The Best Boot Knives & How To Wear One Like A Boss

By "Just In Case" Jack | Updated: 03/01/2024

best boot knife - slipping a knife back into a sheath on an ankleToday I’ve got something incredibly awesome to share…

A Complete Guide On Buying & Wearing A Boot Knife

Because what’s the most important survival gear you wear daily?

It’s certainly NOT a mood ring. It’s a knife!

It’s one of the oldest weapons for cutting and combat.

But not all boot knives are created equal.

That’s why you need a good one and a comfortable way to wear it…

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How To Wear A Boot Knife

Best Boot Knives On The Market Today

1 Our Top Pick
Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon Fixed Blade Boot Knife

Our first entry is the SWHRT9B from Smith & Wesson, which is impressive.

It's a good-sized knife with a blade length of 4.7 inches and 9 inches with its full tang.

The blade is high-carbon stainless steel with a dual-edged spear point design. And it has an added blood grove.

The handle is black TPE rubber wrapped for excellent grip. And it has a lanyard hole and a sheath for boot mounting.

It's a great EDC knife, and you can access it easily while having no worries about it slipping out of your hand.

Included is a black sheath to house the knife in your boot and a belt clip as well.

Smith & Wesson takes pride in manufacturing weapons. And they give that same quality to their knives.

They also guarantee this survival knife with a limited lifetime warranty.

The bottom line is this is a high-quality tool that will take care of all your knife handling needs

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↓  S&W “SWHRT9B”

Kershaw Secret Agent Concealable Boot Knife

Kershaw is a company that leads in the pocket knife market, and they have great knives.

Let's start with the blade. It's a high-carbon, heat-treated stainless steel blade that is very durable.

With a single-sided edge, it works well for self-defense and bushcraft activities.

It's coated in black oxide to make it corrosion-resistant. This gives the knife a badass look and also makes the blade magnetic.

A synthetic polymer handle finishes it off. And this design provides excellent grip with its textured rubber.

To house this knife, you get a top-notch sheath that is dual-purpose with a belt clip and slots for a leg and boot carry.

It has a stylish, no-shine matte finish that will fit well with your other survival gear for sure.

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↓ Kershaw Secret Agent Knife

CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

Columbia River Knife and Tool is a company committed to innovation.

And their knife line and their everyday carry knives prove this.

The Sting was initially designed back in the '70s by A.G. Russel. This is the tactical knife you want with you in a survival situation.

Sting is truly a walking knife with its solid, 3.2 inches, forged steel, two-edged blade. And its black coating provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

The steel alloy is hot forged from 1050 carbon steel, like Samurai swords. And it's shaped into a spear point with its precision grinding.

The handle is contoured for maximum grip with an outstanding balance. So you'll have total control of the blade at all times.

There's a nylon sheath, and glass re-enforces the nylon insert to protect the blade. Plus, the strapping options are vast.

The Sting perfectly attaches to your leg inside your boot, but you can also clip it to your belt, pack, or MOLLE setup.

A limited warranty for defects in material or workmanship rounds this knife out. A solid pick for your EDC.

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↓ CRKT Sting Overview

Gerber Gear Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife

Ghoststrike is an American made fixed blade knife for:

  • First responders
  • Survivalists
  • Armed forces
  • Anyone else that needs a secondary weapon in a tactical situation

This deluxe kit gives you everything you need, but let's start with the knife itself.

The blade is constructed from 430HC steel and coated in black ceramic. This makes it low-profile and corrosion-resistant.

It has a full tang grip while compact and light in hand. The contoured skeletal frame has a diamond-textured rubber over the mold handle. One that easily conceals whether you wear it outside your boot or on your belt.

The kit includes the knife along with a modular sheath system. That way, it can be used for concealment or as an open-carry weapon.

You also get a neoprene ankle wrap with a sheath mount to put it on your leg inside your boot or outside.

The sheath can mount on your bel vertically or horizontally.

Gerber makes knives that last and have a lifetime warranty for this knife in North America.

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↓ Gerber Ghostrike Knife

Schrade Small Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade is a company that takes pride in its knives. That's why you can trust them.

This knife is a durable, 7Cr17MoV high carbon S.S. blade. It's also connected to a thermoplastic elastomer handle. And the total length measures 7 inches with a 3.6-inch blade.

It weighs in at just over 2 ounces, so it is light and ready for action in all tactical situations.

It also comes with a black leather sheath with a belt loop if you want it at your side.

The ideal carry is clipped to your boot for a concealed, secondary weapon.

This is the ultimate secondary weapon that you want when the SHTF.

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SOG Instinct Mini Small Fixed Blade Knife

SOG has a mini boot knife perfect for a small, fast-action weapon. It is only a 1.9-inch tactical fixed blade made from satin 5CR15MOV stainless steel with solid full tang.

The total length is 4.8 inches. This includes the G10 handle that provides ergonomic finger grooves for superior grip. It serves as a utility knife and combat-ready secondary weapon.

Because of its size, concealment for this EDC isn't going to be a problem. The included swivel sheath clip attaches to your belt or a boot carrying setup.

You even get a neck chain for it to double (triple) as a neck knife!

SOG builds their knife line to outlast the competition, and they are proud to be U.S.-made.

Their name honors the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - Studies and Observation Group. It is the perfect easy-pack EDC weapon.

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↓ SOG Instinct Mini Review

Cold Steel Counter TAC Series Fixed Blade Knife

Do you want a knife from a company dedicated to making the sharpest knives in the world?

Cold Steel has been doing just that for over 30 years, and their counter TAC series is the result.

They designed Counter Tac to be as functional as possible with an ultra-sharp AUS 8A full tang blade. It comes in measuring a 5-inch blade length and 9.5 inches overall.

The blade is vacuum heat treated, then sub-zero quenched. This gives you exceptional durability and strength.

The grip is textured to provide a comfortable and adaptable grip. So you won't drop this knife even if you lose your primary weapon.

A Secure-Ex is a state-of-the-art sheath that can clip on a belt or your boot and lashing slots for a lace carry.

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↓ Counter Tac 1

What Is A Boot Knife Anyway?

It’s usually a fixed-blade dagger.

Sheathed and attached to the inside (or outside) of your boot.

It’s a secondary blade you wear as a sneaky backup.

A knife you can draw fast without having to unfold it.

It’s an everyday carry weapon you don’t put in your pocket.

The blade is usually three to four inches long.

That way it can fit inside a boot.

And while this is not a large, its power is concealment.

Longer ones around six inches are available…

But they suck. 

Because they’re too heavy and hard to conceal.

↓ Why I Carry A Boot Knife (Their Uses & Local Law Requirements)

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A Brief Boot Knife History Lesson

The history of wearing knives in boots goes back to the American West.

It was known as the gambler’s best friend.

Days when firearms were less reliable.

So having a concealed weapon gave you an advantage.

Long boots worn in the old west made it the perfect place to carry.

And more recently, Military personnel around the world wear them.

For example:

Paratroopers had them in WWII when they dropped into battle zones.

tonife fixd blade neck knife

Who Should Start Wearing One?


Every hunter needs a knife that’s easy to carry.

Regular tasks around camp, like cutting branches and using ropes, require a knife.

Skinning animals and helping with field dressing are also necessary.


You need a knife when fishing.

Why? To cut lines, clean fish, and do all the other random cutting acts on the waters.


You’ll need a blade for protection, and utility while on the run.

If you lose your primary knife (like your survival knife), you’ll still have a backup in a pinch.


Armed forces worldwide have used boot knives.

They are a standard issue in some branches.

And provide a secondary weapon that’s easy to access in combat.


Besides firearms, some police forces carry a knife in their boot.

Folding knives take an extra step to open them.

Thus, takes precious seconds to open.

This can be the difference between life and death.

Bushcraft Enthusiasts

A knife is an essential bushcraft tool.

Wearing one in a boot sheath keeps your pockets open for other tools.

EDC (Everyday Carry)

Having a concealed weapon is excellent for cutting and self-defense.

Our pockets are full of cell phones, keys, and other items.

It is a weapon no one sees, so you are not considered a threat.

It’s also a part of your gear load whenever you leave the house.

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Neck Knife In A Gloved Hand

How To Wear A Boot Knife The Right Way

This knife is a concealed backup weapon.

So it’s not attached to your bug-out bag, survival belt, plate carrier, or MOLLE vest.

As the name suggests, this knife attaches to your work boots, cowboy boots, or tactical boots.

There are 4 possible locations within each boot.

  1. Inside your boot
  2. In a pocket inside the boot
  3. Outside of the boot
  4. In the laces

1. Inside Your Boot

This is the simplest way.

Just sheathe the fixed blade and slide it tip down into your boot.

This can cause problems though.

If your boot is too loose, the blade may move around.

It may slip down too far, making access harder.

If it’s too tight, you will feel the knife against your leg.

Making it uncomfortable to wear.

Buy a holster that wraps around your lower leg.

↓ Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots

2. In a Pocket Inside The Boot

This option is convenient and designed for this purpose.

You must match your knife with your boot pocket ahead of time.

But you’re also not messing around with holsters or straps.

3. Outside The Boot

This setup gives your legs freedom.

You will need a longer boot or a shorter knife attached to a strap.

This may cause concealment problems if you wear skinny jeans.

4. In The Laces

This is another option if your boot type has an extended lace area.

You can weave the laces through the holes in the holster.

And then you have your knife mounted on top of the boot.

There are no modifications to worry about; it won’t rub or irritate your leg.

A smaller knife works best.

Bonus: Cowboy Boots

Are you wondering how to wear a boot knife in cowboy boots?

You have the advantage of a long boot, so concealing one is easier.

Use a holster for the blade and attach it to your leg or inside the boot:

↓ How To Attached Knives To Your Boots

Best Boot Knife Features To Look For

Here are a few tips to get a good boot knife:


Consider the size of the blade.

  • Too long, and it will poke out of your boot.
  • Too short and hard to get at if it slips down.

You don’t want it interfering with your foot movement.

Try some on for size and see how it feels.

You also want the blade to be thin so it fits the contours of your leg.

Weight may also be an issue.


Your knife must be durable and made of either stainless or high-carbon steel.

Stainless is more corrosion-resistant.

But it can get dull quicker.

While a high-carbon has a sharper edge but can rust.

And since we all walk through snow, mud, and water…

Stainless is the better choice.

The handle can be wood or synthetic.

Synthetic is more durable, but wood looks good.

You decide which is more important to you.

Blade Type

Usually, a boot knife will be double-edged and shaped in a long spear point.

If it is being used as a weapon, go with this style.

For a survival tool, pick a knife that has a one-sided blade.


Always use your sheath when putting it in your boot.

This is a no-brainer, but I have to mention it anyway.

You’ll get cut fast if you jam an open blade into your boot.

The bottom line is:

Sheath it!

Final Thoughts

A boot knife is an ideal secondary, last-resort weapon.

And it’s a good way for survivalists, hunters, hikers, and preppers to carry a knife daily.

Get one, attach it, and strut about your day with confidence.

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