Water Purification Tablets: Don’t Bug Out Without Them

Water Purification Tablets: Don’t Bug Out Without Them
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2 Packs of Water Purification TabletsIn the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge spoke of water being all around, but there was not any to drink.

The reference is to the salt water of the ocean that surrounded ancient mariners who could be at sea longer than their freshwater supplies lasted.

The same fate may face those in a crisis situation such as a natural disaster where there is water all around, but none of it is safe to drink.

This is where keeping survival water purification tablets on hand can be very helpful.

Water Safety Concerns During a Crisis

Most people in the United States are served by municipal water supplies that offer water that has been purified to acceptable levels for use in cooking, drinking and bathing.

Many residents of communities served by municipal water supplies have received “boil orders” where they have been instructed by water companies to boil water before using it for cooking or drinking.

Boil orders usually occur when a biological contaminant such as a bacteria or another organism exceeds recommended safety levels. However, sometimes a combined event causes the need to purify water, but there is no means to boil it.

Water purifying tablets use chemicals to kill biological contaminants in water, rendering it safe for drinking.

The survival tablets are usually effervescent and dissolve rapidly in water. They kill microorganisms by using different chemicals based on the tablet’s manufacturer.

Some tablets use iodine or forms of chlorine such as NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, which is sometimes called Triclosan Sodium) to kill organisms that may be present in the water.

In a combined crisis situation where there has been a natural disaster that interrupts a family’s access to adequate fuel and means for cooking, it may be impossible to boil water before drinking it.

The water supply may also be interrupted, causing families to need to drink old stored water or water from other sources.

Survival water purification tablets can be used to kill bacteria, viruses or protozoan cysts such as Giardia or Cryptosporidium that may be present in the water.

Using Water Filters and Purification Tablets

During a crisis, it may be necessary to drink water from local creeks, rivers, springs or anywhere else water can be found. It is often necessary to filter water to remove sediments and turbidity that makes water unclear before people can even begin to consider drinking it.

Those who grew up drinking crystal clear water from the tap at home are likely to have an aversion to drinking water from questionable sources.

They are even more likely to refuse it if it looks dirty.

Manual filtration can make water look clear, but chemical treatment assures that pathogens that cannot be seen by the naked eye are killed.

Some filters are capable of removing the majority of protozoan cysts but fall short in filtering out bacteria and viruses.

Chemically treating water to be used for drinking with water purifying tablets is another layer of safety. It can be used by itself when no other option is available.

Neither filtering nor chemical purification tablets will remove heavy metals, organic chemicals such as pesticides or hydrocarbons such as gasoline that may be in flood water.

Therefore, carefully choosing the water source is important.

It is critical to remain hydrated during disasters and other crisis situations.

The human body can go for weeks without food, but dehydration begins the moment access to drinking water is unavailable.

Going without water during a summer disaster could incapacitate a person within hours.

Water purification tablets are small, weigh practically nothing, have a long shelf life, and are easy to pack fit into a high-quality bug out bag.

They can also be taken along when traveling abroad to places where water quality is questionable.

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