cup of Borax.

Stir it up again so everything dissolves, and you have an excellent liquid laundry soap.

You can make this in different-sized batches as needed:

↓ Make The Best Zote Laundry Detergent! ↓

Powdered Soap

This combination is even easier.

Grate a Zote bar and mix it with Borax and soda ash in a 2-1-1 ratio.

Ensure it is well combined, and then store it in an airtight container.

Use 1 tablespoon for regular loads and 2 for filthy stuff.

↓ Zote Laundry Powder Recipe With Tips & Review! ↓

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Where Can I Buy Zote Flakes And Bars?

This stuff can be hard to find in local Big Box stores.

Some specialty stores and survival shops may carry it, but it’s easier to buy it online.

Skilled Survival did the leg work to get it delivered to your door:

Zote White Laundry Bar Soap, Net WT 14.1 oz, (Pack of 4)
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  • Contains optical brighteners
  • Ideal size to wash by hand
  • Natural non-abrasive ingredients
  • Very popular amongst fishermen as catfish bait
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Zote Laundry Soap Bar - Pink 7oz
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Final Thoughts

We all need clean clothes and bodies, right?

But instead of paying for new “unnatural” gimmicks, start using something good and simple.

Zote is that product, and it can do many other things too.

Make sure you stockpile this stuff and put some in every go-bag, bunker, and off-grid location.

Keep some at the cabin and some stash in your home too.

There are too many reasons not to use and stockpile some Zote Soap today.

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