Start A Fire: It’s An Essential Survival Skill To Learn

Start A Fire: It’s An Essential Survival Skill To Learn
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Starting A Fire (c)What is the one basic survival skill that truly defines us as uniquely human?

What’s the one skill that no other animal can mimic or replicate?

  • Is it finding water?
  • How about building shelter?
  • Scrounging for food?

It’s actually none of these.

Wild animals continuously find water all on their own, they build shelters called dens and scavenge or hunt for their own food.

So again I ask, what is the one survival skill that is out of reach of an animal’s skill set?

Build A Roaring FireAnimals cannot make Fire.

Knowing how to start a fire is a human only survival skill and Fire is Good.

In our modern world with all our ridiculous convinces and amenities we so easily forget the true power and utility of Fire.

Fire provides heat to keep us warm, it cooks our foods, it purifies water, it generates our electricity, it powers our vehicles and it’s used for personal enjoyment.

Whether you realize it or not, you and your love ones need fire to survive.

Most of us can start a fire in mere seconds with no thought to it. It’s become the norm to click a button, turn a knob or strike a match in order to light anything ablaze.

Heck, we even throw fuels on the fire to accelerate the “catching” process.

Starting a fire has gone from a necessary skill to a commoditized task that’s taken for granted.

It’s so easy that the masses have totally lost the art of starting a fire without a lighter, without fuels and without manufactured materials.

When we lose these basic skills and start assuming that fire starting tools will always be readily available, we unknowingly give up our ability to survive. We put our lives in the hands of others, which is the opposite of being a Prepared Skilled Survivalist.

So when it comes to a real, prolonged survival scenario, fire starting techniques must be mastered if you intend to thrive; and in an emergency situation, fire will help to keep your family alive.

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Now imagine for just one second a bad survival scenario. Let’s pretend you were caught off guard by a surprise blizzard when you were out on a late fall hike (it happens more often than you realize).

What should you do first?

Well since it’s below freezing conditions, your first priority is to seek shelter. Any shelter to break the wind and contain some heat will do.

A cave, an overhang, a rock outcrop or a pine tree bough all work in a pinch.

The second priority is to add warmth fast…or start a fire

You’ll need to quickly figure out and procure a decent fuel source, locate some tinder, some kindling, and create a spark.

Are you confident you have the skills and knowledge to accomplish this monumental task before your fingers go numb?

Before you loved ones begin feeling the painful effects of frostbite?

You have about 30 minutes of exposed skin in -10 F (assuming no wind-chill effects) before the early stages of frostbite begin.  Once the onset of frostbite begins even striking a match will become a sick joke.

Just the thought of such a desperate situation inspires me to continuously keep my fire starting knowledge and skills on point.

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Or how about getting lost in the wilderness in a wet humid forest?

The sun is setting fast, the temperature is plummeting along with the sun and a pack of hungry coyotes are making their uncomfortably close presence known.

You are worried, stressed, frantic and scared. You have a lighter, you have matches and you assumed you were prepared.

You were wrong.

You were not counting on the forest wood being damp and now nothing will light no matter how long you hold your BIC to wood.

  • No Fire; no warmth.
  • No Fire; no protection.
  • No Fire; no rescue signal.

Now let’s take a second to answer another very important survival question. A question that you must answer honestly if you want to truly be prepared.

Have you ever successfully started a fire without the aid of a lighter or matches?

Did you hesitate even the slightest when you quietly answered that question to yourself?

Is there a sliver of doubt about your current fire starting abilities?

It’s better to honestly assess yourself now, while times are still comfortable and access to warmth is abundant.

There are no guarantees that will always be the case.

The good news is you can learn how to master all these survival fire starting skills.

It’s not going to be easy (the best skills never are) and will take some dedication but the first step to master any skill is to gain knowledge.

The second step is to repeatedly apply that knowledge (a.k.a. Practice).

Are you prepared to become a Fire Starting Master?

To take a first step?  I sure hope So….

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Remember: Prepare, Adapt and Overcome,
“Just In Case” Jack
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