7 Crucial Steps To Get Your Family Earthquake Ready

7 Crucial Steps To Get Your Family Earthquake Ready
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Earthquake Ready (1)Are You Earthquake Ready?

Whenever a large earthquake hits, I’m always reminded of how dangerous they are.

It’s extremely unfortunate when people get hurt by these powerful forces, but they are a natural cycle of this planet we call home.

So what can we do to prepare ourselves for this force of nature?

This infographic will give you 7 highly actionable steps you can start taking today.

Are you ready for an Earthquake?

So make sure you take the time to secure your home with these 7 action steps to get your home earthquake ready.

1 – Protection Your Family From Your Chimney

You can start off in the attic

Brick chimneys can be very dangerous, if the bricks come loose they could fall through the ceiling drywall and hit a family member.To combat this add some plywood sections strategically around the chimney in the attic and they will not allow the bricks to fall through he ceiling.

2 – Work On Securing Wall Decorations

Add some extra anchor support to any heavy objects such as mirror, pictures or bookshelves, If possible, relocate these heavy furniture to locations that are less of a risk (you want to move all large furniture away from beds).

3 – Secure All Hanging Items

Don’t rely on drywall plaster to hold up your plants.Find the nearest wood beam and make sure to screw it in tight with a pair of pliers.

4 – Anchor Your Bookshelves

Add L-shaped brackets to the backside of bookshelves to secure them to the wall.  You might also consider adding book guard rails to help keep books from falling out and landing on someone. You can also remove heavier objects and relocate them closer to the floor.

5 – Check Your Gas Appliances

Gas stoves, dryers or any other appliance should never be connected directly by rigid gas pipes.  Instead, there should be a flexible hose that connects from the rigid pipe to your appliance which allows your appliance to move without causing dangerous gas leaks.

6 – Audit Your Kitchen and Dining Areas

Consider installing latch cupboards if you don’t already have them.  The ones used for child-proofing are cheap, and you’ll get used to using them in no time.

For delicate china dishes, try installing some putty underneath them to help hold them in place.

For larger appliances that can roll (refrigerators) add a flexible strap to the back side to keep them from rolling across the floor during the shaking.

7 – Know Where Your Main Gas Shutoff Valve Is Located

Once the earthquake has passed, you’ll want to go ahead and shut off all gas to your home. Gas explosions are a significant threat when a massive earthquake hits so if you can isolate your home from this immediately the better chances you have of avoiding an earthquake-induced gas explosion.

By taking the time to complete these 7 actions, you’ll be putting yourself and your family in a much safer environment should an earthquake happen in your hometown.

Even if you don’t live in an earthquake-prone area, many of these steps are still highly recommended to help prevent everyday dangers from occurring.

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