How To Surf Anonymously For Complete Online Privacy

By Brent | Updated: 02/27/2023

Your Internet Activity Is Being Tracked Right Now

But in the next 5 minutes, I’m going to show you:

Exactly how to secure your Internet connection, surf anonymously to avoid being tracked.

In my opinion, the most important reason to surf anonymously is to avoid having your personal internet activity tracked by others.

Governments, hackers, cyber geeks, websites, companies, you name it.

They ALL collect and track YOUR personal web history unless you do something about it.

  • Are you OK with the government knowing YOUR search history?
  • Or what articles have YOU read?
  • Do you want a hacker to know what banking website you frequent and which online store you buy from?

By surfing anonymously, your internet history and activity cannot be tied back to YOU.

You become anonymous and protect your online privacy.

A second major threat with relying on an unsecured internet connection is cybercrime.

Just because cybercrimes don’t feel “as real” as the physical threats we prepare for doesn’t mean they are not as dangerous.

In fact, cyber crimes are on the rise and will only get much worse in the future.

Trust me, if you’re ever the victim of online fraud, web-based financial crimes, cyber terrorism, cyber extortion, cyber warfare, or even simply online identity theft…it will feel very real.

Before we go any further, this post is purely for educational purposes only.

So please don’t use the following anonymous browsing techniques in order to do anything illegal or harmful.

Jerks do that and jerks we are not… right?!

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Here’s How You Are Being Tracked

The first thing you need to understand is that ALL internet connections have a unique digital ID, or digital passport if you will.

Similar to how all homes have their own unique street address.

Masking Your IP Address

This unique digital passport is called your IP Address.

↓ IP addresses. Explained. ↓

When you’re surfing the World Wide Web by default your Internet connection displays YOUR personal unique digital passport for anyone to see.

Websites, hackers, government agencies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), etc.

ALL use your IP address (i.e. Digital Passport) to track where you have been and what you’ve been looking at online.

So, if you wish to surf the Internet without your personal activity being tracked (and you should) then you will mask your computer’s IP address.

Unfortunately, masking your computer’s IP address is not quite as simple as changing a setting.

But thanks to a trick I’m about to show you, it’s as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.

To truly avoid being tracked you have to replace your actual unique IP address with an anonymous IP address.

An anonymous IP address from a remote computer server located in a much different place from your actual physical location.

Hiding Your Online Identity

Unless you have a computer science degree, this idea might seem a bit challenging to understand.

But I’m going to cut out the jargon and give you a simple analogy everyone can understand.

Masking your computer’s IP address is the equivalent of utilizing a PO Box.

A P.O. Box allows you to send and receive physical mail anonymously.

It prevents anyone from being able to track the PO Box number back to you and your real home address.

Well, masking your IP address by using a remote computer server is the exact same idea.

The remote computer server serves the same purpose as a PO Box.

So by utilizing the remote IP address masking technique, all your browsing will be traced back to that anonymous IP address and not you personally.

The anonymous IP address has zero associated with YOU and YOUR computer.

You Should Use A VPN To Surf Anonymously

So the easiest way to set this up is to use a virtual private network (or VPN for short).

When you use a VPN, you connect your computer to a remote computer server (located not where you live) through a secure and encrypted connection.

Then once you have established the secure and encrypted connection you will move the origination point of your Internet browsing from your computer to this anonymous VPN server.

Your Internet browsing will be something like this:

How A VPN Works

Here’s a simple visual to help you understand this setup.

Here’s how you’re currently accessing the Internet:

Your Computer –> Websites

Here’s how you will be accessing the Internet going forward using a VPN:

Your Computer –> Remote VPN Server –> Websites

Now with the VPN, when the website you’re browsing tries to check your unique digital passport you will see that you’re located at the VPN server location and NOT where you and your computer are actually located.

OK, it’s time to stop letting people snoop on your internet browsing and protect you and your family from being tracked.

There are three easy steps to successfully surf the web anonymously.

Step 1. Sign Up For HMA

The VPN provider that we personally use for Skilled Survival and highly recommend is a software tool called HideMyAss or HMA for short.

When it comes to VPN providers, bigger is better and HMA is HUGE.

HMA has 927 VPN servers in 221 countries around the world.

They have 356 servers and 47,215 unique IP addresses that you can access here in the USA (and counting).

I have personally been using HMA since 2011 and couldn’t be happier with their service.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and with VPNs, this wise universal truth holds as well.

HMA isn’t free, but it is very affordable (less than 17 cents per day) when you sign up for the yearly plan.

Think of it as extremely cheap insurance.

It’s way cheaper than having your personal information or identity compromised and tracked online.

HMA also has a 30-day money-back guarantee so it’s completely risk-free to try.

Step 2. Download and install HMA

You can install HMA on your computer (both Mac and PC), smartphone (Android or iOS), tablet, and even on your Linux-based machine.

Hidemyass Versons

After you get signed up for HMA you can download the version of the software that’s right for you.

If you’re on a smartphone or tablet you’re going to want to download their iOS app or Android app.

After you have downloaded the software to your computer you will want to launch the program, enter your username and password and log in.

Then all you need to do is select a VPN server and click Connect.

Connect to secure vpn server

HMA will then start working behind the scenes to connect your computer to one of their remote VPN servers using a secure and encrypted Internet connection.

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Choose The Location Of Your Secured Connection

One thing to note about the location of the VPN server you chose:

The further the physical distance between your location and the VPN’s location the increased chance that your Internet connection will slow down.

So as exciting as it sounds to surf anonymously using a VPN somewhere as remote as Brazil, you might not want to do that due to surfing speed concerns.

Step 3. Surf Anonymously

See how easy that was? It’s so easy in fact that I had to make step 3 of this 3-step guide “surf the web”.

Using a Pro VPN to securely encrypt your Internet connection is an essential survivalist tool if you want to keep trackers and hackers at bay.

It’s essential for everyone when sharing public WiFi (coffee shops, etc.) so they can’t see what you’re doing, or worse, steal your credit card or banking information.

Using a VPN allows you to surf anonymously without leaving a trace, all you need to do is take the first step and sign up for HMA Pro VPN today.

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