10 Barter Items That Will Increase In Value After A Collapse

By Just In Case Jack | Last Updated: January 28, 2022

Cheap Items For Bartering In A CollapseToday, I want to share my 10 favorite barter items to stockpile before a collapse.

Now, I want to make one thing clear out of the gate. None of the items listed today will be Gold, Silver, or any other form of rare metals.

Everyone already understands the value of rare coins in a collapse.

If you can afford those, I suggest you get your hands on some right away. They help diversify your financial portfolios and provide some much-needed inflation protection.

Instead, today, I want to share the 10 barter items ANYONE can grab off the shelf.

Stuff that will be gone in a flash once everyone realizes a collapse is inevitable and will be in high demand.

Owning lots of these barter items means you’ll have the leverage to trade your extras for other supplies. That’s called bartering.

The following barter items:

  1. are affordable now, today, before a collapse
  2. will likely go up in value after a collapse
  3. are small enough anyone can store them (even if you rent)
  4.  items that all have reasonable expiration dates or better
  5. are items you can easily barter in small portions

Let’s get started.

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1. Survival Seeds

Get yourself a bunch of heirloom, open-pollinated, non-GMO, and untreated seeds.

You can either buy them already sealed in mylar bags. Or you can buy Mylar bags and do it yourself. Then make sure to keep them stored in a cool, dry, dark location.

I love survival seeds for four reasons:

  1. Don’t take up much space
  2. Have a reasonable shelf life if stored properly and
  3. Don’t cost much (at least in normal times)
  4. If you learn how to seed save – you’ll never run out of seeds ever again

If grocery stores are bare for ANY length of time, seed demand will explode, and prices will follow. Making seeds my all-time favorite barter items to stock up on now.

2. H20 Filters / Purification Tablets / Bleach

If your local water supply becomes suspect or contaminated, you’ll need to treat it.

If EVERYONE who lives around you must treat it as well (or risk getting severely sick) …. well, the math is simple.

Boiling water works to kill bacteria. But boiling ALL your water before consumption will quickly become tedious. And expensive (depending on the fuel used to boil).

So, get some extra water filters and lots of water purification tablets. Heck, grab several gallons of bleach as well since a few drops of it can be used to purify in a pinch.

These barter items are all affordable, have very long shelf lives, and won’t take up much space.

3. Pain Meds

Our society is not very accustomed to dealing with any pain (short-term or chronic). And why would we? We have plenty of magic pills over the counter to shut pain signals off.

It’s terrific IF you have them (and don’t abuse them).

But pain meds will be one of the first items to disappear in a collapse. People will wipe out the stores, and if there’s no more coming anytime soon, what then?

Well, if you thought ahead, you might be able to pull off an excellent trade.

If someone is suffering, they’re going to be willing to trade an awful lot to reduce that pain.

Now, is this ethical? Probably not.

But I’d rather HAVE the extra pills and decide later how best to distribute them, rather than NOT have them at all.

And even if you decide NOT to price gauge, the people you help will be so thankful I’m sure they’ll pay you back. Perhaps in sharing their resources or efforts.

4. Daily Multivitamins

A balanced nutritional diet will be tough to come by in an all-out long-term collapse.

For example, what happens if your body gets carbs (i.e., calories) but no vitamins? Well, you will slowly get weaker and sicker over time.

That’s why having a large stockpile of some multivitamins makes a lot of sense. That way, even if you have to live off only rice and beans for months, a multivitamin will help keep your body healthy.

This one won’t have much value right away. But over time, when folks realize their bodies are breaking down, the importance of vitamins will become clear.

Or perhaps even better, you can learn how to find and process wild lettuce as natural pain relief.

5. Gas Mask Filters

CBRN GAS MASK FILTER NBC-77Two things to note about buying gas mask filters; first, they’re not “extremely” cheap. Gas mask filters do cost some money.

And second, not every collapse scenario will require a gas mask. However, if a collapse does require a gas mask, having extra filters is a lot like stockpiling Gold.

It’s going to become something that there’s NEVER enough. Gas mask filters are consumables. So they run out over time.

And there’s already a minimal supply of them to start because most people have just 2 or 3 at most. But if you have 30 of them, you could trade a few away and get a king’s ransom.

Think of it as a higher risk but a much higher reward barter item.

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6. Ammo

Another reasonably priced, small consumable with a super long shelf life is ammunition.

You should already have an excellent supply of ammo for your firearms. But even if you don’t own guns, ammo will be something folks who own guns will need. And eventually, ammo supplies will dwindle.

Because a firearm becomes a paperweight unless you have the proper ammunition for it.

I also like that you can buy a TON of it at a reasonable price. And if you store it properly, with ammo cans, it won’t take up lots of space. Plus, it can last decades, perhaps centuries, when stored properly.

It’s another alternative to rare coins for a total collapse barter item.

7. Ferro Rods / Fire Pistons

Lighters have one massive flaw. They’ll eventually run out of fuel. Then, once they’re empty, those devices are worthless (if you can’t get more fuel).

Matches are even worse. Sure, you may have a large box of them, but day after day, they will get consumed – then what?

Yes, starting a fire with sticks IS possible, but;

  1. It’s more complex than it seems
  2. It’s a major calorie burner.

So it’s not a good option for long-term survival scenarios.

Instead, stock up on extra Ferro rods and fire pistons as wise barter items.

These devices are much easier to use than starting a fire with sticks. And they will last much longer than other fire-starting devices.

Heck, with a fire piston, no “fuel” is necessary. You use physics (pressure to create heat) using just a tiny wad of tinder.

8. Antibiotics, Hydrogen Peroxide, Neosporin

neosporin tubeBefore the invention of antibiotics, even a small scratch or cut could turn deadly. Historically, infections were hard to beat, especially if they entered your bloodstream.

In a worst-case scenario, emergency rooms and doctors may not be available when you need them most.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to load up on a bunch of prescription antibiotics. Doctors and pharmacists control the amount each patient can purchase.

So, the next best thing for stockpiling is to get a variety of fish and bird antibiotics.

Do your own research on which varieties to buy. But I’d rather take animal antibiotics to TRY and fight a deadly infection than to be a helpless soul.

And in a worst-case scenario, your neighbors will likely feel the same way.

But if you’re not comfortable buying animal antibiotics, stock up on hydrogen peroxide instead.

This liquid helps clean a fresh wound, PREVENTing infection instead of treating the infection.

If an infection can kill, hydrogen peroxide will become a prized possession.

The only problem is it has a somewhat short shelf life. For example, most labels claim about three years. So, you’ll want to create a First In, First Out rotation.

But with that said, I repurchased extra hydrogen peroxide in 2013. The bottle states it should have expired in 2016. Yet, it still bubbles if I pour some out into my sink.

So, it has yet to expire after nine years! That’s why I think it’s something you should add to your prepping stockpile.

Oh, and I feel the same way about Neosporin, but I have no way to easily “test” its remaining effectiveness…

But in a major collapse scenario, I’d rather use “expired” Neosporin than apply nothing.

It can’t hurt to try, and it might save a life – I’m sure most folks would feel the same way if push came to shove.

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9. Soap

Zote Soap Stack Of 4 BarsIn third world countries, lack of cleanliness and hygiene are MAJOR problems.

These poor folks don’t have access to soap and clean water to keep up a basic level of hygiene.

Diseases can run rampant when humans are forced to live in filthy conditions for long stretches.

So, if soap becomes limited and you have extra, you’ll be able to trade it with ease. Making it an excellent barter item to stockpile.

Zote soap is one of the best for stockpiling.

10. Skills and Knowledge

You should learn lots of handy skills over time. I’m talking about primary medicine, carpentry, electrical, gardening, sewing, canning, fire-starting, etc.

If you do, you’ll be in good shape in a crisis.

Why? Because you’ll immediately become a valuable member of any survival coalition. Your skillsets make you someone worth keeping around and sharing resources with.

Honestly, I have a few of the resources mentioned above because it’s a wise way to improve my family’s resiliency if the worst were to come true.

But I don’t go all-in on those. Instead, I’ve invested in my survival and preparedness knowledge over the years.

And I think you should too. And the best way I know how to get started on that is to join my 30-day prepper challenge.

Once you’ve completed this challenge, you’ll be more prepared than most of your friends and neighbors.

And until next time: Prepare, Adapt & Overcome,

“Just In Case” Jack

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