Government Control: WHY World-Wide Tyranny Will Rise…

By "Just In Case" Jack | Updated: 10/04/2023

Today I’ve got something quite alarming to share…

Right now…Governments around the world have two choices:

  1. Attack individual freedoms & increase violence on it’s people
  2. Or loose all semblance of power, influence and control

Why? Because whoever controls THE NARRATIVE, controls The People.

And nowadays, Government Narrative Control is under attack from all sides.

And here’s what really interesting….

The Narrative battle going on RIGHT NOW has happened before…

And the results of THAT battle changed the entire make up of the world!

It caused decades of widespread wars and overthrew the entire Monarchy power structure.

And unfortunately THAT’s the sort of future were destined for; whether you like it or NOT…

Yes, this is a BOLD claim, but we can look to history for proof.

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Introduction To Decentralization

The central idea starts with this FACT:

Those who control the Narrative and the Money Supply control the populous.

Absolute monarchies used to hold this power.

Then along came Nation States.

But now, with the information age, a new struggle to maintain control is here.

The current trend toward more authoritarian government control is due to two main forces:

  1. The Decentralization of Media
  2. The Decentralization of Currencies

These two tidal waves of decentralization threaten governments worldwide.

I believe we’re at a pivotal moment in history similar to the invention of the Gutenberg printing press.

The Internet and Cryptocurrencies are today’s version of the Gutenberg printing press.

These new disruptive technologies are pressuring current “Nation-State” power structure.

And thus, Government control must rise (i.e., Tyranny) if Nation States want to remain in power.

Why? Because The Internet is an existential threat to Government Control.

If allowed to remain free…the Internet destroys Governments ironfisted control of THE Narrative.

And such a threat cannot be allowed.

It must be put down like a rabid dog, if control is to be maintained…

Because if a Nation State allows decentralization (and does nothing to counteract it), it will quickly devolve and become powerless.

These trends explain why global tensions, conflict, and turmoil are rising and will continue to rise.

The bottom line:

Government control worldwide will worsen in the coming decades…

Note: You can watch the video below or skip over it and continue reading the article; the content is nearly identical.

↓ Why Rising Tyranny Is Inevitable (Like It Or Not) ↓

Credit: The following ideas were inspired by two primary sources:

Brief History Of The Printing Press

If you go back to the invention of the printing press, you’ll see how disruptive THAT new technology was to THAT era’s lock-tight power structure.

The printing press was the spark that broke past “Government control.”

When the printing press came along, it was a brand-new technology.

And it created, over time, a wave of decentralization.

This power shakeup led to massive chaos, pain, suffering, and war.

Of course, back in the 1400s, when the printing press was invented, people didn’t use the word “Government” for the ruling class.

The ruling class in Europe was a combination of the Monarchies and the Church.

Interpreting The Bible

Before the printing press, the masses relied on Priests to read and interpret the Bible.

Why? For two reasons:

  1. Without printing technology, Bibles were rare, so they were kept under tight control.
  2. Most people were illiterate anyway. So even if they got a peek at a Bible, they couldn’t read it.

And so, people were forced to rely upon the “keepers of the Bible” to tell them what was in it.

Just think about how much control this gave the Church and Monarchies.

You’d be 100% dependent on a Priest’s interpretation.

And, of course, with great power corruption follows.

So these bible gatekeepers invented something called an indulgence, which essentially said,

“You must pay favors to the church (and priests) to be forgiven your sins and to avoid the tortures of hell.”

But the printing press disrupted this long-standing power dynamic.

Because over time, with the printing press, more written material was created, so “the masses” found it useful to become literate.

And at some point, there was was no longer a bottleneck to access the Scriptures.

And the masses read and interpreted it for themselves.

Once this happened, the masses realized those in power were manipulating them.

This is why Martin Luther was so upset when he pinned his thesis to the wall.

Martin Luther realized WHAT the Church was saying and WHAT was written were NOT the same.

This was the environment where monarchies and churches (i.e., past Governments) lost control.

The existing narrative (Roman Church) was challenged by a new narrative (Protestant Church).

These two narratives (i.e., truths) became unreconcilable differences.

And ultimately, this narrative and power shift led to Europe’s long, horrific Thirty Years’ War.

Now, over the long term, the printing press invention was positive for humanity.

But the Thirty Years’ War was the horrible result of the decentralization brought about by the printing press.

Every day folks caught in the middle suffered from senseless violence and mass starvation…

↓ Europe’s Apocalypse: The Shocking Human Cost Of The Thirty Years’ War… ↓

So, what’s today’s equivalent of the Gutenberg press? The Internet.

The internet is the next phase of decentralization of information.

How The Modern Nation State Came to Be

Before the printing press, there were no such things as Nation-States.

Instead, the central system of populous control was through The Church and The Monarchies.

Priests and Kings had ALL the power.

Regular folks had no say, voice, or vote.

Instead, they served a king.

And they fell in line just to keep their family fed.

But once the printing press arrived, it upended the Priest and Monarch’s control over the narrative.

The narrative (or Truth) was no longer in control of a handful of people (kings and priests).

With the democratization of narrative the Monarchy power structure had to go.

But humanity cannot exist in a vacuum.

Society cannot exist in complete social anarchy and chaos.

We require a framework of law and order to live within.

Something we can all live with and support.

After the printing press, humanity generally no longer trusted Monarchies.

So the next best solution was to choose leaders representing their shared interests.

And create laws and rules more in line with the wishes of the collective.

That was the idea, anyway…

Of course, no Nation-State is the same; they have many differences, from liberal democracies to totalitarian regimes.

But we can all agree very few absolute monarchies survived the invention of the printing press.

Absolute Monarchies Became Obsolete…

RED = Remaining Absolute Monarchies

In the map above, only the RED countries are absolute monarchies.

The rest have a constitution or parliament to share their authority.

So most surviving monarchies today are neutered and hold very little actual power.

They are primarily symbolic in nature.

And while Nation-States are more decentralized than Monarchies, they still maintain much of the narrative control (what we call propaganda).

But compared to Monarchies, regular folks had way autonomy and freedom.

So in hindsight, perhaps the Nation-State was the most obvious next step in the social structure evolutions.

But still, large Governments control people and limit many individual freedoms.

Mostly, we follow their rules (whether we agree with them or not) and pay taxes (whether we think it’s a good investment).

  • Yes, it’s way better than having kings and priests decide for you.
  • And power is now more distributed across a bureaucratic representation (in theory).
  • Plus, checks and balances help prevent any single person (or small group) from gaining too much control for long.

But with the invention of the internet, the decentralization of narrative is disrupting todays control and structure.

And this slippage is leading to increasing conflicts.

And I believe this will lead to rising levels of totalitarianism.

The Next Phase of Social Evolution

I believe we’re in the early stages of a new societal transition similar to the years following the printing press.

Back then, after the invention of the printing press, The Church and Monarchies were forced to intact violence on their people.

Why? Because they knew they were losing their grip on power.

A powerful entity in decline will increase its control over its people to survive.

They do this by:

  • enacting new laws, more regulations, and more bureaucracy
  • less privacy, and more watchkeepers and auditors.

And this is exactly what we’re seeing today, right?

We’re at a time when the current powers, the Nation-States, will do everything in their power to maintain control.

But eventually, when all those regulations and oversight don’t “fix the problem,” they’ll move to outright intimidation and violence.

They’ll demonize, demonetize and “make examples” of anyone who falls out of line.

Unfortunately, we are at the cusp of THAT kind of government control and tyranny.

At this point, I want to introduce you to someone:

Niall Ferguson, MA, D.Phil., is the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and a senior faculty fellow of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard.

He was the one who initially brought these concerns to my attention and shares his central idea in the video clip below:

↓ Historian Niall Ferguson on the roots of today’s political polarization

Decentralization of Media

We’re well into the new phase of media decentralization brought about by The Internet.

And this is critical because, again, whoever controls the narrative defines the truth.

And whoever defines the truth defines reality.

Nowadays, with the internet, anyone, anywhere, can talk to anyone else in real-time with no limits to the number of people paying attention.

Sure, there are some “media gatekeepers” today, mainly Big Tech platforms.

But these “social” platforms are being targeted by Government control to stop the spread of “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

The US Government is putting extreme pressure on these “gatekeepers” to maintain control of the “narrative.”

However, over the long term, with The Internet, the march towards narrative decentralization is inevitable.

But make no mistake; NO Nation State will go quietly into the night.

They will do EVERYTHING in their power to remain in power – including violence.


The threshold between verbal violence and actual violence is a very fragile fence. – Niall Ferguson

How We Got Where We Are

Nation-states have always had some control over the media.

Before TV and the internet, it was newspapers and pamphlets.

Nation-States never had absolute narrative control, unlike past Monarchies.

But they have had enough “persuasion” and “influence” to keep things within a “reasonable” range.

And since the information was created and distributed by only a handful of companies, influence was relatively easy.

For example:

In the US era of broadcast television, there were only 3 major networks to worry about.

And these 3 networks had to keep their narrative in a relatively tight range for two reasons:

  1. They had to talk to ALL Americans so that they couldn’t stray too far from the middle without alienating a massive chunk of their audience.
  2. Governments could influence such a small number of media channels with ease.

Then along came Cable News; that’s when controlling the narrative became more complex but still possible to some degree.

Then the internet came along and broke the control of the narrative wide open.

Now influence and control over the narrative is a much more challenging problem.

Perhaps even futile at some point.

Because it takes a whole lot more time and resources even to attempt to shape so many opinions at scale.

In summary: 

Each of these changes in Media creation, distribution, and consumption has led toward more and more decentralization of narrative.

More voices mean less control and influence.

↓ Who Rules America: The Power of The Media | Propaganda

I’m not saying whether decentralization is good or bad long term.

There are pros and cons either way you look at it.

I’m saying this is happening whether we like it or not.

The internet is here; we must learn to live with it.

Ok, so what are the next steps? What’s the future hold?

Next Steps In the Decentralization of Media

I believe blockchain and Web 3.0 are the subsequent phases of decentralization.

I’ll be honest here; I’m NO expert in Web 3.0.

I know just enough to see how it may affect the next phase of decentralization.

Here’s what I think is most important to understand with Web 3.0 from a media control standpoint:

Web 3.0 will allow individuals to control the media they produce.

They no longer have to bow to the current social media gatekeepers (Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.).

People will be able to support “journalists” directly and anomalously.

We already see some of these ideas with setups like Substack.

But theoretically, Web 3.0 will be even freer from control and influence…

With Web 3.0, there’s no longer a middleman who can “cancel you” if they (or a Nation-State) don’t like or agree with what you’re saying.

Here’s a video worth watching to help better understand the main ideas (and implications) behind Web 3.0:

↓ What is Web 3.0? (Explained with Animations)

If this is true, and Web 3.0 takes off, do you think the government will like that?

No way.

Web 3.0 means even less government control over “dangerous ideas.”

There’s no way governments will willingly allow complete narrative control to slip through their fingers, right?

Instead, they’ll be forced to:

  1. Outlaw any new technology that promotes online free speech
  2. Punish any “inconvenient ideas” by labeling dissenters as a terrorist and throwing them in jail.

We already see some of these tactics, right?

Read the entire DHS bulletin for yourself.

And it’s NOT just the decentralization of Media we’re seeing.

But at the same time, we’re also seeing the decentralization of the Monetary Supply.

Decentralization of Currencies

Ok, this one is even more complicated, so; I’m only going to give you the broad strokes.

Not only are Nation-States in a battle for “narrative control,” but cryptocurrencies are threatening Nation-State currency control.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc., are not nationally approved currencies.

And so far, they are not controlled by Nation-States (especially when you store your coins on a hardware wallet that only you control).

China is the exception, but they are already more tyrannical than Western governments.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized transactions using digital tokens.

You can trade and spend these crypto tokens (digital currency) without using banks or credit cards.

This is decentralization 101, and it cuts out (i.e. threatens) traditional finance intermediaries.

But for anyone to do that, there must be a reason to trust, right?

A currency of exchange only works if people trust it.

With crypto, transactions are recorded as public records via blockchain technology.

And again, complicated stuff, but in theory, the blockchain is a mistake-proof way to decentralize buying and spending with confidence.

Now, of course, with any new technology, there will be issues and growing pains.

But IF people start shifting from National currencies to cryptocurrencies, the governments will lose monetary control.

They won’t be able to ‘print more’ and inflate their way out of crushing national debt.

They also won’t be as successful at using interest rates to control the economy.

Decentralized Finance

If cryptocurrencies ever gain mass adoption, government-controlled interest rates won’t control economic activities.

Why? Because people won’t rely on financial gatekeepers like big banks to get loans.

Instead, people can secure loans directly from other “nonbank” groups via crypto and blockchain technology.

Nation-States use these “gatekeepers” to control interest rates to help support or slow down economic activities.

But with cryptocurrencies, Nation-States can no longer use these “levers” to manipulate the value of money.

Plus, cryptocurrencies and encryption may undermine the government’s ability to track and tax.

IF people discover they can avoid (or hide) much of their income or assets from the IRS…this would, in turn, reduce government revenues over time.

↓ How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY Works.

So as you can see, IF cryptocurrencies mature and go mainstream, the government will lose much of its control over finances.

ANY government in its right mind cannot allow this to happen.

They will fight it with everything they’ve got.

Currently, it seems like most governments worldwide are not threatened by crypto…yet.

But let’s say; for argument’s sake, we enter into a period of hyperinflation.

Perhaps, traditional currencies go into massive decline (Russian ruble, Mexican pesos, US dollar). In that case, many people will abandon the “sinking ships” and move to cryptos.

Why? Because anyone facing the wealth destruction of hyperinflation may see crypto as a better option.

Such a dire situation may shift the crypto risk and reward equation. 

We already saw this phenomenon in Venezuela.

Again, the loss of monetary control by a Nation-State is a death sentence.

With cryptocurrencies, the next phase of monetary decentralization will have far-reaching implications for EVERYONE globally.

And the world’s governments will be forced to clamp down to maintain control.

Government Control: What’s Next?

What will that look like if governments are forced to evolve or even devolve?

I’m not sure.

No one knows precisely what the future holds.

I hope the ride is manageable.

And I pray there will be less corruption, more accountability, and morality when we get to the other side.

But history has proven this transition will be chaotic.

And government control and violence will get worse before it gets better.

For example:

Today, more than ever, people want to secede from the union.

I’m not saying that WILL happen, but it sure feels more possible now than ever…

But I believe whatever comes will be messy and dangerous.

I think the Nation States rooted in democracy may be forced to model more Authoritarian regimes in the future.

Why? Due to their built-in respect for human rights, it may be necessary for these Governments to trample on “rights” to survive.

Unfortunately, the modern-day Nation State and Individual “rights” may no longer be compatible.

Are we entering the dystopian, Orwellian future written about in the book 1984?

That feels more possible today than ever before.

↓ Is 1984 Becoming a Reality? – George Orwell’s Warning to the World

The bottom line is:

We’re now in a societal era much like the invention of the Gutenberg printing press.

So, brace yourself because it will be a painful journey to the other side, just like the Thirty Years’ War in Europe.

What YOU Can Do About It

To have hope (and avoid feeling debilitating anxiety about the future), you must shift your focus from what you can’t control to what YOU CAN control.

And the only thing regular folks (like you and me) can fully control is how resilient (or fragile) we are to future chaos.

We know future chaos and turmoil are inevitable.

Even IF the future doesn’t play out as disastrously as I suggest above, the future will NOT be smooth sailing.

At the very least, national disasters and financial crises are on the horizon.

Nobody knows precisely when or how bad, but we know they will come.

  • So why would you live a life fragile to these events?
  • Why wouldn’t you make an effort to plan for the “troubled times” ahead?

That is why I think you should start living a resilient life.

To me, living a resilient life means acquiring some essential supplies just in case, which is a lot like investing in your own mini-insurance policy.

It’s a way to protect what you currently have and smooth out the wild ride ahead.

Fragile Vs. Resilient

The first step to “living a resilient life” is to figure out where you stand on the “fragile vs. resilient” spectrum.

Find out now by taking my short and easy Readiness Score Quiz.

Once complete, you’ll get an answer to how fragile or resilient you are. And once you know, you’ll either:

  1. Get some much-needed peace of mind OR
  2. Realize you’ve got some work to do!

Click here to take this short quiz.

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