105 Ways Your Life Will Change After TEOTWAWKI

105 Ways Your Life Will Change After TEOTWAWKI
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TEOTWAWKI - Life Will Never Be The SameTEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It

To me, this term means something unimaginably massive has happened. An event that has thrust our world back into a pre-electricity, pre-grid power era.

TEOTWAWKI is not a small time emergency. It’s an event that throws all humans back into a prolonged mode of brutal survival.

How might such an event occur?

  • Maybe it’s a deadly highly infectious disease that wipes out 90% of the world population.
  • Maybe it’s a Nationwide EMP that causes unrepairable electrical infrastructure damage. Bad enough that it cannot be recovered before all hell breaks loose.
  • Maybe it’s a Nuclear Holocaust.

Whatever the cause, have you ever stopped to REALLY think about the exact things that would be different in your life after TEOTWAWKI? Doing so will give you a whole new perspective.

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1 – No More Mowed Lawns

Mowing will be a thing of the past. Mowing will be a complete waste of calories in a world where every calorie matters. Fuel will also be a rare resource not to be wasted on such trivial things  as a nice kept lawn.

Lawns will become waste high grass fields. Same thing goes for your local parks.

2 – No More Daily Traffic Jams (maybe permanent ones though)Traffic Jams

Without massive fuel distribution on a daily basis, we will run out of the energy needed to power vehicles. Plus, since everyone will be out of work anyways there will no longer be daily commuting.

However, there will be massive permanent traffic jams. These will be from all the vehicles that are left behind by people who abandoned them in panic.

Here are a few different fuel options to consider for after TEOTWAWKI.

3 – No More Video Games

This one is a no-brainer. Without electricity, you won’t be able to play your Grand Theft Auto or Angry Birds. Bummer.

4 – Not As Many Pets – More Stray Pets

When food becomes scarce so will pet ownership. People will not be able to feed their pets or have time to care for pets. It’s a luxury that will end.

I personally consider my chocolate lab my best friend and family member, so he is part of my preps. However, for those who are not prepared, they will not have the resources to continue to care for them.

5 – No More Restaurants, Fast Food, or Delivery

Sorry, but you’re going to be cooking your own meals from now on. Hopefully, you’ve prepared and actually have food stockpiled to cook with.

Essentially, no grid electricity means no more businesses who prepare food for you.

6 – Real books Will Be Worth A Lot Morebooks cropped

Real, physical books with pages will be worth a lot. With no electricity, you have no computer and no eBooks. So physical books will become relevant again.

The best books will show people how to perform desirable tasks such as Gardening or Fixing Things.  But a good fiction will become cherished as well.

7 – Urban Trees Will Be Gone

When winter hits people will need firewood for heat. The first place they will get firewood will be their own backyard trees. Tree vs freeze to death? Bye bye, backyard trees. Next up will be public trees.

Bottom line: In just a few years, there may be no more trees in the urban settings.

8 – No More Indoor Plumbing

Most people rely on water towers (gravity to create water pressure) to supply their homes with water. Water towers are filled by pumps and pumps require electricity. No electricity equals no indoor plumbing. Your sinks will be dry and your toilets won’t flush.

Just think about this. This is a major issue that will significantly decrease sanitation.

9 – No More Designer Weddings – Fewer Weddings in General

When you are just trying to survive, things like expensive weddings will be one of the first things to go. I see this as a positive myself.

My guess is that there will be less weddings in general.

10 – More Deaths Due To Basic Illnesses knuckle scratch infection

Medication manufacturers will not be able to operate. So your flu shots, antibiotics, and pain medications will not be as readily available.

Those who do have these won’t be sharing them willing. You might be able to barter for some, but it might cost a lot of high-quality gear or ammo. Why? Because someone who has life-saving medications has all the leverage.

What are you going to do, not trade them and risk death?

Many people won’t be able to afford them or just can’t find any access. So a harmless scratch may become infected and become your demise if TEOTWAWKI happens.

11 – More Children Born 

This is my best guess for the longer term, once the initial hell settles down. The first year or two after TEOTWAKWI there will be few pregnancies. Why? Because the majority of people will be in survival mode and don’t want to bring a baby into this horrible world.

However, once things settle down, survivors won’t have contraception or safe abortion options. Many suggest that sex is a human need and that we are wired for it. So healthy young couples in survival communities will end up having more than 1 or 2 kids. They might not want kids per say, but inevitably it will happen.

Like large American frontier family’s in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

12 – No More Professional Sports

When your survival is seriously in question, games and sports no longer hold interest. Not only that, but the athletes themselves will be with their families trying to survive as well.

Professional sports will be something that kids ask about around the fire at night. “Tell us about this thing you call Football and Fantasy Football?” It will be such a foreign concept to anyone young or born after TEOTWAWKI.

13 – Online Purchases Will No Longer Exist

Without electricity, there will be no internet. Without the internet, you can’t buy stuff online. Plus, there won’t be any nationwide mail services available either. So even if you could buy you wouldn’t be able to get anything delivered.

I enjoy writing for this blog, but if TEOTWAWKI happens this gig will be over.

The good news, I suppose, is we will no longer have to worry about our online privacy.

14 – No Emergency Services Available

If TEOTWAWKI happens, the emergency service providers will quickly become overwhelmed. The most honorable may attempt to “do their jobs” initially. But soon they will realize they need to stop trying to save others. And start worrying about their own families.

They will abandon their posts and head home to save their own families.

15 – Large Backyard Gardens Will Become More Popular

People who have access to seeds will attempt to grow their own food. That might be the easy part. The hard part might be protecting your backyard garden from scavenging neighbors.

Of course, you can’t rely soley on a garden for your food replenishments, but it should be one part of it.

16 – Seeds Would Become Worth a Lot More

Heirloom seeds will become worth a lot. Heirloom seeds yield both produce and harvestable seeds. Theses seeds can then be saved for the following year’s plantings.

If you know what you are doing, you can save seeds every year and replant them the next year into perpetuity. That’s obviously an amazing tool to have when food resources are scarce.

Plus, they will be amazing for bartering if you have extra.

Don’t be fooled tho. Just having these seeds without gardening skills and know-how will create a false sense of security. The time to start a garden is before TEOTWAWKI, not after.

17 – No More Movies or Fancy Actors / Actresses

Like professional sports, pretending to be someone you’re not in front of cameras will no longer be something anyone is interested in. And without electricity, you can’t watch them anyways.

After things settle out, there may be small skits that local survival groups put on for some evening fun. But that’s only if they sort out all their immediate survival needs first.

18 – No More Concerts or Fancy Musicians

I believe that local, acoustic, folksy music will survive. People will eventually play fiddles and acoustic guitars. However, mega concerts in stadiums will be a thing of the past.

To me, this is 100% fine. No more Beiber mania or watching Miley Cyrus doing lewd acts on stage. I could do without this anyways, thanks.

19 – Increased Neighborhood Waste / Stench

garbage pile

With no indoor plumbing or waste pickup services, neighborhoods are going to reek. Where will people put their trash? Best guess is they will dump their waste down the street somewhere in the middle of the night. However, it will just sit there in the sun and rain and fly and rodents will swoop in.

This is one of those things people forget to consider when preparing. Trust me, it will become a shitty problem to deal with.

20 – No More Flying


Without electricity, fuel will not be mass produced. Without fuel, planes won’t fly. So the skies will look like they did immediately after 9/11. They will be empty and they will stay empty.

No more flying across the country to visit family for the holidays.

21 – Limited Communications

HAM Radio

Cell phones won’t work. Telephones won’t work. So how are you going to call and communicate with family if the live several states away? The answer is you probably won’t.

Unless both parties have ham radios, with backup electrical generation systems, you won’t be communicating with them.

Without mail services, no letters can be sent either. So if you decide to try and get home after TEOTWAWKI you’ll be heading there blind. Not really knowing if they will still be there or even be alive.

22 – Roads Will Be Terrible To Drive – Many Impassible

Roads might be OK for a few years after TEOTWAWKI. However, without regular maintenance roads and bridges will quickly begin to fail. Potholes will get bigger and bigger, bridges will crumble and eventually fail.

Even if you could drive a few years after TEOTWAWKI (which is doubtful) you won’t be traveling at 85 MPH. You’ll be driving more like 30 MPH, if you’re lucky.

23 – Bikes Will Be Much More Popular

Since most vehicles will be useless, bikes will become popular for local travel.  Extreme caution will be necessary (especially immediately after TEOTWAWKI) since you don’t want to run into unfriendly strangers. But if you have to travel any distance, then a bike (especially a mountain bike on a secluded trail) will be something lots of survivalists will embrace.

Here’s a list of your best transportation options after TEOTWAWKI.

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24 – Popular Recreation Will Be Gone

These expensive hobbies will be a thing of the past. Golf, bowling, skiing – these hobbies will vanish overnight. There won’t be any extra time to waste on such extravagant lifestyle activities.

25 – Rain Collection Systems Will Become the Norm

When the taps go dry, you’ll want to set up simple roof rainwater collection systems. You can collect an impressive amount of rainwater if you have barrels on each downspout.  When TEOTWAWKI occurs nearly everyone will start collecting rain water.

26 – Massive Unemployment

You will no longer have a job. At least not one in the traditional sense.

Your new everyday job will be surviving. Gathering resources, fending off unfriendly strangers and protecting your family. This is your new full-time job and it’s going to be the hardest job you’ve ever had.

27 – Hand Tools Will Become Worth More

Hand tools that don’t need electricity to operate will skyrocket in value. Not price in terms of paper money (it won’t be worth anything), but price in terms of bartering leverage. Real Value.

28 – People Will Take Up Old School Skills

Old school, pre-industrial age skills will come backing into high demand. You might be able to use these skills to barter or trade with neighbors. Sewing and mending clothes will be valuable. Resoling shoes and boots will become a necessary craft. Carpentry might be useful.

Using your hands to build or fix things will be important after TEOTWAWKI event. Here’s 20 valuable skills to barter with after TEOTWAWKI.

29 – Personal Sanitation Will Decrease

We already talked about indoor plumbing  and dealing with human waste will be a huge issue to deal. But so will everyday cleanliness. Daily showers will be a thing of the past. Baths will be the norm and once a week if you’re extremely lucky.

The process of finding water and carrying it into the house will be a time-consuming chore. Not one you’ll want to do with any regular frequency.

If you live near a large body of water, river, lake or pond, then it will make more sense to strip down and jump in.

Also, having a warm bath will take a lot more time and energy so cold baths will be the new norm.

30 – Cities Will Become Dangerous Death TrapsDense Crowd

Cities will be extremely dangerous, especially in the first few months/years after TEOTWAWKI event. Millions of starving people will create massive violence. People attack each other for scarce resources.

Over time, people will flee the city looking for more resources. Those left behind will survive mainly by taking from others by force.

If you live in a major city, I suggest you bug out as soon as things go south. If you don’t live in a major city, then it’s best to avoid and never be tempted to go into one. It will most likely be a death trap.

And I’m not willing to bet my life on it.

31 – No Colleges or Universities

Higher education will be limited to local survival communities. If a small survival community survives, then it will begin educating its children. However, it won’t be the same sort of education that we have today.

Survival skills and weapon use will be the main education topics. Not philosophy and liberal arts.

32 – Horses Will Become More Popular Again

If you have horses and you can keep them from starving, then they will grow in popularity. Once things settle out, the survivors are going to use horses for travel. Like early frontier days.

33 – Body Hair Will Not Be Groomed

Shaving daily will become a thing of the past. Because fresh, sharp blades will be less readily available. And most won’t want to waste the time and energy to do so.

So men in general, will have more facial hair and women will have unshaven legs and armpits.

34 – Greenback Won’t Be the Recognized Currencydollar bill

Paper money will be worth nothing. The only reason it has value today is because people have confidence in it. Confidence that those paper dollars will be recognized by others to represent value.

TEOTWAWKI will destroy all confidence in paper dollars holding any value.

If you think about it this paper can’t do anything practical.

It can’t dig like a good tactical shovel, it can’t be eaten to give us calories, it can’t be used for self-defense.

The only use paper dollars have after TEOTWAWKI is to help start fires and to be used as emergency toilet paper.

35 – No More Dieting and Weight Control Programs

When food resources are scarce, being overweight will no longer be a problem. Starvation will be the new issue people are confronted with.

36 – National Politics Won’t Matter

Are you as sick of national politics as I am? Liberals, progressives, RINOs, gun grabbers. They all make me sick. After TEOTWAWKI the only politics you’ll have to worry about is local politics.

No matter how small your group of survival coalition is, there will be some form of decision making. There will be leaders and followers.

This is local politics.

37 – Correct Prescription Eye Glasses Will Become Cherished

If like me you wear corrective lenses, then you need to plan carefully before TEOTWAWKI. Blurry vision is huge disadvantage in survival. From shooting guns to spotting intruders.

Blurry vision will get you killed after TEOTWAWKI.

So you need to have eyeglasses and preferably a backup pair. They won’t be making any more. Plus, the odds of bartering for a pair with your exact prescription is basically zero.

They way I see it, you have 2 options:

1) Get LASIK vision correction ASAP

2) Consider getting a pair of sport goggles with your prescription today, just in case. Sport goggles can take a lot more abuse than traditional eyeglasses.

38 – Firearm Carry Will Become the Normruger gunsite scout

Those who survive will be gun carriers. No permits needed. Without any form of law enforcement, we’ll go back to the Wild West era of packing heat everywhere we go.

Plan to gear up for TEOTWAWKI gun fights.

39 – No More Planning Around the Weather

Weather for the day will be a complete surprise. Of course, you’ll know the general seasons. You’ll know it’s not going to snow in July. However, you won’t know what the next 10 days are going to bring as far as storms or droughts.

Why? Because our current system of weather forecasting will no longer function. No more planning your picnics around the weather. But no one will be picnicking anyways…

However, here are some great old school methods to predict what the weather might have in store.

40 – A Lot Less Wildlife


Wildlife equals protein. Starving humans equals mass local wildlife extinction. Birds, squirrels, deer, and rabbits will all be wiped out locally. Probably snakes too. Some people will eat rodents. However, rats carry disease and multiply like crazy. So I expect they will be around in significant numbers.

The mornings will be eerily quiet with no birds chirping.

41 – The Concept of Weekend Will Vanish

Thank God, it’s Friday. Oh God, it’s Monday. Sound familiar?

This entire concept of “weekend” will vanish. When surviving is your only priority, you don’t really get any days off. While you won’t be going in to your job M-F, you also won’t be relaxing Saturday and Sunday.

42 – Solar Devices and Panels Will Be Worth a Lot More

Being able to harness some power from the sun will be a TEOTWAWKI luxury. It will be highly desirable to be able to power a few select devices, even if it’s not a lot of power or for very long.

If you do have enough solar power to run a small refrigerator or heater then you’re going to be the talk of the town.

Heck, even solar lanterns will set you apart from the average Joe.

But again, “the rub”, you’ll have to defend this device from your envious neighbors.

43 – Small Survival Villages Will Form

A few survival coalitions will make it past the initial hell of TEOTWAWKI. These pockets of survivalist will be close-knit groups. They will have the tools, resources, and trust to work together to survive. They may even carve out a respectable existence given a few years of hard work.

In most respects, this survival life will be harder than today, but in a few ways it might be better.

44 – No More Morning Cup of Coffee

Like restaurants, the coffee shops will no longer function. So you won’t be able to buy a cup of Joe. If you stockpiled some ahead of time, maybe you have a few grounds lying around. But I highly doubt you’ll stockpile enough for the long haul.

Coffee beans will vanish and become a rare luxury not often found and expensive if you do.

45 – Cannibalism Will Become Much More Prevalent

While it’s horrible to consider, you know some people will go there. We know it’s happened in small emergencies in our past history (Donner Party). So why would it be any different after TEOTWAWKI takes place?

It’s your choice whether you will go that far, but I assure you, many will.

46 – Entitled Attitude Will Be Eradicated

I’m sure you know someone who has an entitled attitude. Heck, just look at most teenager nowadays.

Those who have this attitude after TEOTWAWKI will not make it. People will quickly realize they are entitled to NOTHING. Many will decide that this new survival based life is not worth living. They will voluntary leave this world behind (i.e. commit suicide).

47 – Much Lower Average Age of Population

Due to the constant threat of starvation, lack of modern medical supplies, and very poor sanitation practices our population’s average life expectancy will plummet. This number drop will be due to much higher child mortality rates.

Here are 10 ways you will most likely die after TEOTWAWKI.

48 – Body Piercings and Tattoos Will Be Less Popular

Not only will these forms of expression become a distraction from survival, but people who pierce or tattoo themselves will be asking for an infection.

Today if you get an infection you take some antibiotics and you’re good to go. After TEOTWAWKI, a simple infection will often kill without antibiotics to treat it.

So the risk/reward equation will suck.

49 – Rodent Populations Will Balloon Out of Control


With poor sanitation practices and lack of poison control substances, rats will thrive. Rodents in general, have a very short breeding cycle.

These cycles are extremely difficult to stop once it starts. So without any modern control substances, rodents will dominate.

They might become some people’s regular source of protein, though. However, rats carry diseases so it’s a major tradeoff to be avoided if at all possible.

50 – People Will Have Worse Teeth

Without any formal dentistry or toothpaste, oral hygiene will suffer. Over time, people’s teeth will rot.  Without regular oral hygiene tooth decay sets in.

Braces will no longer be available to correct crooked teeth. Today, most children get braces and most people have a nice smile. In the future, buck and crooked teeth will come back into our society in regular doses.

So it’s a good idea to have a Survival Dental Plan for TEOTWAWKI.

51 – No More Elaborate Funerals

If TEOTWAWKI plays out as I fear with mass starvation, there will be thousands (maybe millions) of people who won’t get buried at all. They will die in rooms, houses and on the street without anyone caring to remove them.

They will rot, decay, stink and be left for the vultures.

For those who lose a family member, they might take the time and energy to perform a simple funeral. It will be a basic hole dug in the backyard. With a basic cross or very basic tombstone.

No caskets, no embalming, no hearse.

So you should have a plan to deal with this for your family.

52 – Prostitution Will Become Rampant

Like it or not, sex is an ancient bartering tool. It’s one that has been around since the very beginnings of civilization. As I heard it once said

“it might just be one of the oldest professions ever.”

Rape will also be rampant. Why pay (i.e. barter) when you can just take? But I think it’s likely for prostitution rings to develop at some point after TEOTWAWKI.

I’m not condoning it, but it will be a way for some to survive.

53 – No More Financial Debts (Student Loans / Mortgages / Taxes)

I’ve got good news for you. Your mortgage, student loans, and credit card debts will all be forgotten after TEOTWAWKI.

No one will be knocking on your door threatening you if you don’t pay them back. Especially not when everyone will be busy just trying to survive.

Traditional finances will be meaningless.

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54 – Workout Gyms Will No Longer ExistDumbbell Weight

Everyone will be working out, but not to keep their figure slim or their butt tight. They’ll be working to stay alive.

Plus, you’ll want to try and conserve as much energy as possible, not burn it off on purpose.

There will be enough energy loss trying to survive. Beyond that, you’ll want to rest up and try to avoid wasting your precious calories.

55 – Children’s Sleepovers Won’t Happen

Your kids won’t go over to their friends’ houses for sleepovers.

Why? Because after TEOTWAWKI, trust will no longer extend past your immediate family. Trust may still reach to your extended family, but that’s about it.

If food, water, and heat are scarce resources, the last thing you’ll want is to waste them on someone else’s children.

Plus, you won’t trust anyone else with your child either…even for one night.

56 – No More Night Clubs or Barsbar

Do you enjoy a stop off at your local pub after work, like I do?

You better drink up today because that comforting habit will end after TEOTWAWKI.

Alcohol has better uses in survival than for getting us drunk. Plus, if you’re drunk you’re just asking to get taken advantage of in an uncivilized world.

Too many people already get taken advantage of today in our “civilized” modern world.

57 – Handheld Weapons Will Become More Popular

Guns, ammo, and suppressors will be important, but you also won’t want to waste your bullets unnecessarily. You’ll want to carry some other form of self-defense weapon as well.

Brass knuckles, monkey fists, and knives will be popular choices to carry along with a gun.

Here’s a guide to numerous handheld weapons.

58 – Foraging Will Be Popular Until Everything Has Been Scavengedforaging

Foraging will become popular initially when there is still something to forage.

In densely populated areas things like wild mushrooms, cattails, and wild onions will become scarce quickly. In rural areas, foraging will be a regular activity for survivalists.

Remember tho, foraging is not as easy as it sounds. You need to fully understand what you are doing to be successful at it.

59 – Less Trust of Strangers

You will no longer feel safe in any sized crowd or even passing a lone stranger on the street. You will quickly learn that blind trust can get you killed.

There will be no more holding doors for strangers or friendly greetings. It’s too bad, but strangers will equal danger after TEOTWAWKI.

60 – Less Sleep In Generaltired

The good news is that you will no longer be waking up to an alarm clock. Why? Because it won’t work.

The bad news is you won’t be getting much sleep at all.

Times will be dangerous, especially at night, and you’ll want to sleep lightly. You will be more on edge and should plan on sleeping in shifts to keep watch.

61 – No More Pet Food

We talked earlier about a mass reduction in pet ownership. Well, pet food manufacturers will shut down, too. On top of that, pet food will be eaten by your fellow human beings.

It’s nutritious and calorie dense, and if you’re starving it will taste amazing.

62 – Canned Food “Best Buy” Dates Won’t Matter

Is your canned food expired or past its “Best If Used Buy” date? Who cares!? That can contains a wealth of valuable calories. Open it up, smell it, and if it’s not rancid, eat up.

63 – Hand Crank Devices Will Be Desirablehand crank radio

There are a few devices that you can purchase with hand cranks instead of electrical cords. Two popular ones are radios and lanterns. They are great because the hand cranks are mini electrical generators.

They don’t produce a lot of energy, but they will give you a listen only radio and a light source without grid power.

These devices will be gems when TEOTWAWKI comes.

64 – Neosporin Will Become Desirable

Antibiotic ointments will become a popular barter item.

If you scratch your knuckle, would you rather apply some Neosporin or take your chances without it? Remember, the downside to a bad infection is death.

If you’ve stocked some Neosporin, others may trade a lot for it.

65 – No More Joint Replacements or Major Surgeries

If your hip is bad, or your knee gets crushed, then you’ll have to live with the injury for the rest of your days.

There won’t be hip surgeries or knee implants to speak of.

Instead, there will be lots of people hobbling around after TEOTWAWKI, especially as the surviving population ages.

Here are some tips to help prepare your elders for TEOTWAWKI.

66 – Vegans Will Convert

Being a vegan is a luxury that modern life allows.

But, after TEOTWAWKI I doubt many will pass up cooked squirrel when they haven’t had a thing to eat for days or even weeks.

And if they do pass it up, then they risk death by starvation for their vegan principles.

It will be much harder to avoid starvation if you are picky about your food choices.

67 – Makeup / Fragrance / Hair Care Products – All Rare

Makeup, perfume, and hair gel will be rare, and most people won’t have the energy or gumption to care about applying them.

Who’s going to want to get dressed up when they haven’t had a shower in a week, and their toilets won’t flush?

Some may use fragrance initially to mask their stench but eventually the stuff will run out, and people will get accustomed to the smell.

68 – No More Semi-Truck Distribution NetworksCBRadio

There will not be any semi-tracker trailers in operation. The days of mass transit logistics moving goods and food supplies will be over.

However, once things settle down, there may be some traveling merchants pulling basic carts and survival trailers from town to town trying to make a simple living exchanging goods.

69 – Star Gazing & Storytelling Will Be Popular

One form of ancient entertainment that will come back is star gazing. The stars will be incredible after TEOTWAWKI.

The absence of light pollution will bring the brilliant night sky back for your enjoyment.

If you’ve ever seen stars with no light pollution, you know what I’m talking about; it’s spectacular.

There will also be more storytelling as a form of entertainment. Why? Because stories don’t require gadgets or money. And youngsters will want to hear Dad tell stories about the “Old Days.”

70 – Home Depreciation Will Be More Noticeable

Homeowners will no longer maintain their property. Homes will begin deteriorating the day after TEOTWAWKI and after just a few years will be significantly run down, especially the abandoned ones.

However, you can pilfer materials from these abandoned homes to keep your house in decent shape, not that you’ll care much about how it looks. But keeping your home intact is important to protect you from outside elements.

71 – No More Weed Controlweeds

Similar to no more mowed lawns, weeds will also grow out of control.

Everywhere you look…more weeds. In the cracks of roads, sidewalks and driveways, and in every abandoned garden and unkempt patio.

If you live near kudzu, you’ll find that it will quickly blanket nearly everything. Kudzu grows extremely fast and when left to its own devices will cover everything in its path.

In a decade or so there won’t be much that isn’t covered by the stuff in the deep South.

72 – Stout Shoes / Boots Will Be Worth More

Stout boots and good shoes will be highly desired. Poor shoes or boots will cause foot problems. Foot problems can lead to all manner of survival disadvantages.

We’ve all seen movies where the protagonist stops to check the dead guys boots, searching for an upgrade over his current pair.

73 – Board Games, Cards, and Puzzles Will Be Popularboard game

Kids need some form of entertainment, even after TEOTWAWKI, and board games, playing cards, and puzzles will fit the bill nicely.

No, they’re not as glamorous as video games or cell phones, but they are a lot of fun when options are limited.

My family still enjoys card games at family gatherings, and once we break them out and get going, it’s always a great time. Check out these survival playing cards that not only work for all card games but also include some great information such as “would you survive if…” questions.

74 –  Skin Cancer Cases Will Increase

Sunscreen will no longer be readily available, and the little that remains after TEOTWAWKI will get used in just a year or two.

People should cover themselves up, wear long sleeves and try to limit prolonged sun exposure.

Most won’t heed this advice. Who cares about a little sun when you’ve got larger immediate concerns? But slowly at first, then year after year, this attitude will take its toll and skin cancer will rise. After a decade or 2 it could become an epidemic, though we may no longer have a doctor’s diagnosis for it.

75 – Travel Will Be Rare And Without GPS

Your traveling days will be over. Why? Because travel will be much more difficult and extremely dangerous. And, if you’re forced to leave you won’t have GPS navigation to help guide you.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a compass and a map. If not, then it’s navigation via the sun and stars.

Yes, satellites left in orbit will still be transmitting GPS signals. But without electricity, there won’t be any devices left to collect the data.

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76 – Air Pollution Will Vansishair pollution

Air pollution will no longer be an issue. The overwhelming number of vehicles exhausting fumes daily into our atmosphere will dwindle, along with manufacturing and power plant generators.

The infamous brown clouds that hover over our major cities will quickly disperse without a continuous stream of fumes to feed their existence.

77 – No One Will Give A Damn about Global Climate Change

Concerns over climate change will vanish as quickly as the piles of human excrement accumulate.

However, if our earth does get warmer, milder winters would be beneficial for survival after TEOTWAWKI. Just saying…

78 – Backyard Pools Will Not Be Used For Fun

One often overlooked means of water storage is a backyard pool.

An entire pool full of life-giving water located just outside your back door is a nice survival luxury, indeed. But have you thought about how best to manage this survival asset? Your neighbors will want you to share, and that may not be your intention.

How many strangers should you let drink from your pool? Are you willing to shoot trespassers?

A backyard pool might be one of those survival blessings that turns into a survival nightmare.

As the old saying goes,

“It’s better to have a neighbor with a pool.”

79 – Light Pollution Will Be A Thing Of The Pastlight pollution

When TEOTWAWKI comes, nighttime will bring pitch black darkness.  No more city lights, no more street lights, no more house lights…just as dark as dark can be.

The only exception will be the occasional full moon.

80 – Roving Mobs / Robbers / Muggers Will Be Prevalent and Deadly

Roving gangs and bandits will coalesce and thrive by taking resources from others. They will roam from city to city and from town to town raping and pillaging to meet needs and desires.

You will be confronted with two choices to deal with them. You can either hide from them or confront them. They will be ruthless and well-armed, so unless your survival coalition is up for a deadly skirmish, it may be more prudent to avoid them.

You should plan for this inevitability (encountering a large band of survivors with ill-intent) ahead of time. Create a plan to hide your resources well and develop an escape route.

81 – Suicide Rates Will Increase

Many will decide that a TEOTWAWKI world is not one worth living in. They will choose not to endure the hardships and suffering and will elect to take the easy way out.

82 – People Will Stop Complaining About 1st World Problems

Most 1st world problems and complaints will subside. Comments such as “Why can’t I get my computer in the color pink?” or “Are we there yet?” or “But I’m hungry now!” or “My digital photos are so disorganized…” will vanish.

Those are examples of silly developed world problems and complaints. They will sound even more ridiculous than they already do today.

83 – Families Will Live Closer Together

For most, their families will be the only other humans they can trust. So naturally families will stick together more. Kids will no longer leave for college and relocate for a new job on the other side of the country.

After TEOTWAWKI, those born in small town USA will grow up, live, and die in the same small town.

84 – No More Showers – Occasional Baths at Bestshower head

Showers require water pressure. Water pressure won’t be available at large. It is possible to rig up a gravity fed shower, but most will not find the effort worth it.

Instead, most people will elect just to bathe in rivers, lakes and ponds – whichever large source of water happens to be closest.

After TEOTWAWKI most won’t have a warm shower, here’s how you can.

85 – Drug and Alcohol Abuse Will Be Reduced

Upon initial inspection, most believe drug abuse will increase because people will want to escape their new nightmarish reality.

That might be true, but over time recreational drugs will become as rare as life-saving drugs.

Alcohol will be kept for sanitizing supplies, cleaning wounds, etc. So while drug and alcohol abuse will not be eliminated, it will no longer be mainstream.

86 – New Moms Will Breastfeed

Without access to infant formula, women will have no choice other than to breastfeed.

If they want to feed their newborns, then they will need to breastfeed them. I can’t imagine being able to score consistent amounts of baby formula after TEOTWAWKI.

And, breastfeeding allows a mom to feed her child without worry of cleaning and sterilizing bottles, mixing the proper amount of formula, or the luxury of a heated bottle.

87 – No More Internet – No More Emailemail inbox

The internet will no longer exist and even if it did there will be no grid power to run a computer to take advantage of it.

No more worrying about your messy email inbox.

88 – Old Magazines Will Be Worth More

Playboy magazines will make a comeback. Not that any new issues will be released, but old issues will be popular. These stacks of past issues that have been stashed away for years will finally fetch a healthy bartering price.

89 – Digital Photos Will Be Lost

Digital photos stored on computer hard drives or “The Cloud” will be hard (if not impossible) to access.

However, physical photos will become beloved and cherished treasures for families. They won’t have any barter value, but they will have immense personal value.

90 – No More National Elections – No More Democrats or Republicans – Everyone Will Be Of The Party Survivalist

National elections will be a thing of the past. Without nationwide communication, local leadership groups will dominate.

It’s possible some of the local leaders will be chosen through elections, but nationwide democracy won’t rise from the ashes.

It’s much more likely that these local leadership groups will resemble oligarchic forms of decision making.

91 – Bathing Suits and Suit & Ties Will Seem Silly

Who’s going to wear a bikini after TEOTWAWKI? The answer is No One.

The skimpy bathing suit is 100% style and 0% function. Suit jackets will become useful for keeping you warm, but a tie is nearly useless as originally intended.

Ties are useful for other survival needs, but looking professional is not one of them. Looking professional will no longer matter.

92 – No More Civil Courts and Lawyerslawyer sign

Courts, judges, and lawyers will no longer be around. Disputes will now be handled by individuals or small groups. Often, he who has the most firepower and will to use it will typically win a dispute.

93 – Credit Scores Will Be Meaningless

Do you have a good or bad credit score? Who cares about that after TEOTWAWKI?

Without trust and computer-based algorithms, credit scores will be meaningless. However, it’s possible that ancient forms of credit will make a comeback.

If you want to borrow something, then just give up something of higher value as collateral.

If you don’t bring the borrowed item back, then you forfeit the collateral. This is the oldest form of credit. Today we call it a pawn shop.

94 – More Fishing – Over Fishing

Fishing will become very popular for thousands of starving people until the lakes and streams get fished out.

Fish will be similar to other wildlife – in cities, the waterways will be empty of all life, in rural areas fishing will become a daily chore.

95 – Reuse and Keep Items – More Rat Packing

You won’t be so quick to throw anything away (except for human waste and true garbage).

Old appliances, old utensils, and old gadgets will be kept around just in case. A lot of old junk can be repurposed after TEOTWAWKI.

96 – No More Car Washing or Car Washeswashing car

Nobody will be interested in washing a non-functioning vehicle. Plus, car washing is a major waste of water and time.

Both driveway hand washing and automated car washes will become obsolete overnight.

97 – No More Income Inequality In The Traditional Sense

The rich will become poor, and the poor will become rich. Well, sort of.

The new “rich” will be those of us who have key survival skills, knowledge, firepower and a coalition we can trust.

The “poor” will be people who don’t have any survival skills, people who today hire other people to care for their everyday life functions. These current rich folks will be in for a rude awakening when TEOTWAWKI occurs.

98 – More DIY / Fix It Yourself

If you’re a part of a strong survival coalition, then the group will as a whole be very self-reliant but the individuals may not have to be. Members can focus on specific skills they know best.

However, those who are not a part of a solid survival coalition will be forced to become 100% DIY.

No more calling a professional to service or maintain your stuff. You get to fix things that become broken, with the parts you have on hand or that you can scrounge/barter for.

99 – No More Daycare

If you have little ones, then your family will have to watch them all day, every day.

There will no longer be daycare institutions that watch groups of children so that you can get stuff done.

You’ll have to watch the children AND get stuff done. It’s not going to be easy.

100 – Sugary Treats Will Be Rare

Sugary sweets (i.e. candy bars) will become a rare treat.

They will no longer be mass produced and will get harder and harder to find as time goes on.

The well-known brands such as Snickers, Jolly Ranchers, and M&M’s will become as extinct as the saber tooth tiger.

101 – Bigger, Larger, Longer Wildfireswildfire

Firefighting will no longer be a full-time job. People will not go into the harsh wilderness to attempt to snuff out a roaring wildfire.

Wildfires will burn until their fuel source runs out or the weather changes to rain/snow.  As a result, many more acres will be burned by these uncontrolled TEOTWAWKI wildfires.

102 – Shopping Malls and “Going Shopping” Won’t Exist

The idea of “going shopping” and “shopping malls” will vanish. Malls will likely become abandoned ghost towns cleaned out by opportunistic scavengers.

103 – No More Welfare Handouts

Without a national government, we will no longer have forced redistribution policies.

Those who currently rely on handouts will be thrown to the wolves once TEOTWAWKI happens. National welfare handout programs will be a thing of the past.

104 – National Parks Boundaries Won’t Matter

National parks will still be around in the sense that their stunning beauty won’t up and disappear. However, there won’t be anyone left to maintain them or control activities in them.

Nor will there be tourist visitors. Instead, there will be people living there and people passing through. Park authorities will have long ago abandoned their post to protect their own families.

105 – Amusement Parks Will Be Abandonedamusement park ride

No more rides down “Splash Mountain” or the “Double Dragon”. Amusement parks take an enormous amount of labor and significant funds to operate.

They will be one of the very first places abandoned after TEOTWAWKI.

Amusement parks will become sad, deteriorating reminders of a life that once was…


As you can tell when TEOTWAWKI happens things will be drastically different for a very long time. The world will no longer function with civility and we will be thrown backward in time.

Will TEOTWAWKI actually happen? Who knows.

Could it happen? Yes.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this list please do me 2 quick and easy favors (it will make my day):

1) Share this list with all your survival friends. I know they will appreciate reading through this list as much as you did.

2) Leave a comment below to continue this important discussion. Do you agree or disagree with my TEOTWAWKI assessments? Did I overlook any important ones? It’s your chance to share!

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Remember: Prepare, Adapt and Overcome

“Just In Case” Jack

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Air Pollution / Light Pollution


  1. DIck says

    Good article, gives us an idea what to prep for. However, tried to sign up for your newsletter and was informed that site didn’t exist. Is the connection good? Help.

    • Rich says

      Am I the only one that thought that was hilarious? Not that it wasn’t accurate, but it sure was funny. A sense of humor will come in handy in the Road Warrior Apocolypse.

    • Jerry T Spinosa says

      beWhat will happen when Indian Point closes in new york Maybe we will on our own to supply electric maybe by solar, wind etc.The power companies will decrease power in the poor neighborhoods as they have done in the past.once again dont rely on government.

    • tom says

      TEOTWAEKI means there will be “NO” central government. The logistic requirements for a military deployment oh any kind is gigantic No one to give orders, no one to distribute ammunition to the troops, the troops will know this and 50 to 70 percent will up an leave within a week (no pay, no food, for them). Conflicting orders from any one with higher rank or louder voice, getting shot at by former friends the military establishment will break down and become a fractured group of common gangs.

  2. Ron says

    I think something that is usually mentioned in passing but is greatly underestimated will be the massive number of deaths just due to poor sanitation and lack of running water. The resulting diseases will decimate the population. Perhaps more so in major metropolitan areas.but rural as well. Add that to all the other potential causes of death. This is why I am not a big believer in the so called Golden Horde marching out of the cities. Oh there will be people moving out, but it wont be a massive army.

  3. Dave says

    I enjoy reading this stuff even if some of it doesn’t concern me it usually does give me something to think about.

  4. Mike Easterday says

    This scenario would be realistic if the power grid is compromised , transformers would be more realistic targets

  5. Jeff Pownell says

    They are good ideas, been thinking about most of them myself, I have a out house and rain barrels set up along with backup power and backup for that. I have been buying alot of hand tools lately. Not much that I’m not ready for oh need more food (lol)

  6. poorman says

    I agree with most of the scenario you paint but some just doesn’t seem to work for me. Within a year or 2 we would be reverted back a couple of hundred years if we lost the grid,that I agree with but sports were still played and followed even back then. Golf started in Scotland in the 1600’s if I remember right. The olympics go back to ancient Greece. People shaved and had their hair cut in the old west and boxing and horse racing were huge attractions back then. Farmers had large family’s both due to no birth control but more because they needed the free labor to run farms. Town’s and neighborhood would create dumps to handle refuse and I think people would go back to digging outhouses for other needs. What you portray may happen in the short term but the human animal learns to adapt quickly and they would start to recreate a society within the first few years.. JMHO

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      You may be right.

      Those who survive through the first several years after TEOTWAWKI will likely figure out how to move past just surviving and will introduce a few familiar systems (i.e. sports and waste stream management, etc.). However, these systems will not be as efficient nor as universal as we have today.

      For the well-prepared survival groups, they will probably be able to get their community a few of these basic systems in place relatively quickly. For others, it might take longer.

      This article was written with the majority of society in mind and the first few years following TEOTWAWKI.

    • Tsandi Crew says

      My grandmother, a doctor and a master gardener, taught me to bury the garbage around the plants as garbage happened, and burn anything paper. Cans used to be tin, and we buried them, too. Fertilizer and compost on the spot.

      In a word, there wasn’t much to send to any garbage dump. Now, maybe plastic stuff, but people need to know how to melt that down to make what you need from it.

      Now, cans can be used for other things, like pots to plant things in, etc.

      Something to barter: teach people how to recycle.

    • Forrest Adams says

      There will be chaos in the Semis stop rolling as if in an economic collapse. It will be worldwide. Mass chaos will begin immediately.

      • Just In Case Jack says

        Indeed. Grid Power and product distribution systems (trucking / semis) are 2 of our cultures weak points. If either of these systems shut down (for whatever reasons) TEOTWAWKI begins immediately.

    • Dan says


      You make reasonable points but I’m afraid I disagree on one very important one that you seem to have overlooked.

      In this day and age, simple things like walking into a room, flicking a switch and having the lights come on, texting, jumping into ones gas guzzling tank and mindlessly driving to the fast food joint or mall, etc are taken for granted by far too many people.

      Much of the “human animal” of our time would eventually breakdown into suicidal panic once it finally dawns on them that they can no longer do these things.

      Honestly, I’m older and have a few health issues myself. I often wonder if I am even fit to survive in a SHTF environment, then I go outside…

  7. says

    I have been prepping for a year now, An I have made some mistakes , But I have learned from them. My wife is handicapped , an we both are in our very late 60’s. So we wont be Bugging Out. Bugging in an preparing has been my objective. Besides, I see so many “CONS” to bugging out Being I don’t live in a large city , and our suburb is away ( 20 some miles) from the city (Denver) We will make our stand here. I have been looking for like minded people , preppers) , But to no avail. I know that I should not advertise , an keep a low profile, So membership in a club such as this will work just as well. I am willing to share knowledge an ideas with others that are like minded. I live in Castlerock , Colorado.

    • says

      Try joining a local shooting club and/or gardening club. I’ll about guarantee you’ll find some Preppers there. You might also find some at your local farmer’s markets or swap meets. I know it’s smart to keep a low profile but you should get to know your neighbors. You may need them to help defend your community after TSHTF.

    • Adam says

      I am in NE Denver and do what I can to prep…..much to the chagrin of my girlfriend. I am an organic gardener, herbal healer and experienced in wilderness survival. You are not alone, there are many like minded people in the area.

      • Dan says

        To ALL of you gardeners! Organic gardening is a great and important skill but DO NOT make the potentially fatal mistake of overlooking hydroponics!!! If the air or the soil outside, for ANY reason, becomes toxic, your garden could be the first to take a hit. I strongly recommend a covered (maybe indoor) hydroponic garden. They’re more efficient anyway.

    • Trying to help.... says


      Try joining meetup.com. It is a site where you can go to join different groups. There is about any kind of group you can think of. I know I have seen at least one “prepping/homesteading” type group near Elizabeth/Franktown as well as in the Springs.

      If I were you, I would start there.

      One other thing…I know said you plan on bugging in and not relocating, but I would recommend getting a hold of Joel Skousen’s book “Strategic Relocation”. Even if you only look on YouTube and check out some of his videos there, there is still a wealth of knowledge.

      Just a couple of his points I have heard and have stuck with me:
      1) During WW2 when people were trying to leave Berlin, Germany, all the vegetation (ie backyard gardens, Farms) for 10 miles on both sides of the interstate were destroyed.
      2) All the interstates were jammed up and people were left to foot.

      Just a closing thought, as of the 2012 census, there were over 4 million people living on the Front Range (Cheyenne, Wy to Pueblo, CO) and we all know since MMJ has became legal in Colorado, it has exploded even more! I moved to Colorado 4 years ago and did live in the Castle Rock area for a few years, so I know what it is like there. It is an amazing place to live, but I hate to think how it would be in an SHTF situation. Other than population there are also a plether of Military targets in both Denver and Colorado Springs. I just feel like it could be a BIG target. We plan on moving in the next six months to a year.

      I could go on and on, but I will leave it at that. Good luck and I wish you guys the best! I have worked with the disabled community in the area extensively, so I know how hard it can be to prep when you are thinking of your disabled loved one too.

  8. LAKELA says

    sounds pretty reasonable. I have often wondered about all the animals on factory farms being released or breaking out, how that would play out

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Great suggestion, I haven’t thought about his one until you suggested it.

      My best guess is that any farm animals located withing 50 miles of a major metropolitan area would be killed and eaten within a few weeks/months.

      On rural farms, these animals could be used to support smaller survival coalitions however, the larger animal farms with hundreds of livestock (cattle, hogs, chickens, etc.) There are a couple possible outcomes.

      If they are well caged or the fences are in good shape, the animals will most likely starve and die (chickens in cages, hogs in pens) unless released by the owner. Hard to know which is more likely to happen.

      Outdoor cattle will most likely break out when hunger takes hold. They will then roam in herds eating grass off the land until hungry people hunt them down for food.

      That’s how I see it most likely playing out.

      – Jack

      • Tsandi Crew says

        Many will head for forest areas and become feral. That’s how some of them were to start with before we hybridized them.

  9. says

    Trust is the first casualty of hard times so the good old boy neighbor who is friendly today may decide to kill you and steal your supplies to feed his children when TSHTF.

    And no matter how well we prepare, most of us oldsters will be roadkill. No medications, no doctors–unless you live near one–and no hospitals. Diabetics will mostly die off within the first year.

    And what will happen to all the people in jails. Most jailers won’t be able to live with the consequences of simply walking away and letting them starve to death so I think many will simply open the doors before abandoning their posts.

    Also, there are hundreds (no joke) of Continuity of Government shelters scattered all over the country. Martial Law will be declared and troops will be deployed to “maintain order” and that could easily mean “confiscate your weapons and food stores.” Most military hardware is hardened against EMPs so their trucks, hummvees, tanks and planes will still work and they have literally millions of gallons of fuel in storage. So unless the disaster that befalls us is enormous and global–such as a massive asteroid strike that triggers earthquakes and destroys all infrastructure–things will fall apart more slowly than most of us think. There will be serious attempts to maintain order. Note I said order, not law. Looters will be shot on sight, Curfews will be enforced with deadly power.

    Eventually, if the emergency lasts long enough, those in power may well establish fiefdoms (just like in the Middle Ages) where the serfs (you and me) produce all the food while the local ruler takes his “share” in taxes in exchange for defending us against nomadic bands of locust-like scavengers (think Mongols or Vikings). The jist of all this is that people will do whatever it takes to survive so start honing your survival skill sets now.

    • Dan says

      I agree about the “trusting neighbor” bit and the part about older folks and those with special medical needs. But I disagree with the jailers comment.

      I believe most jailers couldn’t give one dry fart about what happens to the nations rapists, murders, kidnappers and whoever else happens to be unfortunate enough to be incarcerated when TSHTF. I suspect there may, eventually, be mass riots/slaughter in the prisons followed by breakouts but I don’t see the guards as those who would just let all that scum run rampant to, maybe someday, be a threat to THEIR families.

      You are correct about the “Continuity of Government shelters” however, as we saw after Katrina, I believe they will mostly keep to themselves and let things “above ground” (as it were) take care of themselves until they NEED to come up for air.

  10. tom says

    this was a good eye opener for lots of people. you said every thing if your a non believer you will be one after you read this.highly recommend you read this

  11. GardenNut says

    Nicely written. I’m not even sure how I stumbled on to this article, but hey, it was a solid read so I’m definitely not complaining.

  12. macssurvivalkits says

    I think we will see polygamy or “extended” families living together increase. Two or three husbands and five or six wives, but not in the traditional sense. Just people living together and sharing everything to stretch their survival chances.

  13. John says

    I don’t know about the rest but my dog will eat as long as I do. People are smart enough to prep for themselves and too stupid to prep for their pets? I don’t think so.

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Thanks for the comment John but I have to disagree.

      The majority of modern society has not prepared at all.
      And of those who have, only a very small portion have taken their pet into account.

      So when TEOTWAWKI occurs, pet ownership will be very rare.
      It saddens me to say that as I am a fellow dog lover, but due to massive food shortages the majority of pets will be let go or eaten.

      It sounds like you are one of these rare exceptions and have prepared with your dog in mind. I commend you for that. I too have prepared with my pet in mind. However, we will be very rare exceptions compared to society as a whole.

      • Dan says

        I must agree with Jack.

        The few people who actually DO take this subject seriously still tend to forget a whole lot of the little details including the care of their pets when the time comes.

      • Bjorn says

        A thought on Dogs.. Our ancestors had dogs for hunting and protection for a long time, The Dog is Man’s best friend.. So I personally think That Dogs should be a part of the prepping, you have a companion for hunting and defense.. Also dog ownership might go up a couple years after SHTF

  14. says

    What about churches, religious groups, youth groups and organized sports activities? The Bible is the all-time best-selling book… surely there are copies in most homes.

  15. Lilian says

    Great post … As I am new to the subject do not see many comments from survivalist women, as well as all 105 ways we will have to live with the menstrual period, in which case I suggest the use of menstrual collectors.

    • Noelia says

      I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a couple of those, precisely for a SHTF situation and I think they will be better than spending all that money monthly on pads and tampons. And besides, the occupy a whole lot less spaces in your B.O.B.

  16. Dreadnoughtus says

    Great list, and insights, I have had glasses for 20 years and didn’t give them a second thought as a prep, as they’ve alwayse been there. I can’t say I look forward to teotwawki, but the farm is closer every day to being morderately prepared. Broke out the forge tonight and started work on weapons.

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Glad we could provide you with some new things to consider. I also wear corrective lenses and just couldn’t image having to live my life with everything blurry. It would put me at a major disadvantage in a survival scenario. I also don’t look forward to TEOTWAWKI and hope it never arrives but it’s a worthwhile exercise to plan for all potential outcomes.
      Thanks for the comment.
      – Jack

  17. Jake says

    Great list. Some points are a little scary but very true. Others seem almost inviting. I certainly don’t hope TEOTWAWK happens, however, on a long term scale I think our species would be stronger for it.

  18. April Sunston says

    Things to look for a yard sales etc.: – a good sharp scythe – very useful for cutting weeds and kudzu vines -you will still want to keep weeds away from wherever your small kids play outdoors ( think of lyme ticks in thick brush, etc.) and to go along with the scythe you will need a good sharpening stone which will also keep your useful knives sharp.
    Also learn to build a Rocket Stove with fire bricks ( You tube it ) and learn various methods of starting a fire – there are plenty ie: a magnifying glass and sunlight, or petroleum jelly and cotton balls. Best advice is to learn a new survival technique every few days and pass it along to friends and neighbors because the more people of good will who survive, the sooner we can begin to rebuild a better world.

  19. marty baum says

    another suggestion…if you plan to stay put and defend with deadly force, you may consider a ‘defensible’ position from which to conduct warfare

    for example, you can build a nice looking stone entrance ‘gate’, that is thick and strong to resist small arms fire, and curved around to afford multiple direction cover

    when it gets bad, you can conduct property defence/surveillance from this ‘outpost’ , that, in prior times, served as an attractive residence entry gate

    that’s why they built ‘gatehouses’ on the old castles of europe

    but if you live in a highly populated urban area…i say get out now, while the gettin’ is good, and go find something more rural and sparsely populated from where you may more easily conduct your survival campaign

  20. Bill Thompson says

    I have been prepping for about three years. Thankfully, my wife is on board, although she underestimates the quantity of food we need to stockpile. I believe to “bug in” is to invite death. We have a mountain retreat, with well, gardens, solar system and dual fuel generator. Additionally, we have a water collection system with solar powered ShurFlo pump which can be connected to the house plumbing via a water hose connected to a hose bib.

    What I believe many preppers have overlooked is the necessity to have non-powered detection systems to alert us to the presence of intruders. I have built rat trap based detectors utilizing expended shotgun shells fitted with new primers. A primer alone makes a lot of noise and will certainly also frighten any intruder. Also, we are using the old GI trick of separating empty cans containing a few rocks each, tied together with monofilament fishing line. Simple steps which may save our extended family.

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Thanks for the comment Bill.

      I agree with your recommendation of incorporating some “non-powered detection systems” in a survival retreat. Alert systems are often overlooked but very important during TEOTWAWKI. How else do you expect to get some sleep at night without alarm systems?

  21. Dan says

    I believe that due to several of the conditions you’ve stated here that about 60%, if not more, of the general population won’t survive the first 6 months of TEOTWAWKI. I travel a lot and meet a lot of people out there. I watch shows like “Walking Dead” and don’t believe for a second that most of those people in that show would have survived to the end of the first season.

    Some of your commenter’s remarks are quite true. “Lilian” spoke of ladies menstrual issues. We thought about that awhile ago and have been stocking up on “that time of month” supplies. We have also been stocking up on pet food. And though the gas stations will be closed, there will still be plenty of gasoline available for quite awhile if you have the right tools to collect it.

    Vic Pic mentions religious groups. I believe the more fanatic ones will cry “End Times” and take the “Jonestown” kool aid way of dealing with it.

    There are other, little things, that preppers should consider. Alcohol, liquor that is, I’ve been buying up the “clearance” booze and handfuls of those tiny bottles of booze for awhile because when TEOTWAWKI hits, That’ll all be more valuable than gold. The “travel size” bottles of things like body wash, toothpaste (as well as travel tooth brushes) and other daily hygiene items will be very tradable.

    More importantly, when facing those who would kill the goose and take the golden eggs, the ability to convince them that you can find more just may spare your life.

  22. goat says

    I live in New Orleans and was around during Katrina. If you live in a city then bugging out and escaping the city is definitely a great idea as the welfare thugs definitely start rampaging. I’m lucky that I’ve got family land out in the country to bug out to. The 5.56 ammo is alright but .308 is a better all around choice for defense and survival as you have more killing power for man and beast along with more penetration power for enemies behind cover. 6.8 SPC gives a good point in between 5.56 and .308 but isn’t as common as either but I like it. Booby traps are also a nice idea to setup your defensive perimeter. The further and deeper in the woods the better would be my preference. A large sized saltwater sailboat with fishing and/or trawling capacity could be a valuable food source and initial bug out location as some boats are designed to function for months or even years out on the ocean and boats will again become the best way to travel.

  23. Smokin Joe says

    Get familiar with difference between foods that store for short term and long term.
    Canned tuna, chicken, vegetables will last a few years but have to be stored in relatively cool
    Canned Freeze Dried products are considerably more durable and can stand up to the heat.
    Besides that, they will last 25 years and the rats can’t chew thru the cans! They only require rehydration to eat, whether you cook them or not.
    I”m certain most folks would rather eat some 25 year old reconstituted “stone soup” than resort to cannibalism.
    Keep your powder dry!

  24. Shawn says

    Thank you for the great article. I just wanted to point out something about #71– particularly Kudzu. What is now a curse in the South, will become a blessing, to those in the know. Kudzu is actually very edible and nutritious. All parts are edible except the seed pod. If you live near it you have a robust, renewable food source that most folks will simply ignore as a “weed”.

  25. charles says

    Interesting scenario, but it simply cannot be. To take out permanently the electric grid as a whole is impossible. Local production of hydro, solar, wind and natural gas will continue – an island effect. Local food production continues on individual farms. You’d have to kill all the citizens to kill all those who supply goods and energy. Can it be more scarce? Sure but not entirely disrupted.

    • Just In Case Jack says

      Valid point. But local production of electricity and food will never be able to support the mass number of people currently living in major metropolitan areas. There will be massive disruption and massive starvation/death.

      This article was written as a “worst case” scenario and even if there are pockets of the world that eventually get a bit of normalcy back in place, I believe much of the predictions in this article are still be valid for a widespread TEOTWAWKI scenario.

  26. Sam C Burbank says

    Excellent read and VERY probable. When? Who knows. Having a plan is essential. The internal links and information are invaluable and I have incorporated them into my plan. Good job

  27. Noah Motion says

    Thank you, Jack.
    This was a very informative read and. I appreciate you taking the time to write it.

  28. Ron Brown says

    This was an excellent list, well organized and presented without any fluff or preaching or editorializing; the best I’ve ever seen! Even today, without it being TEOTWAWKI, there’s always a blackout somewhere. You might check out The Non-Electric Lighting Series of books on Amazon. (In the interest of full disclosure, I am the author.) The books are priced low in a pay-it-forward manner. In my opinion, KNOWLEDGE is your best survival asset in a crises situation. You can even carry knowledge across the border without fear of it being confiscated by the authorities. And knowledge is easy to hide . . . immune from sniffing dogs and metal detectors. How sweet is that?

  29. Dag Sverre Aamodt says

    Just a short note no the human waste problem. Most municipal waste water lines function by gravity. So Even if the water preassure fails, you can flush your toilet by emptying a bucket of water into the basin. The sanitation reward might justify the effort.

  30. Shaggydude says

    Let us not forget, that when the s**t hits the fan, all 126 nuclear power plants will go super critical and meltdown/explode and poison this country, be at least 100 miles from them and up wind or you WILL be dead.

  31. Stacy says

    In summer bikinis will be functional. I lived in bathing suits when I was homeless in my van. You can change and bathe without indecent exposure charge.

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