Homemade Booby Traps: Enter At Your Own Risk

Homemade Booby Traps: Enter At Your Own Risk
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Homemade Booby Traps (c)A survivalist homemade booby trap is a device intended to automatically detect, scare, injure or kill.  To protect your homestead from unsuspecting threats.

For our purposes, a threat is anyone trying to enter our property or homes without your permission. Thieves, bandits, gangs, etc.

During times of normalcy, it’s essential to keep the booby traps to the non-lethal, non-threatening sort. Simple alarm trip wires and such.

Yet, when SHTF…all bets are off…

So we will first cover 2 alert based traps.  Then several outdoor homemade booby traps and finally share a few home entrance booby traps.

Remember: In order for any of these booby traps to work, they must be discreet and out of site of its intended victim.

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Alarm Trip Wires and Booby Traps

Your current focus should be on traps that alert you to intruders. Traps that allow you to either hide, fight or get away.

1 – The Air Horn Trip Wire Booby Trap

First up is an air horn alarm trip wire.  This is a perfect setup to detect if anyone is attempting to sneak onto your property.

2 – The Explosive Trip Wire Booby Trap

Next up is another alarm based booby trap but uses explosives to create both noise and a flash.

3 – The Sentry Alarm Mine Booby Trap

And here’s a third way to set up a perimeter alarm system. This one is my personal favorite and extremely simple to setup.

You should buy a pack of these .22 Sentry Alarm Mines and also get some USGI green trip wire to go with them.

All three of these options are excellent to alert you to a potential threat.

Half the battle to defending your home is to be aware when a threat is present.

One of the biggest challenges to SHTF home defense is getting sound sleep. This is no easy task with the constant threat of an ambush.

Placing these tripwires around your property will allow you some much-needed sleep. Because you can rely on them to wake you at the first indication of a trespasser.

Now that you’ve got your alarm booby traps set…it’s time to plan the next level of traps.

Note: Setting up any of the following traps in and around your home is highly illegal.  These examples are for illustrative purposes ONLY to prepare you for SHTF.
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Property Booby Traps

4 – The Swinging Log Trap

This booby trap is ideal if you own property with mature trees to work with.  You should use natural obstacles on your properties perimeter to channel threats into a single location (using tall fences, bushes, etc) then add this trap at that location.

5 – The Spring Spear Trap

This booby trap one can be hidden in a lot of locations on your property. It can be made much larger if so desired. Obviously, a larger device would create more damage and harm.

6 – The Rock Swing with Spikes Booby Trap

The rock swing with spikes is a simple booby trap to make and would be effective.

Hang this booby trap up high on a tree branch with a tripwire trigger. This device will swing down with speed and injury anybody in its path.

Even if it doesn’t hit its intended target, it would be an excellent deterrent. Why? Because when someone sees this booby trap swing past them they will think twice about continuing.

Rock Fall With Spikes

7 – The Log Swing With Spikes Trap

Similar to the previous booby trap we covered, but even more lethal. The wider the log, the less chance of missing the intended target.

Spiked Log

8 – The Spike Pit Booby Traps

Hidden pits can be dug in strategic locations on your property. These can be either large or small.

Smaller pits would injure feet when stepped in while larger ones could be deadly.

Spike Pit

Spike Pit 2

Home Defense Booby Traps

If it’s truly SHTF and an intruder makes it past the alarm trips wires. If he somehow avoids your property booby traps, then you’ll need to rely on some home defense traps set up on your home entrances.

9 – The Simple But Effect Nail Spikes

Nail spikes are easy to make burglar traps and can be used at every entrance location. These work best when you hide them from plain view and can be set up on front porches or outside beneath lower level windows.

Homemade Booby Traps Nail Spikes

10 – The Unsuspecting Upside Down Rake Easy Booby Trap

Everyone’s heard of this “gag” and it might seem a bit silly. Yet, if you’ve ever actually stepped on an upside-down rake then you know how much damage it can do.

Place a few of these easy booby traps in likely travel locations and you might just knock someone out cold.

Front (or back) door home booby traps are set up to cause harm to someone who tries to enter your abode without permission. These traps are designed to have something fall on their heads or a triggering a device upon opening the door.

11 – Electrocution Window Sills and Door Knobs

Using large batteries and a bit of copper wire you can electrically charge anything metal.

If you set this booby trap up correctly, then anyone who grabs the door knob or metal window sill will get a nice shock.

The more electrical juice, the bigger the shock.

Here’s a video of this concept done as a prank, but its application for home defense purposes is legit.

Main Entrance Homemade Booby Traps

12 – The Chemical Bucket Drop

Here’s another simple booby trap to setup.

Use a bucket (or old paint can) and add some nasty chemicals to it. Then position the can above a door on a floating shelf with a wire tied to the can. When the door opens, the can tips and the chemicals fall onto the intruder.

13 – The Shot Gun Booby Trap

The trigger of a shotgun is rigged to the action of a door opening.

The shotgun must be mounted securely for this to work. This is an extremely illegal and deadly booby trap. It’s not something you should set up under normal circumstances.

Shot Gun Booby Trap

Obviously, you won’t find any videos of this setup in action. However, here’s a good prank video that gives you an idea of how this booby trap setup would work.

14 – The Loud (Ear Piercing) Door Stop Alarm

Everyone should have alarm systems at their main entrance locations; front door and back door. But nobody wants to spend a crazy amount of money on an alarm system and that’s before the monitoring fees.

door stop alarm

Instead, you should invest in a couple of these Door Stop Alarms.door stop alarm 2I can’t imagine any intruder continuing to enter after triggering one of these insanely loud alarm devices.


15 – The Guard Dog

While not technically a homemade booby trap, having a loyal guard dog is another badass way to deter intruders. The sight and sound of an attacking German Sheppard will keep most sane people away.

German Sheppard

Action Steps To Setting Up Your Homemade Booby Traps

  • Research: Familiarize yourself with what makes a good booby trap and easy to make booby traps. Learn how to make booby traps out of household items.
  • Materials: You can get the alarm materials here and here. Purchase the best materials for your homemade booby trap to make them more effective.
  • Layout: Locate the ideal placements for your booby traps.
  • Practice: Practice making several of these booby traps and test them to ensure they work correctly.

Every survivalist should be prepared to make these homemade traps, but don’t stop there.  When SHTF there will be millions of people looking for food, water, and shelter. You need to be prepared to defend what’s yours.

But not only should you booby trap your property, it’s also essential that you avoid common home defense mistakes.

  • Do you know why you should never put a tall fence around your home?
  • Did you realize that in a national emergency security alarms systems will be essentially useless?
  • Are you aware that deadbolts are “false security” and there are much better methods to securing your front door?

Check out this video to learn more.

bullet proof home video image

Now It’s Your Turn…

I believe these booby traps are some of the best and most effective to defend your home. Yet, I know the possibilities are truly endless. I shared a few of my favorite traps today and I’d love to hear about ones you’ve setup.

If you’re aware of any good booby traps that I didn’t discuss, make sure to add it to the comments below. The more easy booby traps we can add to this post…the better!

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  1. Mountain Man says

    Another idea for early warning is a motion detector kit that can be mounted outside the home, sometimes up to 1,000′ away. I have one that has multiple sensors that can be mounted at all points of approach to the house with each sensor setting off a different tone on the base unit inside the house so we know from which side someone is approaching.

    Years ago we had some snotty nosed obnoxious kids who like to “ring and run” our doorbell. I set one of these up and it stopped immediately when I opened the door on them before they could reach the door.

    The set I have now is put away in my EMP proof set up and ready for installation after things go down. The base unit can operate on batteries or a wall outlet, while the motion sensors are on batteries. I use low self discharge (LSD) rechargeable batteries in the sensors to extend the operating life.

    • Datru says

      invest in a Raspberry Pi . Write some code to send data through your favorite source of transfer (wifi, bluetooth, am) attach a trigger lead and some microswitches.

  2. matt says

    Most people are familiar with drain o bombs and if not its just a bottle of THE WORKS brand drain cleaner and balled up tin foil in an empty 2 liter bottle. The result…a big poison explosion. Now I wouldnt suggest this unless in a life or death situation but, two thirds cleaner one third gum ball sized balls of tin foil and broken glass in a twenty ounce plastic soda bottle…..you got a serious deterrent. Have the tin foil balls all pre-rolled up and try drop them all in at once seal asap and throw that sucker. No matter what you use for the extra deterrent broken glass…..bb’s needles be sure they go in BEFORE the tin foil and be no where in the explosions path. The pressure builds fast and its a powerful pop.

  3. RJ says

    We had some kids trespassing on our property. We rigged up a few paintball markers, set at full auto, 20 balls per second, at crotch level. reversed the contacts on the trigger microswitch so marker would fire with trigger in foreward positon, put a piece of dowel b/t trigger and trigger guard. ran a piece of clear fish line as trip wire. Worked great. KIds parents threw a fit, but had told them to keep their kids off our land.

  4. RJ says

    I think a paintball gun rigged up inside would make a great non-leathal booby trap. Use reballs so there is no mess. Would hurt like hell, wake homeowner up and possibly make intruder retreat.

  5. says

    Personally I’m a big fan of caltrops, I made one design thats a relatively long fat nail, with a point made to penetrate a boot with ease and long enough that it’ll come out the other side. Now I want to do more experiments with barbs on them for extra fun.

    On top of that I’ve done some experiments with the modernized punji stick. I Cut off the heads of old golf clubs then cut it to the shape of a hypodermic needle at standard bevel. I guarantee you it’ll go through your foot or punch a hole through your thigh.

    Then there’s razor blades, put them at a 45 degree angle towards the windowsill so if someone tries to climb in, they’ll need more than just new fingerprints 🙂

    When SHTF Im ready.

  6. me says

    The Snatch and Drag…
    innocent looking log, branch on the trailing end of a walk path, clearing etc. attached on both end is rope in yoke fashion. hidden rope attaches to yoke goes in front of predicted path of intruders. more or less a gravity powered dragging device. rock drop, log drop setup. It will mame and really stop intruders. I’m in the process of setting mine up. my setup isn’t easy and differs greatly.

  7. Kelli says

    I seen the shotgun trap on tv show 1,000 ways to die…this poor fella had it set up during night time when he would go to sleep…well one night he was sleepwalking and was killed by his own trap…very sad! So def wait till SHTF for any of these bc you just never know.

  8. Jeffrey says

    Intimidation to sell property nightly disturbances since September 21 2013 by cowardly, gutless and spineless intimidators who stalk and disturb the peace of sleep of a bachelor retiree from midnight to 0600 hrs to sell my corner block plot just opposite the Sanctum Sanctorum (Holy of Holies) “the pub” with an average of 1 to 3 hrs sleep every night for the past 1051 days by hitting my bedrooms. The police are as useless as tits on a bull, have spend AUD$25,000.00 replacing and upgrading security cameras and sensors and by the time I hear the bang, jump out of bed into slippers, grab a torch, keys, hockey stick, turn off the alarm system, open the front and screen doors – the pariahs have bolted. Will try one or two of your traps – with a permanent dyes to mark the buggers faces and clothes for police to take action.

  9. Jo says

    Just Remember, after you deal with an intruder, the ball is then in his court. He will probably retaliate in a full escalated manor against you. Think hard about your tactics. He just about has to be arrested too, when caught.

  10. Ned j says

    How legal is it if someone gets hurt in your backyard or in a process of entering your yard or home by a traps of different kinds . ?? I must know a true legality of it in california . I have being robed several times and have alarm an they stil or he still keeps getting back. Cops can’t do nothing they are harmless ticket givers only . Please help

    • Just In Case Jack says

      I’m not qualified to provide any legal advice on such matters. I’ve never attended law school. The suggestions in this post are for a future TEOTWAWKI type of a world. A world where there is no law and order, and one where you must ruthlessly defend what’s yours from bandits. So you’re best bet is to seek a qualified lawyer to get your legal advice for such a situation.

  11. Daphne Shaw says

    Help. I’m 48 single female and I’ve got a criminal record from years back. I’ve had batteries stolen out of my cars & the latest thing is the Infiniti I30 I own had the back taillight cover broken & the bulb removed. All my Windows & doors have been kicked in and even the glass taken out of window & silicone put it back in place. All the meth heads know I sleep & won’t call the law.

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