How To Use Portable Jump Starters For Self Rescue

By "Just In Case" Jack | Updated: 05/20/2024

How to Use Portable Jump StarterToday, I’ve got something very important for survival…

A Guide On How To Use A Portable Jump Starter In A Pinch

I want to level up your knowledge of portable jump starters.

And review a few of the best ones on the market.

Because getting stranded sucks!

So why not eliminate the number one cause of such a terrible outcome?

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Best Portable Jumpers On The Market Today

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry 12 Volt Jump Starter

Clore Automotive is a company that specializes in jump and carry jump starters. And they’re a trusted brand.

Their 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter is what you need when your vehicle’s battery is dead.

It's a 22Ah Clore Proformer battery gives you multiple jumps per charge.

And has a powerful 1700 peak amps of starting power.

It also has auto-recharging circuitry.

So you can leave it in and always have charging capabilities when needed.

It has 42” heavy-duty #2 AWG welding cable leads with industrial clamps.

And a DC outlet for charging 12-volt accessories, all housed in a heavy-duty case.

It also has a voltmeter to check the status of the battery by pressing an onboard button.

This is a great jump starter for your 12V vehicles.

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↓ Jump-N-Carry 12 Volt Starter Review

DEWALT Digital Portable Jumper With An Air Compressor

We all know the Dewalt name, and while they make exceptional tools, their jump station won’t disappoint you.

The DXAEJ14 has added bells and whistles to your standard portable jump starter unit.

It has 1400 peak amps and 700 instant starting amps to get you up and running in no time.

It also has a patented alternator check function.

This is especially handy to check that your alternator is working correctly.

This unit can do much more, though.

It has a 120 PSI digital compressor to pump low tires with its surefit nozzle and auto-stop features.

It has 2 USB connections that allow you to charge multiple devices.

And it also comes with a powerful LED light and an LCD screen with real-time information you see in the dark.

Charge up the unit every 30 days to ensure you have total capacity.

It comes with a 1-year warranty, and the Dewalt brand speaks for itself.

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autowit SuperCap 2 12V Battery-Less Portable Jump Starter

How about a portable jump starter that doesn’t require recharging?

Sound too good to be true? Nope.

The SuperCap 2 has a built-in supercapacitor.

That means it only requires hooking up to your weak battery to take a quick charge.

There are no worries about remembering to charge it up because it is always ready to go.

Just stow it in your vehicle and forget about it until you need it.

Besides the SuperCap 2 jumper, in the box, you get:

  • a carrying case
  • connections for a cigarette lighter
  • USB charging cable
  • alligator clamps
  • and a user manual

It will protect you from sparks and explosions.

Why? Because there are no internal batteries.

And it also has over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, and reverse-polarity protection.

Operational temperatures include -40C/40F to +70C/158F.

So you don’t need to worry about it failing you with extreme weather.

And with 100,000 repeated use, it can withstand its long, ten-year+ lifespan.

Plus, it has a one-year warranty, so you won’t regret buying this portable jump starter.

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NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

Sometimes the latest survival gear is just a smaller, more portable version of older technology.

That's the NOCO Genius Jump Starter to a T.

It jumps dead vehicle batteries, which is tech that's been around for decades. But in the past, these gadgets were large and clunky.

Portable jump starters are now about the size of your cell phone!

So the question is: does it work? The answer is a resounding yes.

On the first try, it jumps jeep wranglers and trucks with a dead battery!

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↓ NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jumper Pack Unboxing And Test Run

GOOLOO Jump Starter 4000A Peak Car Starter

Gooloo has been around since 2012. And they’ve dedicated themselves to manufacturing:

  • Battery chargers
  • Power stations
  • And yes, jump starters

This model is their 1200A peak 18000mAh supersafe car starter, and you need one.

It will quickly start your dead 12 V battery and get you running fast.

It comes with intelligent jumper cables that include multiple safety features like:

  • High-temperature protection
  • Hover-current protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • And over-charge protection

We’ve run out of possible things this unit can protect because it’s that good!

The unit includes twin USB charging ports for any gadgets powered up and a 12V plug.

Do you need a powerful LED work light?

It’s onboard with three settings; a flashlight, strobe, and SOS signaling.

It only weighs 1.2 pounds and is just 6.4” X 3’ X 1.4 inches, so it fits right in your pocket or stowed in your go-bag.

With Gooloo’s innovation and detail, they can supply you with any portable power solution.

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FANTTIK T8 APEX 2000Amp Jump Starter

Another manufacturing leader in the jump starter space is Imazing Power.

They’ve been in the game for 20 years, and it shows with this 2000A peak 1800mAH unit.

They use high-rate lithium power systems to get you up and running fast.

They also have advanced protection jumper cables that feature:

  • Reverse polarity
  • Reverse connection
  • Over-current, overload, over-voltage, over-charge, and over-discharge
  • And short circuit protection

So you never have to worry again if you’re doing it “right” or “safely.”

Built into the jumper unit is a bright LED flashlight with three settings.

And dual USB ports allow you to charge multiple devices at once. And includes options for charging via a cigarette lighter.

Imazing Power’s team has up to 100 R&D designers. And they hold over 180 core patents and 178 international certifications.

They know what they are doing!

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↓ Imazing IM29 Jump Starter Power Bank

Why EVERYONE Needs One

Even in normal times, a dead vehicle battery is a massive inconvenience.

No one will die, but you might be late for an important meeting.

Or you may have to postpone a weekend getaway you’ve been planning for weeks.

But you can’t afford a dead vehicle battery in a real emergency.

The outcome quickly moves from the “inconvenience” bucket to more severe results.

Perhaps it amounts to:

  • Being stranded in the mountains during a blizzard
  • Getting stuck when a fast-moving wildfire is approaching
  • Having a buddy fall in the wilderness and can’t get them to help fast enough
  • Or perhaps it undermines your bug-out plan (this is a survival and preparedness site!)

The bottom line is:

Every responsible adult MUST invest in a powerful backup to get their vehicle started.

Why? Because there may not be any other car around to jump-start your battery in a crisis.

If you own a vehicle, it’s irresponsible not to invest in a way to jump it in a pinch.

And portable jump starters have come a LONG way over the years.

Previously, you had to carry large, clunky power stations or thick jumper cables.

But those units were cumbersome to store, and jumper cables required a second vehicle.

Nowadays, innovation in battery technology and portable power has eliminated these problems.

And as you’ll learn shortly, these devices’ safety has skyrocketed.

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12V battery bank 1

What’s a PORTABLE Jump Starter?

It’s a compact pack powerful enough to boost a dead vehicle’s battery.

Now, you can get them with a host of other features like:

  • USB ports
  • LED lights
  • Radio
  • Plug-ins

But those features are just icing on an essential survival cake.

The jumper should be your primary focus.

OK, so you went out and bought one. Awesome. Now what?

How To Use Portable Car Jump Starter

The good news is:

You don’t need a mechanical engineering degree to use one.

Unlike older, intimidating starters, they’re convenient, safe, and simple to use nowadays.

But each unit has unique instructions.

So, while they’re all very easy, they are not universal.

However, with that said, below is the general set of instructions for MOST today:

1. Turn Off The Vehicle & Any Power Draining Accessories

A portable vehicle charger is designed to give you full voltage in the first few attempts.

Then, it will, unfortunately, decrease in power.

You must ensure the first jumps count, so take the keys out of your vehicle.

2. Connect The Jumper Cables

It will have two cables coming out of it with alligator clamps.

These clamps allow for a secure connection to your battery terminals.

Make sure you make the proper connections.

Red clamp to positive and black clamp to negative.

3. Turn It On

Always turn on the jumper starter unit first.

This will send the flow of electricity to your battery so your vehicle can use it.

Give it a few minutes BEFORE attempting to start your vehicle.

Note: Some use a sequence of beeps to signal when it’s ready to “start your vehicle.”

4. Then Start Your Vehicle

Once ready, turn the key over for about 5 seconds max.

This will send a short burst of electricity.

And most of the time, this will allow enough power to turn your engine’s starter.

But, if it doesn’t within 5 seconds, stop.

You can try again if needed until it starts.

However, each successive failed attempt will reduce your chances of a successful jump.

This is why it’s critical to KEEP yours full of juice at all times…

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How To Charge A Portable Jump Starter

Your jump starter is there when you need it.

If you keep it charged up.

Your new jumpstart may have some charge, but you don’t want to take any chances.

Take it out of the box and plug it in until it reads fully charged.

There will be a power adapter to plug into any standard outlet.

Once charged, you are good to go.

Put it back in the box and into your trunk or lockbox in your vehicle.

The box will protect it from getting damaged and tossed around with your other car emergency gear.

Ensure it has a full charge at least once a month so you never get stuck without juice.

And if you use it to charge a phone or small electronic device in a pinch, top it back up the next time you have a chance.

Sure, using some portable power for convenience is a nice feature.

But NEVER let convenience undermine the REAL reason you’ve invested in it!

Can I Use One On My Motorcycle?


You can use one on a motorcycle.

Even a motorcycle that’s been sitting for a while…

All motorcycle batteries are 12 volts, just like your car or truck.

Jump-starting your motorbike is safer this way, too, because its battery is smaller.

AND doing this to jump a car or truck may damage the electrical system or battery.

It’s easy to use and pretty affordable as well.

Now you can see how versatile they are and why you need them.

It’s a great emergency tool for your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobile.

Now, maybe you don’t have one yet.

That’s ok; we will show you the best ones on the market today.

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Final Thoughts

Now, go gear up with your own portable jumper starter.

It should be essential to your bug-out, prepping, and survival gear checklist!

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