Golden Horde Survival: 146 Danger Zone Counties

Golden Horde Survival: 146 Danger Zone Counties
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146 Danger Zone Counties (c)It’s no real surprise that a lot of people live in Urban environments nowadays.

What is surprising is just how many do.

Using the latest US consensus data, about half of all US citizens live in or near an Urban environment.

One of the big trends over the past few decades is how much bigger and congested cities are getting.  However, not only are major cities getting denser, they are also sprawling out.

What’s all this mean for you and me the prepared survivalists?

It means that if you live in a danger zone county, you’re at extreme risk of being overrun by the Golden Horde.Map of Highest Population Density Counties in US

When SHTF and things like power, water, food become scarce, hordes of people (millions) will start fleeing the city.

What do you think they will have in mind as they exit?

Remember they will be desperate.  They will most likely be severely dehydrated and starving. This mass exodus of these desperate unprepared citizens from the majority cities has been coined the term Golden Horde.

It’s a safe bet that most won’t be following any humanitarian rules.  They will be savages.  Bloodthirsty animals hunting for food and water to stay alive.

Even if you have prepared yourself and your family to survive by using water storage methods, food stockpiling you’ll still have millions of people to contend with.

The Way I See It, You Have 2 Options To Survive A Golden Horde…

  • Option 1) If you are planning on bugging out before the Golden Horde arrives, then you need to have your personal bug out survival plan in place.

It all starts with getting a good bug out bag and bug out plan figured out.

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–> Option 2) If you are planning to stay and live in these danger zones, then you need to focus on your urban survival skills. You need to create a survival coalition with your most survival minded neighbors, and you need to have a plan to deal with a massive golden horde.

Remember: Prepare, Adapt and Overcome,
“Just In Case” Jack

List of all the Counties Considered Extreme Risk For A Golden Horde When SHTF: Do your friends a favor and share this with them

  1. Los Angeles County, CA
  2. Cook County, IL
  3. Harris County, TX
  4. Maricopa County, AZ
  5. San Diego County, CA
  6. Orange County, CA
  7. Miami-Dade County, FL
  8. Kings County, NY
  9. Dallas County, TX
  10. Queens County, NY
  11. Riverside County, CA
  12. San Bernardino County, CA
  13. King County, WA
  14. Clark County, NV
  15. Tarrant County, TX
  16. Santa Clara County, CA
  17. Broward County, FL
  18. Wayne County, MI
  19. Bexar County, TX
  20. New York County, NY
  21. Alameda County, CA
  22. Philadelphia County, PA
  23. Middlesex County, MA
  24. Suffolk County, NY
  25. Sacramento County, CA
  26. Bronx County, NY
  27. Palm Beach County, FL
  28. Nassau County, NY
  29. Hillsborough County, FL
  30. Cuyahoga County, OH
  31. Allegheny County, PA
  32. Oakland County, MI
  33. Orange County, FL
  34. Franklin County, OH
  35. Hennepin County, MN
  36. Fairfax County, VA
  37. Travis County, TX
  38. Contra Costa County, CA
  39. Salt Lake County, UT
  40. Montgomery County, MD
  41. St. Louis County, MO
  42. Pima County, AZ
  43. Fulton County, GA
  44. Honolulu County, HI
  45. Mecklenburg County, NC
  46. Westchester County, NY
  47. Milwaukee County, WI
  48. Wake County, NC
  49. Fresno County, CA
  50. Shelby County, TN
  51. Fairfield County, CT
  52. DuPage County, IL
  53. Pinellas County, FL
  54. Erie County, NY
  55. Marion County, IN
  56. Bergen County, NJ
  57. Hartford County, CT
  58. Prince George’s County, MD
  59. Duval County, FL
  60. New Haven County, CT
  61. Kern County, CA
  62. Macomb County, MI
  63. Gwinnett County, GA
  64. Ventura County, CA
  65. Collin County, TX
  66. El Paso County, TX
  67. San Francisco County, CA
  68. Middlesex County, NJ
  69. Baltimore County, MD
  70. Pierce County, WA
  71. Montgomery County, PA
  72. Hidalgo County, TX
  73. Worcester County, MA
  74. Hamilton County, OH
  75. Essex County, NJ
  76. Multnomah County, OR
  77. Essex County, MA
  78. Jefferson County, KY
  79. Monroe County, NY
  80. Suffolk County, MA
  81. Oklahoma County, OK
  82. San Mateo County, CA
  83. Snohomish County, WA
  84. Cobb County, GA
  85. Denton County, TX
  86. DeKalb County, GA
  87. San Joaquin County, CA
  88. Lake County, IL
  89. Will County, IL
  90. Norfolk County, MA
  91. Jackson County, MO
  92. Bernalillo County, NM
  93. Jefferson County, AL
  94. Hudson County, NJ
  95. Davidson County, TN
  96. Lee County, FL
  97. El Paso County, CO
  98. Denver County, CO
  99. District of Columbia, DC
  100. Monmouth County, NJ
  101. Providence County, RI
  102. Fort Bend County, TX
  103. Bucks County, PA
  104. Baltimore City, MD
  105. Polk County, FL
  106. Kent County, MI
  107. Tulsa County, OK
  108. Arapahoe County, CO
  109. Ocean County, NJ
  110. Delaware County, PA
  111. Johnson County, KS
  112. Bristol County, MA
  113. Anne Arundel County, MD
  114. Washington County, OR
  115. Brevard County, FL
  116. New Castle County, DE
  117. Jefferson County, CO
  118. Union County, NJ
  119. Summit County, OH
  120. Utah County, UT
  121. Montgomery County, OH
  122. Douglas County, NE
  123. Lancaster County, PA
  124. Kane County, IL
  125. Stanislaus County, CA
  126. Ramsey County, MN
  127. Camden County, NJ
  128. Chester County, PA
  129. Sedgwick County, KS
  130. Dane County, WI
  131. Passaic County, NJ
  132. Guilford County, NC
  133. Plymouth County, MA
  134. Morris County, NJ
  135. Volusia County, FL
  136. Lake County, IN
  137. Sonoma County, CA
  138. Montgomery County, TX
  139. Spokane County, WA
  140. Richmond County, NY
  141. Pasco County, FL
  142. Greenville County, SC
  143. Onondaga County, NY
  144. Hampden County, MA
  145. Adams County, CO
  146. Williamson County, TX
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  1. Mack K says

    I’d add Rockingham County (Seacoast), NH. It’s just North of Boston and where many from the city might head after SHTF.

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Thanks for sharing. Should be very helpful for other survivalists living in the Rockingham County area.

      – Just In Case Jack

    • Just In Case Jack says

      It all depends on the level of severity of any event. Any of these events taken to the extreme will cause mass chaos and possibly a Golden Horde of people leaving to find food and resources.

      For instance, if a military coup causes mass rioting and looting do you think your local groceries stores are going to restock once everything becomes looted? No way, not until things settle back down. So if rioting escalates and continues, food and resources will become scarce and people will start vacating the high-density population areas.

      If an EMP knocks out the electrical grid for months/years, same result.

      The one thing that is common to creating a Golden Horde is people being pushed into sever desperation. Having no food, no water are the 2 primary things that will turn people into animals. These people will start to attack each other and vacate cities to look for resources.

      Not a place you want to be anywhere near.

  2. FN says

    Is that an ordered list, ranked by most dangerous?
    If so, how were the rankings calculated?

    Or is it just an unordered list based on population size or density?

    • Just In Case Jack says

      It’s a list of all the counties in the USA that have a high population density. It is not listed in any particular order. If your county is listed and SHTF, you better have a plan to get the hell out of there…fast.

  3. Tonya Curtis says

    I am new to this and my plan was to wait it out at home if possible. Now I happen to find your list of dangerous places to be when SHTF. I am in one of these counties. Now my prepping for food and water supplies goes out the window?

  4. James Chaney says

    Good information although I would have to say that it could have been just a little better, if the counties were in alphabetic order as it would have been better and easier to read

  5. Dale Meyer says

    Don’t forget urban areas that do not have county status. Virginia Beach, Virginia consumed Princess Anne County and became the largest city (by area). It is also very highly populated. The entire region of Virginia around Yorktown, Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach is one big metropolitan population center. And they all have their backs to the Atlantic Ocean. They can only flee inland.

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